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south park is dying imo

2018-01-05 21:36:12 UTC  

they arent as crazy as they used to be

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No but I do find that they're as satirical as ever

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theyve been super weak the past few seasons

2018-01-05 21:36:55 UTC  

They used to be the cutting edge as a cartoon that was offensive, but now they are just one among many

2018-01-05 21:36:55 UTC  

The south park games at least keep the large amount of offensiveness.

2018-01-05 21:37:03 UTC  

butt he games mostly call back to old jokes

2018-01-05 21:37:08 UTC  

It's getting a bit long in the tooth now

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it's like they no longer one to push the edge they just want to give into the PC police

2018-01-05 21:37:14 UTC  

Bojack Horseman is better than southpark

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youd have to be mentally defective to actually believe dankula was inciting nazism

2018-01-05 21:37:43 UTC  

hes effectively mocking nazis

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Nazi's were offended ?

2018-01-05 21:37:59 UTC  

Still illegal

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no no no internet is Serious Business not a place for jokes

2018-01-05 21:38:30 UTC  

if this trend continues

2018-01-05 21:38:38 UTC  

the future is going to be people wearing gray zentai suits

2018-01-05 21:38:41 UTC  

no pockets

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I need to double check, but they dont teach anything about death camps like auschwitz to kids in the UK incase someone get upset

2018-01-05 21:38:43 UTC  

no markings

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and we will all use basic sign language

2018-01-05 21:38:52 UTC  

everything else is offensive

2018-01-05 21:38:56 UTC  

Killing Nazi's or punching them is apparently A-ok but do not offend them...

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@lordheartnight I went to auschwitz in a school trip twice while in school

2018-01-05 21:39:12 UTC  

waving hands is a micro aggression

2018-01-05 21:39:13 UTC  

So not every school

2018-01-05 21:39:15 UTC

Has anyone read this criminal complaint against an alleged Terrorist Attacker ? (It's in the article ) below are links to what I believe to be The US Codes for the crimes alleged in the complaint. I prayer that that Special Agent's and that US Magistrate Judge's work is not always so lacks. There maybe violations of The U.S. Code in the accused's actions, but I do not believe they are articulated in that complaint .

Well cuss I'm off topic again.

2018-01-05 21:39:19 UTC  

basic sign language is offensive

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what if a bakery didnt want to make a cake that had leviticus 18:22 on it

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Hey tim

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@Shipreck Ihope they still do this, it must never be forgotten

2018-01-05 21:40:32 UTC  

They should teach the stuff that communists have done too

2018-01-05 21:40:38 UTC  

They killed a lot more people

2018-01-05 21:40:45 UTC  

My 2 kids were taught about the war recently and all they were taught was about was evacuation