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she got raped and killed trying to prove the middle east is peaceful

@ABĘL/STARGIRL seems naive like Pippa Bacca

Warning, gets pretty heartbreaking about halfway through.
Its also fairy long. Just over 40 minutes.

Kinda rules out antifa if his first target was 'Life is Beautiful'

shouting doesn't mean you have a point. The louder you shout doesn't make you more right

lol. shout and win everything

robbers. not mass shooting with someone with an AR-15 or AK-47

the sound still turns me on

that theory has been floating around for awhile now.

some say he may of even been an arms dealer for ISIS.

the whole thing is batshit insane. nothing makes any sense

9:59 Suspects? plural?

"dont go there" AT 35:50 when talking about the bomb

this dude is funny as fuck

When a ship is at the horizon, its lower part is invisible due to Earth's curvature. This was one of the first arguments favouring a round-Earth model.

we been to space. Also no other planet is flat.

columbus found america because he fucked up curvature of the earth. He was trying to get to india

7.98 inches per mile or approximately 8 inches per mile (squared).

@77777777 because you don't understand it doesn't make it untrue

he didn't just say that

he is qustioning gravity now

shit we better nail down all the rubber

would like to know why it matters. I don't care if the earth is flat or round

so why the huge cover up if the earth is flat. Who benefits from it?

@77777777 whats your views on the equator? and water draining?

this is all basic stuff. Its not my fault you don't understand it

everything falls at the same time in a vacuum

electromagnetism = gravity. WTF??

its getting painful now. Was funny. But not anymore

he's mutted everyone

move them to an other channel

no one can join in because he has mutted everyone

that is a gun he had

my biggest jump is he was a gun dealer

So where are the other broken windows??



Tim Berners-Lee

Was this test made by a leftest cuck??


dragoncon bitches


DigitalOcean uses my software

I get a kick back everytime it is used

doesn't matter if you are deaf for data entry

yes Cpt.Pipedream

but yes, stupidity triggers me

you want to trigger me. say dumb shit

I don't tolerate stupidity

fuck it, going out on the town

need to get out and deal with real life

Β£300 a lost a month because of you fuckers

not going to get over that easily

nope hanging out of my ass. Went out last nigt

got pingged

clear Alcohol doesn't

Perry is pretty nice

maybe later. Feel like shit at the moment

so you lot heard whats happening in london?

where the grass is greener

the news is blowing up over this but seems to be an uber driver

well you haven't seen the videos than

would post one but probably get banned

search 'mirror'

there is plenty of mobile videos of vegas. You telling me all of them are fake?

yeah that dude was marine Christopher Roybal. he died

there are a fuck load of videos

yes there is. hold on

where are you looking?

Or have you even tried looking?

oh. you are like that. My mistake, thought you were capable of coherent discord

how do you expect anyone to take you serious if you can't even acknowledge the shooting even happened

you are not even calling it a false flag. You are straight up saying it never even happened.

not saying believe the gov. believe all the eye witness and the mountain of video evidence

'New York IS attack plot' is revealed

germany as well

makes him easier to find

@ordosius you clearly never been to the UK. People here kick the shit out of each other for fun.

@I. Ron Butterfly the gov have predator drones. Not sure having guns would stop a General Atomics MQ-1 Predator. You are bring guns to a drone fight.

predator drones are pant shitting scarry. People in the middle east fear the skys because of them

if nothing happened after sandy hook where kids got killed. Nothing's going to happen

if anything. More guns are going to get sold

obama was great for gun sells. Since trump has come into power. Guns sells have dropped. This shooting has gave a new spike in gun sells because people are stocking up thinking they may get banned

dins never going to happen.

people love their guns to much. They will kill to keep their guns

unless people freely give up their guns. Nothing is ever going to happen

Don't know why people fear the ban on guns. Unless people freely give them up. It will never ever happen

gun lobbyists loved obama

he sold more guns than any other president in history

or the dude that liked to get his dick out all the time. He became president after JFK got shot

you mean hungry. Seen the worman from there?

kicking off in Barcelona over Catalan independence

@The Rock there was a coup of Centipede Central. A bot was created to invite everyone from there to this server

you friends with them??

whats up the the flag than?

france too. Why do you think so many african countries speak french

what fucking website has a URL like that?

still a shitty URL. ncbi.nlm.nih

So sundays always this dead at this time? Everyone at church?

This is the type of thing I had the the house I grew up in


two subs this discord needs:

why the fuck are we allowing them here. The whole reason for the split was to get rid of them.

so you are going to allow them to take over. AGAIN!!

where are the mods

you post alot about this guy


here is the number: 01202 222222

please report me

so make a post about it

ok. this is how it is

have fun without me

whats the point. the channel has been taken over by furries and lolly fans

@Farike you are done. I am making a portfolio of you. Please do the same for me

you talk like I am not already doing it

you won people over

so fucking what

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