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2020-05-11 10:38:42 UTC

Some chick from my old skool moved to the coast with her family wants to have a big protest and people I know om the coast want to fight her and whatever group shows . Chick ran with blatant racists in school and is kinda dumb butt it makes fb exciting as shit

2020-05-11 10:39:06 UTC

Would not recommend any booogggers be near this

2020-05-11 21:05:23 UTC

yeah heard about this as well

2020-05-11 21:05:46 UTC

everyones trying to flock to the beach and everyone that lives there is pretty against it from what ive heard

2020-05-11 22:36:07 UTC

yeah 700 or so meat by Cannon beach pd and turned away just last weekend, from katu news. with how much local attention already at it from seaside i expect nothing less

2020-05-11 22:36:19 UTC


7 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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