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2018-06-03 23:45:01 UTC

<@&441430547055771668> - Original National Socialism, Also Rockwell National Socialism, Nordic National Socialism and etc.
<@&441430740186562562> - Left Wing orient variant of National Socialism with working class nationalist revolution, guild socialism, a more planned economy.
<@&441430906553499649> -Generic Fascism/Original Fascism founded by Mussolini, supports Imperialism, Futurism and Coporatism
<@&441431328936951818> - Supports Imperialism, Ultranationalism, Right Wing Socialist economics and some sort of corporate state
<@&441431590573441044> - supports Religious values and rejection of Futurism from Italian Fascism and Racial Nationalism from National Socialist.
<@&441435410300928020> - Pre Franco variant, support Revolutionary Republican Nationalism with combination of Syndicalist element and Religious element. Francoist variant, combine with more traditionalist values like monarchism and less syndicalist element
<@&441431722995744783> - Ideology of Georges Sorel, support Revolutionary Syndicalist which later his ideas become National Syndicalism
<@&441432453576392715> - Ideology of Rexist party, supports Coporatism, Religious element, Nationalism and Monarchy
<@&441434298218840064> - Ideology of French (Action Francaise), Portuguese (Salazar and MNS) and Brazilian Integralism (Brazilian Integralist Action)
<@&441433674194485259> - Ideology of Iron Guard, Romanian Clerical Fascism
<@&448313129458204672> - Islamism combined with Fascism
<@&441432532089831435> - Ideology of British Fascism and follower of Oswald Mosley. Has similiar aspects to Italian Fascism
<@&441432654701658132> - Ideology of Arrow Cross Party, Hungarian National Socialist variant.
<@&444569063218348033> - Ideology of Silver Legion, supports Clerical Fascism
<@&453029047824416819> - Ideology of Stepan Bandera, Ukrainian Nationalist
<@&441434441227829268> - Ideology of Ioannis Metaxas, Greek Fascism

2018-06-09 02:24:05 UTC

<@&458053630738694166> - Ideology of National Synarchist Union, supports clerical fascism
<@&441432110281129995> - Iraqi based Baathism, supports more conservative element
<@&453727256997527553> - Syrian based Baathism, supports more socialist element
<@&441605594982383626> - Supports Pan Arabism, Arab Socialism, Nationalism
<@&441432904711798804> - Ideology of Muammar Gaddafi, supports Religious Socialism
<@&441432370600738825> - Supports Secularism and nationalism
<@&442711938863071257> - Ideology of Juan Peron, supports Third Position ideas
<@&443639925812887562> - The result of combination between German nationalism and Bolshevik Socialism which supports state socialism, nationalism, worker-based without class struggle. Juche supporters are classified in this ideology.
<@&450064336786948096> - Nationalist who support capitalist for economic purpose

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