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2018-09-19 18:51:58 UTC

[review] discord is for fags

2018-10-07 16:18:59 UTC

arrived a couple days ago probably a week ago. Thankfully it arrived pretty quick. BASED CHINK VENDOR. Probably 2w tops.

Matte case for my Moto E4


2018-10-07 16:19:41 UTC

got my MEMT 5Xs today
>super small and comfy
>sound is great
The only problem is microphonics. I can hear every touch of the cable and slightly touching the earphone is like taping a mic. Securing the cable with a clip does not help since its so sensitive to vibrations you can hear your footsteps.
Would recommend for stationary use, but not so great for active use. If anyone knows good earphones (not necessarily IEMs) for jogging (something comfy and less prone to microphonics) feel free to post suggestions.



2018-10-07 16:21:55 UTC

my bootleg figma drossel came in today and the arm immediately broke off, should i contact the seller or should i start a dispute, ive never had this happen before so im not sure what to do


2018-10-07 16:22:45 UTC

I got one of these X96 minis. It's a Kodi box with most things preinstalled. Works pretty good. Not fast but not slow enough to notice. WiFi range is terrible. So keep it close your router. Libreelec is easily bootable, so it's easy to get away from the botnet. Would recommend as a gift for people who watch TV but don't know how to torrent or stream


2018-10-07 16:30:41 UTC

Got gold xiameme pen today. It's good.


2018-10-08 08:28:13 UTC

Chinese bathmat showed up. When I first picked up the package I figured it'd be shit since it weighs nothing, but it seems to stick well to the floor despite that and feels nice. Will see.



2018-10-08 10:23:44 UTC

So recently a stash of memed PHILIPS headphones SHP8000 and SHP9500 were discovered on AliExpress and shared here and on /hpg/

I bought a Philips SHP8000 from this seller and can confirm that it's the real deal. Bought it for $47 in the AliExpress app. The seller even threw in one of those phone rings as a gift, won't be using it and regift it but still nice of the Chinaman.



2018-10-08 12:47:02 UTC

KZ ED16 and the ones mentioned before.

Review of the cowin e7 after two-three weeks of use:

I already told you guys the sound was pleasant for the price I paid, which was 30 ish usd. Nothing too special but I like it a lot. I tested the battery life, and they deliver that claimed 30 hours. I didn't use them at full volume because they offer good passive isolation, and didn't use full volume because I'm not deaf. With around 20-50% of max volume they lasted me 36 hours on the first run and I have yet to discharge them again, after 13 hours it says 90% on my phone. I checked, the battery is actually 758 mAh, at least on my unit, which seems about right based on their life. They have been yet to show signs of wear, i was worried because they felt a bit cheap. My model can be used wired when off (there is a newer version that can't).

2018-10-08 19:49:39 UTC

The guys who sent me plastic flowers instead of CPU and memory waited until the very last moment and then replied to the dispute with my own photo with some Chinese text photoshopped over it, and a proposal of "refund $0.00". Can someone translate what the hell they're saying? Are they mad?


2018-10-09 13:52:22 UTC

>Build quality
Cheap plastic, but sturdy enough.
Face padding is extremely cheap, and barely offer any comfort.
Head strap is surprisingly good.
Phone padding is rubber and hold the phone well
Made from cheap plastic, but large so you get that immersive feeling.
I'm not sure about the diopter of the lenses, but I get the feeling it's not as it should but it could be my eyesight.
Also there is no way to wear it with glasses.
You "can" see the doorway effect if you focus enough, but it's not a big deal.
>Adjustment knobs
You can bring the lenses together using the wheel to a good degree, and focus using the small bar for each lens separately, but to a limit.
No controls to use obviously, but I manged to get some sort of response from it, can't tell if it's my finger touching the screen or reacting somehow.
I did manged to simulate the Google cardboard magnetic button with a small strong magnet, though you need to keep holding it.
You can use a mouse or a joystick wired or wireless and it should work just fine.
>Phone holding
There's no moving joints to put your phone, so you have to slide your phone in the recess made by the plastic, but it stay in place well enough, though I don't recommend sudden fast head movements.
Also all of the ports remain available, as well as the camera, so you can use it for AR as well.
>Weight & comfortability
Surprisingly light, but the cheap padding press on the nose so you can't wear it for long.
Also didn't get any motion sickness.
>Tested devices
I used Huawei Mate 10 Pro, and iPhone 7, both fit snuggly without issues, but I had to take it out from the case.

Also this is the first VR set I've really tried, worst case scenario I'd just salvage the lenses and build a cardboard.
But for 5$ it's good enough for shemale VR videos.
There were other designs, like pic related which cost a little more, but no added features just different container.
Any other specific questions?


2018-10-10 15:36:26 UTC

my first aliexpress issue, how did i do?


2018-10-13 09:14:22 UTC

So I bought this gamepad, FlyDigi Apex for 59$.
The manual is in chinkspeak, had to talk to customer support to get an english pdf. Also, apparently I can't connect it to my computer with a wire directly. Instead I have to connect a wireless dongle which came with the box. So that sucks.
Aside from that though this controller is really good. It has texturized rubber on the back of the handles, extra c+z buttons next to ABXY. Start and select are easy to press, and clicky. Analogs are smooth to control with jagged rubber coating it, although the Analog buttons are kinda stiff to press. Dpad is made of really smooth plastic, feels good to use it, every direction has a feel-good kinda click. Bumbers are easy to press both from the outer and inner sides. Triggers are pretty much like X1, but at the back of the controller are a set of two switches, to shorten the press distance of each trigger. Also at the back are 4 additional buttons, which sit naturally under the middle fingers.
Pretty good controller overall gotta say...


2018-10-13 19:30:07 UTC

I've had an SF30Pro for the last few months.
Works great, feels great, and no issues to report.
Except I had to open it up to fix the oversensitive d-pad:


2018-10-15 10:19:45 UTC

Aw yeah, just in time for my birthday


2018-10-20 08:19:40 UTC

I've recently also got myself a BM800, ordered full kit from Neewer.
It's okay I guess, I am yet to mod it and I wonder if I even have to since I got it for gayman, not for high quality recording. I don't think it is even better than my old dynamic on-desk mic. Maybe I am doing something wrong on my Xonar is just garbage.

2018-10-21 08:46:51 UTC

So I got my chinkshit 50' cat6 cable I mentioned a few threads back, can't seem to find the wish listing anymore (get an error that it's not found when clicking from my order history) but it's the same price on Amazon apparently. Paid $9 after shipping on wish and that's how much it is on Amazon base, with free shipping.

Anyway, it's perfect. 1Gbps up and down is achieved a lot more consistently than the 30' round cat5 it replaced, and it's a flat cable. Even came with 20x cable clips so I was able to run it along door frames and moulding to conceal it. Seems they only ever use this same image on every listing regardless of site, so if you see it, this is the one. I'll post the Amazon link below if you don't want to hunt for it.



2018-10-22 21:23:20 UTC

Got a good Christmas gift here for anyone who enjoys figurines.


2018-10-25 17:49:38 UTC

My mijia quartz arrived. It looks really great. Even random people at work noticed "oh you have a new watch? Looks good anon". The pedometer is inaccurate though and shows about 30% more steps than my fitbit


2018-10-26 04:33:20 UTC

Found this neat little charging cable thing
Thought it might make a nice cheap little addition to the christmas list. Can probably get it cheaper, I just found it when looking for a completely unrelated product.


2018-10-26 08:16:49 UTC

My backlit pbt keycaps came in.
I am happy with the quality and the price.
They are smoother than my old pbt keycaps and a bit thinner. Works best if you have front mounted leds.


2018-10-31 06:26:40 UTC


Shhhh vacuwaifu is sleeping


2018-11-01 19:46:10 UTC

Dafen Village painting review

2018-11-01 19:46:13 UTC

I have anon, I ordered a painting of a dog and the quality was really good, I ordered a size 13 inches x 18 inches. You have to give half the purchase cost up front just in case you decide you don't like it.

Its best to get a larger size because 27 inches x 36 inches was only like $40 more, just didn't fit.

From first deposit to the painting being made was exactly one working week. The rest of the payment was sent and then it was shipped one week later using DHL.

So 3 weeks(ish) total.

Cost me $99 total but is probably one of the best chink purchases I have made. Out of like 300 purchases.

2018-11-01 19:46:38 UTC

There ya gooo


2018-11-01 19:58:00 UTC

Reposting this review for archival purposes, another Dafen village painting commissioned by a different anon.

Dafen anon update part deux.

Firstly, the international zionist jews who run DHL still fucked me out of $20 at the door. "Henry" from Dafen village was a bro and put down $19.00 for the value of the package. That didn't stop DHL fisting my asshole for another $20. Fuck DHL.

To be fair, Henry only gave me two choices DHL or Fedex. The coffers of both companies overflow with the jew gold.

Back to the art.

I have unpacked the painting and laid it out on a table. Its going to need a couple of days to flatten out /relax before I attempt to frame it.

It is an actual painting. Looks like watercoloured was used first, then oil was painted on top. But I am not an art expert.

I am happy with the transaction. Minus the double dipping by DHL.

5 stars on transaction
5 stars on communication
5 stars on shipping / packaging
1 star for DHL as a company

Total cost:

From Henry's email:

"so the total amount of this oil painting in 30x40" inches is USD 139 + diy stretch bar USD 10 + DHL courier charge USD 45 = USD 194, kindly please note."

PLUS $20 Beavers as a extra fuckening at the door.

source material: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thirty-six_Views_of_Mount_Fuji_(Hiroshige)#/media/File:20_-_The_Entrance_Gate_at_Enoshima.jpg

12 days to paint from commissioning

4 days to arrive to America's Hat

I will make a final update once I frame it in a couple of days and get it hanging on the wall.

>Anon forgot to post that final update


2018-11-01 19:59:00 UTC

For those interested, here is a close up the edge/material


2018-11-07 06:23:58 UTC

My scallion pens just arrived though I think they look more like leeks than like scallion. They feel nice, they have a good grip and they're thin. Both my handwriting
and my text creativity suck but that's besides the point.

I asked the seller to send green ones only but he didn't. Nontheless, he sent me double the ordered amount.


2018-11-07 14:41:02 UTC

A few anons asked me for a review of the Xiaomi Roborock S50 robotic vacuum. In short, I love the thing. It's methodical in the way it cleans, dividing the house into blocks, mapping out the parameter then vacuuming in rows, before moving on. If it missed any nooks it goes back and does those. It's fun to observe it surveying its surroundings and plotting its next path. Vacuuming power seems decent and I'm surprised by how much it picks up every day. The app is good, not that aesthetically pleasing but it provides a map of your home and the ability to clean certain zones and set up virtual walls. The vacuum did get its brush tangled on one of my old, scraggly rugs. I was meaning to throw this rug out anyways and no issues since then. Build quality is excellent, it's able to climb high rugs and over edges without a problem. Mop feature is a nice bonus but it doesn't hold much water so I think its use is limited to mopping a small to medium size area.

I do not have experience with other robotic vacuums but the reviews suggest that the Xiaomi is comparable to or outperforms vacuums twice as expensive, especially in its ability to intelligently and methodically clean every inch of the house.

Voice can be in English or Chinese. Chinese has many options. I gave her a a cute chink waifu voice :3

I will monitor this thread and answer questions.


2018-11-10 17:25:04 UTC

Reposting this OneOdio Studio Headphones review for archival purposes

Bought these mostly on impulse since they were cheap headphones and mine were beginning to show signs of decay. Figured I'd use my current ones while I wait the month or two that it would take for these to arrive. Basically I did not expect much from them from the start.

Lo and behold, they arrive in 11 days. (Ordered on the 5th, had a notice on my door the 16th, did not pick up until the 18th since I was on holiday) It is important to note that I did not pay extra for any fast delivery options.

The sound quality is good. I have nothing negative to say about it.
I was pleasantly surprised by just how good these headphones are at cancelling out noise. The padding is also very comfy on top of that. In fact, the entire thing is comfortable to wear. It does not sag and press on the ears, instead it fully surrounds them without using them for support.
The microphone is nothing to write home about. Just a simple earphone mic. I'd compare it to a iphone/samsung earphone mic if I really had to.
Now this does not mean that you are bound to this shitty mic, as there are two jacks on the headphones (3.5mm and 6.3mm, one under each muff) and the cable is detachable, so you can easily buy a new cable with the desired microphone.
I'd say the main downside of these is that they are a little heavier than the headphones that I am used to, but it's because it has metal parts for the adjustable bits, which I ultimately can appreciate.
For anyone interested in the packaging, it was a cardboard box wrapped in plastic with the actual headphone box inside of it, no damage to any packaging that I could see.


Good sound.
Very comfortable.
Great noise cancelling

Shitty mic.
A little heavier than your usual headphones.

No damage


2018-11-13 20:52:25 UTC

so yeah.. i ordered a bunch of rodent repellers from ali...

the chinks made a mistake and sent one of them with US plug instead of EU plug... so i decided to open it up since it was useless to me and....

just for this i will fly to china and inseminate as many femchinks as a can, to dillute ping pong's racial pool, slowly erasing him


2018-11-14 18:49:13 UTC

This is one of my many order slowly getting home.
The Howard light max lite.
No chinkshit, but maybe someone appreciates it.
These are, as the packaging says, low pressure earplugs.
These can dampen sounds of 34DB I think and are really soft to the touch.
Even somehow cute.
The earplugs are worn right before bed, so I can find out if the surrounding sounds still make my life a reason to end my air addiction.

More tests incoming with the:
X5 headset by 3m(37db) the bilsom 303L and S version(?DB) which are still taking some time to arrive.
Let's hope the money was spent well.


2018-11-18 19:32:39 UTC

Off to the London Xiaomi store launch folks. Here's hoping they've got a mitu plush on sale

2018-11-18 19:32:54 UTC

Will do. I'm in the queue right now


2018-11-18 19:33:06 UTC

Free candy!


2018-11-18 19:33:23 UTC

Mitu waved at me.


2018-11-18 19:33:43 UTC

Who knows?

Here's my purchases, my brother bought the Mi A2 lite


2018-11-18 19:34:32 UTC

What's wrong withe A2 lite aside from the micro-usb? I've not been keeping up with /CSG/ memes.
That guy was dead-eyeing everyone, and refused to let no more than 20 folks in the store at a time. The queue was pretty bad. Took an hour and a half from where I was just to step foot inside the place. The first 300 were given wristbands, and if they made a purchase got a goody bag containing a T-Shirt, Lanyard and Mi Fidget Cube (pic related).


2018-11-18 19:34:45 UTC

They had Mitu plushies, amongst other things.


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2019-03-16 16:10:06 UTC

```Hey, Flang P5 guy here, got a chance to fuck around with it a bit. It doesnt support m3u playlists at all, and rockbox is not an option. Also, bluetooth headsets dont stay connected if when you turn it off, and reconnecting is a pain in the ass. Its neat, but 20€ neat, not 70.```


2019-03-16 16:13:47 UTC

```Got my i10tws today. Pretty solid over all. Lows are lacking but i didnt expect much from this form factor. Never listened to the actual airpods but they are the same quality if not better than the regular pack in apple headphones (of the same type).```


2019-03-16 16:14:50 UTC

```It's been a long time coming, but I have two things to post. The first is this knockoff hakko FX-951. I loved the form factor of the actual ones we use at work, so I was hoping it would mimic that. I should have researched a bit more, it does not. The build quality is pretty shit, if you wanted a T12/T15 iron, I'd instead get one of those kits that are sold (but you'd need an iron to do that first, thinking emoji). The build quality is pretty bad, you'll have to clear some flash from some of the plastic parts. The tip gripper yellow handle thing snapped when I put the first tip in, so that was a bust. The holder also doesn't work how you would expect a holder to work. Luckily, a replacement genuine holder and genuine tip grabber thing (orange) solved the problems. I got a bunch of tips with it which is nice, they also included some shit solder and some decent tweezers (3 pair), as well as a desoldering pump. Overall, not bad but probably not worth it just for the FX-951 form factor in a knockoff. I printed a tip holder which is also nice.```


2019-03-16 16:15:16 UTC

```The next blurry picture I got in Hong Kong straight from a Xiaomi store when I was in HK on business. It's their Wiha screwdriver set, it's awesome. 10/10 would recommend. I picked up three when I was there and gave two away because it was a total of $120 HKD (like 15 bucks).```


2019-03-19 20:18:20 UTC


2019-03-19 20:20:17 UTC


2019-03-19 20:20:45 UTC


2019-03-19 20:21:03 UTC


2019-03-19 20:21:20 UTC


2019-03-25 11:44:39 UTC


2019-03-25 11:45:19 UTC


2019-06-25 02:14:38 UTC

2019-07-10 22:18:57 UTC

!post 71812343

2019-07-10 22:19:02 UTC

2019-07-10 23:32:18 UTC

Bought the Redmi K20 Pro (within China so 1 day courier).
First impressions are that the front cameras are fun to play with (popup), no notch is wonderful, the AMOLED screen easily beats out any of the LCD screens, and that it's missing LTE band 28 -_- (might have to XDA that shit later).

Performance wise it's very good, the limited amount of games I ran on it were smooth and after 40 minutes of hitman sniper the phone wasn't getting much warmer.

Camera is great too, 3 camera setup with 48mp main, 13mp 2x zoom and 8mp ultrawide. Low light performance is decent, same with general photos, but could benefit from GCam.

Installing Google play etc was relatively painless as well, except for the 2 hours I waited for the apk to download via the overloaded windscribe Hong Kong server.

The price is absolutely great, at CNY2500 (500AU, 360US) there's not really any competitors, outside of the more expensive mi9. Definitely worth it.

Not launched worldwide yet and domestic version doesn't have a lot of US bands, so if you're gonna buy off a reshipper I'd watch out for that. Otherwise just wait a month or so for global release.

2019-07-10 23:33:18 UTC

Benchmarks, AnTuTu plus Geekbench



2019-07-10 23:34:39 UTC

Camera samples:



2019-07-10 23:35:05 UTC

Low Light Camera sample:


2019-07-11 11:36:01 UTC

"Style B" - the "sp" part of the spork is quite shallow, good for yoghurt and other high-viscosity foods, but pretty shit for soup. The "ork" part has very dull tips, so trying to skewer stringy, hard meat is hard in a ceramic plate, impossible on paper plates. 3/10

2019-07-11 11:40:41 UTC

Appreciable glow qualities, the silver strip is retroreflective. I used this to attach a Nitecore T I P P to my keychain. With dark-adapted eyes, visible for a long time in the dark.

2019-07-11 11:43:18 UTC

Extremely thin and loose material. Still provides protection from the sun, succs sweat and makes you look autistic. Recommended.

2019-07-11 11:44:32 UTC

Good as a literal boxcutter, longer than it needs to be due to the bottle opener. Blade pops out when you press it too hard. Good for limited use.

2019-07-11 11:45:45 UTC

Cool item to attach a flashlight or smal knife to your keychain. Can be operated with a single hand, not too bulky, never lost anything attached with it. Recommended for EDC fags.

2019-07-11 11:46:41 UTC

Perfect holder for single 18650 unprotected cells, with enough space to fit foam spacers at the ends to avoid shorts.

2019-07-11 11:48:42 UTC

NOT RECOMMENDED, the glue is very slimy and weak. It'll detach itself from whatever you tape it on, and leave a sticky, and ironically hard to remove, goo.

2019-07-11 11:51:43 UTC

NOT RECOMMENDED, the tape is supposed to stick to itself, but it's very bad at its job - it WILL unravel.

2019-07-13 12:21:04 UTC

Wiha screwdriver set is quite primo, spring loaded catch to retain the toolset insert which I did not really expect for some reason. Very nicely finished and the bits are marked, and slightly magnetised to the bit slots. Recommend!


2019-07-13 12:21:05 UTC


2019-07-13 12:21:05 UTC


2019-07-13 22:51:50 UTC

they are pretty solid, parts move well and the plastic seems good

2019-07-13 22:51:59 UTC


2019-07-13 22:54:04 UTC

they are devoid of any decals the originals had and have a few sprue nubs
but otherwise are excellent, especially when you consider these are 1/4 the price of a legit one

2019-07-13 22:54:10 UTC


2019-07-14 07:16:37 UTC


2019-07-14 07:16:40 UTC

Pretty good chinkpad

2019-07-15 21:56:11 UTC

Ya boy here with another fatass review.
This Wallet is actually a KO/"Third Shift" of a Kickstarter project, the "Dax Wallet", normally selling for ~$12 USD, originally $28 (!!!) on kickstarter. It even came in the original product's packaging, which means it's most likely the real deal.

2019-07-15 21:56:35 UTC




2019-07-15 21:57:46 UTC

It feels pretty cheap, but has a lot more rigidity when it has cards loaded in. Will carry for about a week to see if I like it, but right now it feels ⭐ ⭐<:nostar:600452015142731776> <:nostar:600452015142731776> <:nostar:600452015142731776>

2019-07-16 10:31:17 UTC

I had one of these and it was almost unusable within a year
I chucked it for a generic 20$ wallet when it spilled my cards on a countertop bcz it had gotten so loose

2019-07-16 10:31:46 UTC

The pocket on the back will hold like.. one or two folded bills at most

2019-07-16 10:38:28 UTC

got lots of compliments and my new one doesn't :c

2019-07-17 23:41:14 UTC

I received a PocketGo handheld emulation console today. I got it from: https://retromimi.com/products/pocketgo-retro-gaming-system

2019-07-17 23:41:38 UTC


2019-07-17 23:42:17 UTC

It feels pretty solid while also being lightweight. It is very, very handlet-sized, though:

2019-07-17 23:42:19 UTC


2019-07-17 23:42:50 UTC

As for emulation, It seems *okay* as far as speed, but there are occasional hiccups with sound.

2019-07-17 23:43:42 UTC

But the one thing that makes it a solid *meh* is the screen. Apparently, it's a 30 hz display, so it gets wretched screen tearing if you're playing something that's supposed to be 60 hz.

2019-07-17 23:44:11 UTC

Probably won't bother you in turn based/slower games, but for something faster, it will be very, very distracting.

2019-07-17 23:46:16 UTC

Side note: the unit comes with Famicom style buttons, but there are spares in the package that make it a super famicom, Which I ended up installing. It was a pain in the ass, since you have to unscrew the console, pry it apart, install the buttons (which just sit in sockets), and the shoulder buttons and other buttons will fall out seemingly at random. It took me about 30 minutes to do it. If I had known, I would have just kept the original buttons. There are now smudges on the INSIDE of the screen because of my hamhanded attempts to do this. No way am I gonna spend the time to completely disassemble it to do it again.

2019-07-17 23:47:32 UTC

But as of now, *for the price*, I'd call this ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ <:nostar:600452015142731776> <:nostar:600452015142731776>

2019-07-17 23:49:07 UTC

PS: The chinks shipped this full of games, too, which would get any dropshipper BTFO if they got found out.

2019-07-18 12:41:06 UTC

Got it for $1.35 total.
Really huge, and at 32m gonna last forever.
Feels solidly built and not like its gonna split in half any second.
Adheres without issues, no problems where the white layer might split off from the paper.
No issue where the tape runs off to the side and gets jammed.
Instantly dries, writing on top of it has no problems where your pen starts peeling the correction tape off.
Entirely hides what you went over ie. it isn't see through.

2019-07-18 12:41:51 UTC

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Would buy again.

2019-07-20 03:20:49 UTC

Got these on same day shipping, out of the box performance is an absolute meme. 0 mids or treble, thicc af bass. When EQ'd they sound great, nice details, and the bass don't bleed into the mids.



2019-07-20 03:23:46 UTC

Video syncing is an issue tho, haven't tried SBC yet but AAC delay is massive.

They're QCY T1S BTW, I can't seem to find the QS models within China at all.

For $15, I rate them ⭐:star:⭐:star:<:nostar:600452015142731776>

2019-07-20 03:24:02 UTC

4/5 because out of box performance sucks

2019-07-25 03:26:51 UTC

Peacock P1 IEMs ($200)

Figured I’d give these a proper review in a more permanent place. Peacock is a company that’s virtually unheard of even in chi-fi discussion boards, but I took the gamble anyways because of their stunning looks. But tldr is that they’re actually fantastic, easily as good as my DM6 with tuning that’s more in line with my music tastes.

Sound Quality – Sound quality is superb, especially at the price point. I have to compare it to my DM6 because it’s actually very similar – crisp, clean, and well-separated notes with no fuss. Some people describe the sound of earphones like this as “cold” or “harsh” but I call it “accurate”. These are not, however, focused in on accuracy and delivering audio at reference tuning. They are very bass-heavy, with mid-bass and low bass (but not subs) coming out especially prominent. Mids are recessed. I primarily listen to electronic music so this tuning is perfect for me. They’re not as bass-heavy as my V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless, but overall the sound profile is very similar. IMPORTANT: Most phones will not deliver enough power for these earphones. I recommend using a DAP/amp unless you *know* your phone will deliver enough power (my LG V30 works fine).

Build Quality and Comfort – Good sound can be ruined by poor fit and weak build quality. This is a weak point for a lot of Chi-Fi brands, since it’s easy for them to skimp on materials while still getting rave reviews about sound. The P1 are made with acrylic/glass that is smooth and solid, but I don’t expect them to survive if I ever step on them. They use 2-pin connections that are generally more durable than MMCX. As for comfort, they fit my ear well and rest naturally, much more so than Tin T2s or my old RHA t20. I’d say my DM6 fit my ears a little better but I imagine this changes for each person.

2019-07-25 03:27:25 UTC

Looks – I’m a sucker for looks. And these are, simply put, the most beautiful IEMs I’ve ever owned. There are around 15 different color options to choose from, all of which look great. I ordered mine in “Flame” and I’m very pleased with the results. They are hand-painted from the inside with a small but stylish accent of Peacock’s logo on the face plate. I love these things and love to show them off.

Accessories – Never have I received headphones with so many accessories at such high quality. You get leather cable clips and a leather carrying case with nice magnetic clamping. They also come with a braided silver-core cable that is very sturdy BUT has a very poorly-built connector. Replacement cable is on the way but the stock one still works well. They come with an array of silicon tips, none of which I’ve tried since I already have tips that I know fit my ears well. The icing on the cake is, for me, the included wireless audio cable. It’s very simple and has hilariously poor Chinese voice prompts for on/off, connecting, etc, but it provides enough power and Bluetooth bitrate to make the earphones sound great.

Tldr – It’s like a BGVP DM6 with bass-heavy tuning and impeccable visual presentation. These are quickly becoming my favorite headphones in my collection.

2019-07-25 03:27:57 UTC


2019-07-25 03:27:58 UTC


2019-08-24 14:38:26 UTC

I ordered a Mi 9t (also known as k20) on aliexpress. The seller took his time to send the phone (around 10 days) but once he did the order arrived very quickly since I paid 27$ for DHL. On the seller's page it was written that if you choose DHL you wouldn't have to pay an import tax if you are in the EU like me and there really were no extra costs. The problem with the screen is due to badly placed screen protector which is kind of my fault and easily fixable BTW. Anyways MIUI sucks (nova launcher was one of the first things I installed) and the camera is allright I suppose. I don't take selfies so I don't give a shit about the front camera but the notchless design is great. I enjoy playing with the fingerprint reader under the display since its very satisfying. Overall I am very happy with my purchase and it is a nice upgrade over my redmi note 4 in almost every way.

2019-08-24 14:38:49 UTC

2019-08-24 14:39:00 UTC


2019-08-25 17:59:08 UTC

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-njEzNHkH_c Geekbuying gave me item to shill them, Tronsmart element force prety good speakers, ugly AF though

2019-09-03 11:55:53 UTC

2019-09-12 22:24:49 UTC

Xiaomi 10L Backpack [$8 w/ shipping]

2019-09-12 22:25:02 UTC


2019-09-12 22:25:08 UTC

As expected, it's really small and looks nice. Just to test how much it could carry, I managed to fit a 13" Macbook w/ charger, 2 notebooks, an umbrella, adidas shorts and a pair of shoes. Pretty much little to no space to add anything else.

That being said, it feels and looks like you're wearing a childrens backpack and only has a thin layer of back padding with not a lot of protection for casually tossing/dropping it.

For $8 it's not bad at all, but wouldn't use it for anything more than a secondary backpack for occasions that go well with downsizing.

2019-09-12 22:29:53 UTC

(Will review Xiaomi Soocas X3 and Soocas SO WHITE toothbrushes when that comes in)

2019-09-21 00:46:02 UTC

New pins today. The quality is good, but they're a tad small. Still satisfied. They come with those janky plastic backers, but I'll be replacing those with metal locking types.



2019-09-21 00:48:10 UTC

For the price, 3 dollars isn't bad at all for all 4

2019-09-25 22:37:06 UTC

$8 Xaiomi 10L backpack arrived, smaller than I expected. Looks pretty tiny, but once it's loaded and worn loose, it doesn't look so bad. If you're taller (183 cm) than me, it'll probably look like a child's backpack.

Fabric is VERY thin and chinky (see close up). My intended use as a "laptop, charger, and accessories" day to day bag is definitely something I wouldn't recommend as I don't feel confident at all with it. It makes sense for carrying a few things, but putting a laptop in it is probably asking for it to tear apart (if you use it every day)

2019-09-25 22:38:10 UTC

Compared with a 13" laptop


2019-09-26 10:47:35 UTC

$17 USD headphone stand, not exactly the greatest price, but a lot better than the over $200 (((sieveking))) wants to charge you for their original version. No smells, just big enough for K7XX variants as pictured.


2019-09-27 01:08:14 UTC


2019-09-27 01:08:17 UTC


2019-09-27 01:08:22 UTC

They sound pretty good

2019-09-27 01:08:35 UTC

Idk ab battery life since I just unboxed them and started listening

2019-09-27 01:08:43 UTC

But they're nice

2019-09-27 01:08:49 UTC

And not as obnoxious as airpods

2019-09-27 01:09:08 UTC


2019-09-27 01:09:19 UTC

Airpods were something I regret buying

2019-09-27 01:09:36 UTC

Anyways, Airdots get an easy 9/10 in my book

2019-09-27 04:42:01 UTC


2019-09-27 11:29:14 UTC

I got a mofi case for my 9t. Their cases are pretty nice and well made. All the cutouts are where they are supposed to be. Overall I am happy with my purchase.

2019-09-27 11:29:21 UTC


2019-09-28 02:19:04 UTC

GK61 Optical (not the kit, the built board)
Got it with Gateron Blues. Caps feel cheap but they're fine. Software is genuinely awful but the board has onboard memory for RGB and macros so it's all good. Switches are really, really good. Clicky yet precise and fast, much better keyfeel than MX Blues or old Razer Greens. Case is nice without much creaks.

Awesome value at 40USD, arrived within 2 weeks from China.

Overall 8/10 (-1 for software and -1 for caps)

2019-09-28 02:19:13 UTC


2019-10-14 15:33:05 UTC

Art socks!


2019-10-14 15:34:50 UTC

I got them from this store, https://myored.aliexpress.com/store/1182567 , they are 1 size fits all , good enough if u are not bigfoot , feel good and the details are there. Overall great soft feel and they smell like socks bought from local shops

2019-10-16 11:02:17 UTC

**BLF Q8 flashlight currently discounted at banggood (see <#287939846662651906>)**


2019-10-16 11:03:02 UTC

literally the only three downsides:
**- you NEED button top 18650's due to the internal construction of the battery compartment**
- it's rather heavy (but that's to be expected from a beercan sized flashlight)
- lanyard loop hole would've been nice to have

extreme nitpicking edition:
- turning off the LED in the button is a hit and miss, you need to turn the flashlight on and turn it off in like a 0.5s time frame

2019-10-16 11:03:42 UTC

(10 minute review courtesy of knife bro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBd2zl3dmJc )

2019-10-21 19:57:22 UTC

Checkup on Chef anons chinese chef knife experience after year has passed.
>>> I bought a set of 6 knives on wish for a total of €47(original chef anon used >wish< but we know better (see <https://discordapp.com/channels/189466684938125312/287939846662651906/488778544088875040>)

Initial thoughts:
They look great, and feel great in the hand. The packaging they came in was nothing good or fancy. Really sharp and good looking

Usage over the past year:
The first day I got them I immediately compared them to a chipped, pretty dull but expensive good quality old stainless steel knife

Night and day.

Its just phasing trough whatever you cut compared to the dull knife.

After a week:
They are still sharp and not rusty. But I can see already that these knives wont last forever.

After about 7 months of usage, I sharpened them with a wethstone because I felt they needed that, after that they were sharp again and perfect to use.

Today: I still use them as my everyday knives. I go to culinary school now and still use them there. They are really good knives if you use them right and take care of them. For only less than €50 they are completely worth it. I dont think I’ll change them soon. Maybe at the end of culinary school I’ll go and buy a really good expensive knife. It would be better than what I have now and I would not replace these knives with the same set if these were to get lost, but I still dont feel the need to buy different knives because these are still so good

2019-10-25 11:05:27 UTC


2019-10-25 11:06:00 UTC

Bout some air dots, they're really solid for the price, much less obnoxious than air pods, actually stay in my ears and honestly have pretty good sound quality, they're so good I've started to use them with my desktop

2019-10-26 05:04:37 UTC

The steel is soft and formed a wire edge while sharpening, but they took a decent edge. They were sharp enough to cut paper cleanly but not enough to pop hairs. The stainless steel is likely in the 50-52HRC range, which is softer that what most knife grade stainless steel than a knife, but still hard enough to take edge.


2019-10-26 11:22:55 UTC

Just got my DIY T12-952 Oled soldering station freebie from Laecho (chinks says that they are were called Quicko)
So far so good. Made some safety fixes but it looks promising.


2019-10-26 11:26:31 UTC

they're usually called ksger

2019-10-26 11:26:38 UTC

check if your tip and case are properly grounded

2019-10-26 11:26:42 UTC

sometimes they're not

2019-10-26 12:44:38 UTC

They are properly grounded, checked with multimeter :)
Thanks for the tip

2019-11-11 18:39:11 UTC

nah its another OEM

2019-11-20 05:07:37 UTC

/csg/ SFF case just arrived. Dream case's D1F-M. Other parts are still in shipping, but spare parts installed for reference. M-ATX case, without feet the dimension is 33cm x 28.5cm x 15.5cm, making it smaller than the big ITX cases. Metal is a bit rough to the touch and minor imperfections can be seen here and there if you looked closely. Both SFX and SFX-L PSUs are supported but SFX-L support is limited by card length. Space for 4 x 120mm and 1 x 92mm fans in normal thickness. Theoretically it can be open loop watercooled, but with potentially two bottom fans blowing directly at a 2+ slot GPU I don't think it will be necessary. A 30mm 240mm rad should be able to fit assuming your GPU is mounted in the first slot and it isn't too long. I have to finish the build to measure but so far an eisbaer does look like a good option for a full water setup. If airflow isn't good enough from the bottom I'd consider adding bigger feet to the case to lift it up. An 645LT AIO could also work if you are into that. Alternatively thermalright's 130mm tower cooler should fit in here with no issues.


2019-11-20 11:56:14 UTC

I cannot find any info about the case online, is the model Dream D1F-M? Can you tell me where you bought it please?

2019-11-20 18:29:31 UTC

There is a huge variety of small SFF case makers in China. Most of them aren't sold internationally with notable exceptions like GEEEK. This particular case can be found on taobao by just searching D1F. US buyers can use a service like superbuy to get stuff from taobao.

2019-11-25 13:08:42 UTC


2019-11-25 13:09:56 UTC

new revision headroom ms16 earphones

2019-11-25 13:10:08 UTC

got them during 11/11

2019-11-25 13:10:48 UTC

back in the day, the old version was hyped up a bit, but it seems they made a new one with different cable, packaging and sound quality supposedly

2019-11-25 13:12:02 UTC

i paid 4.46 usd

2019-11-25 13:12:13 UTC

honestly, these are good, but they have a few problems

2019-11-25 13:13:21 UTC

the best part about these is the open-back design; combine this with the clean sound and these feel really great to listen to

2019-11-25 13:14:25 UTC

but also because of that, there is a lot of sound leak. if you care about that, then you might not want these
the bass is a bit of a mixed bag here; for me, its a bit lacking (not that i prefer a shitton of bass), but for people who like vocals, these are amazing

2019-11-25 13:16:18 UTC

and the build quality is pretty decent; cable is alright, and they feel decent in the ear

2019-11-25 13:16:53 UTC

i just wish they put L/R markings on the earphones (wire with the mic is R)

2019-11-25 13:22:08 UTC

in a sentence, **they sound good, but not great**

2019-11-25 13:23:34 UTC

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ <:nostar:600452015142731776> <:nostar:600452015142731776>

2019-11-25 13:24:47 UTC

for 1/2 dollars more, you should probably opt for sony mh750/755 instead of these

2019-11-25 13:25:40 UTC

but if you're not that into bass, then these are a solid option

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