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2018-10-10 23:01:07 UTC

@everyone I will use this new channel to make major announcements...

2018-10-10 23:02:54 UTC

Who here would be interested in purchasing access to an exclusive website which will feature news, articles, photos, video, and updates from a small team directly on the ground? This will help fund raise for real world action and give supporters who put their money where their mouth is an extension into the issues unlike any other medium...

2018-10-10 23:05:22 UTC

For the sake of complete transparency, we need $4000 before we hit the first leg of the trip which has already been planed for December so there is not much time. This will be the first round of fundraising. We already have the website established with the right people behind it. We already have a plan...

2018-11-14 14:11:51 UTC

@everyone I am looking at combining this server with another SA server but it seems like the number one reason the whites are facing imminent genocide is the same issues they have elsewhere when it comes to communicating... They are at the "Unite, or Die" phase but they can not even come under the same Discord server umbrella...

2019-03-15 23:46:42 UTC

Hi all.
Not SA related as such, rather to do with the events in New Zealand.
No matter what you think about the guy or his actions, you need to consider things.
1. There will be retaliation from sandies in the coming days. If you live in any Western country then stay away from big gatherings
2. This may well be a catalyst for something bigger - There is all the chance that this will result in back and forth violence between the sides until it descalates into a full blown conflict. Its no guarantee but be prepared.

5 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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