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2020-04-17 15:34:07 UTC
2020-04-18 03:53:57 UTC

The karachipocolypse got you outside gardening? This section is geared toward tips, tricks, hacks and projects regarding gardening at home. Whether you have a green thumb or not, these tips will help anyone be able to get great results and fresh food from your yard, porch or even counter top to your belly in no time. Please feel free to throw in your own tried and true hacks if you got 'em. Everybody is welcome and encouraged to participate~ Check back each day for new posts πŸ™‚πŸŒΏ πŸ“ πŸ₯¦ πŸ₯• πŸ§„ 🌢️ πŸ₯¬ πŸ…

2020-04-19 23:42:54 UTC

i want to learn how to grow potatoes and other food!

2020-04-19 23:45:51 UTC

Believe it or not you can grow potatoes in a bag - I personally use a 5 gallon bucket / for most of my vegetables (ie) tomatoes - the thing that you have to remember is proper drainage - I use a (soil - sand)mixture - roughly about 25% sand to good soil ( I am in SoCal )

2020-04-19 23:46:55 UTC

thank you! i actually bought seed potatoes. gonna try!

2020-04-19 23:47:23 UTC

do you have holes in the bottom of the buket?

2020-04-19 23:47:26 UTC

As long as you have good organic potatoes - you can cut the eyes out and they will grow

2020-04-19 23:47:49 UTC

they have to be organic? you plant the eyes you mean?

2020-04-19 23:48:29 UTC

yes I do have holes in the bottom of the bucket - with a small dish underneath to retain the water - making sure that I do check it daily for mosquito larvae

2020-04-19 23:49:51 UTC

ok cool. thank you. so do you water the potatoes every day? or once a week?

2020-04-19 23:51:00 UTC

They don't necessarily have to be organic ( that's my preference ) but you can store the potatoes under your sink - for several days and they will start to sprout - and you cut a chunk of that potato piece out with the Sprout - and plant that - the thing about potatoes is you have to dig them up and plant them deeper - leaving the vegetation on top of the soil - that has seemed to work good for me here in So Cal

2020-04-19 23:51:37 UTC

I water them about once every 3 days

2020-04-19 23:52:56 UTC

thank you!!!

2020-04-19 23:53:43 UTC

4:53 Pacific Standard time here - and you are very welcome

2020-04-19 23:53:46 UTC

besides potatoes what is another super easy food to grow?

2020-04-19 23:56:21 UTC

Something that seems to turn over quickly - is lettuce - I went to Sprouts and bought several live plants - from their produce section ( I believe they were called butter lettuce ) - but they still had the roots attached and seem to do pretty well in our climate - other than bean sprouts and such I don't know anyting that has a quick turnover - obviously the more room you have the better ( I am doing this all off of a balcony )

2020-04-19 23:58:24 UTC

ok thank you. trying to plant a survival garden for when the zombies attack! have a good evening!

2020-04-20 00:00:13 UTC

The zombies are already here (πŸ˜†) and you have a good evening as well - by the way I have a YouTube channel with the same initials that I use here - God Bless you Friend β€πŸ™

2020-04-20 00:02:20 UTC

i will subsirbe to youryoutube channel!

2020-04-20 00:03:34 UTC

And when and if I get to notification from YouTube - I will subscribe to yours as well - our channels may be the only way to communicate in the not-too-distant future

2020-04-20 00:34:54 UTC

thankyou. i don't post anything. i'm just a watcher! i do wish someone would make an alternate to youtube!

2020-04-20 00:41:35 UTC

I have a potato in a bucket tutorial on the way, I thought the post was not active yet so sorry everybody~ coming right up πŸ™‚ next after potatoes in a bucket will be tips on getting your garden started and ready to plant, then there'll be planting projects and all kinds of gardening tips, tricks, hacks and tried and trues to try out for yourself~ Awesome to see people thinking about this~ Stay tuned, this section is about to get growing πŸ™‚

2020-04-20 00:52:36 UTC

❀ looking forward to that tutorial - I'm always willing to learn new ideas

2020-04-20 02:20:16 UTC

oh good! thank you loveinthestone!

2020-04-20 02:23:08 UTC

Can't wait😊

2020-04-20 02:25:18 UTC

@loveinthestone loving this

2020-04-22 20:25:09 UTC

Potato Project Coming in a video, I'm getting things set up, this will go much easier for everyone if I can send over the info via video clips. So please bear with me just a bit longer but while you wait this one is super duper easy and is counter top inside level, and takes all of 2 minutes to complete but will be highly rewarding later on~

2020-04-22 20:28:58 UTC

*****PINEAPPLE PROJECT******* Items needed. 1) One grocery store pineapple, go get them now, they are or will be very shortly available in grocery stores. An average price per pineapple is about $2.00 to $2.50. 2) a good draining potting soil (soil chunky? Try adding PERLITE for a nice fluffy well draining soil) 3) container with holes. Directions Next Post!! Ya Baby We Are Growing Pineapples!!

2020-04-22 20:36:10 UTC

*****DIRECTIONS***** 1) Take your pineapple, and hold it in front of you normal, but sideways, one hand firmly on the base and one gentle but firm if you get my drift on the base of the top of the leaves, so in other words, right near pineapple part but on leaf part where it's thick and at base of leaves. 2) TWIST BABY TWIST~ The top portion will twist right off and you'll have 2 pieces. Wrap and use your fruit as you wish~ With the top leafy part, you will 3) Peel off 3-4 layers with your hand off the leaves at the bottom, you will see this exposes your new root base, only 3-4 layers around the plant though, more than that is not needed~ 4) Add soil to your container, and to start you want a container that is just slightly bigger than your plant and you want to make sure it is a well draining container with holes. Pineapples like it cozy as they grow and you can repot your plant every so often as it grows. 5) Water Soil 6) TWIST AGAIN your plant gently down into your soil just until the bottom leaves are at soil level. 7) WATER SLIGHTLY AGAIN, but this time through the top of your leaf base, the water will pool up a little bit on the leaves. That's great, you're doing it perfectly. You're now done~

2020-04-22 20:37:49 UTC

Keep your plant in a sunny window if you are in a cold climate, and if you are in a warm climate, keep your plant also in a sunny window for about a week or 2 to let it root and acclimate to being planted again, and then you can move it outside if you wish, or you can also keep it inside too, they really do make great houseplants. If you are in a very hot climate, you can water a little more frequently, but NOT TOO MUCH!! A little goes a long way with the pineapple plant, but watch it, if it starts looking dry, give it a little more. As your plant grows, it's water intake will grow slightly as well. But again, at the start, plants go through a lot when being re-rooted, so give them a gentle environment and gentle watering with good light but not too much heat to start. From now on watering is a snap. Pineapples like a good dry soil, so if inside about once every week or so, give it a little water right through the top leaves and let it pool up. The plant doesn't need the whole soil base to be watered, just right through the top is where the plant pulls from that center base, so water there always πŸ™‚

2020-04-22 20:40:22 UTC

Pineapple plants do really well inside or outside and do great as potted plants. You will have a brand new pineapple but it's gonna be awhile, about 2 years, but the great news is, pineapple plants are extremely easy to maintain. They like a dry soil, too much water will give your plant root rot so if you are not good at watering, this is a great plant for you. As your plant grows, you will need to repot it again, into a slightly bigger pot than the leaf base at the time of planting. As the leaves grow and mature, they will die off and new ones will keep producing at the top and will be larger as the plant gets older. As the leaves die off, cut them off to keep the plant clean and healthy. Just snip off the dead part at the base of the plant and you're done. Feed your plant once a month with a nice organic fertilizer for fruits and vegetables, this can be found at any home improvement store, hardware store and most grocery stores and walmart too. Organic isn't necessary, any fertilizer will do, just use one geared for fruits and vegetables and follow feeding directions for whichever brand you use. Feeding more than once per month is really not necessary, once a month will make your plant a happy camper for life.

2020-04-22 20:41:13 UTC

Total Cost Of Project~ About $5 on the high end. If you have a container and some good dirt, your only cost is your pineapple~ SWEEET!!!! GET GROWING!!!

2020-04-22 20:41:37 UTC

Video Projects On The Way πŸ™‚ Love You

2020-04-22 21:21:45 UTC

Thank you for these tips πŸ’—

2020-04-22 22:01:58 UTC

You're welcome, hope you enjoy the project and this is a great one for the little ones too, it'll get them into growing and of course will give them a good education on where their food comes from too~ Growing your own food on any level is highly satisfying, leads to self sustainment and independence and is so much better for you than anything else you could put into your body~ Thank you for coming, I hope everyone enjoys this section and again, I hope others will post their tips, tricks, hacks and projects as well~ Everybody is welcome~

2020-04-23 03:30:52 UTC


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