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***Scientists looking for coronavirus test subjects***
Scientists at Queen Mary Bio Enterprises are looking for so called human lab rats to voluntarily be infected with the coronavirus.

***cahvid quarantine protest - freedom march*** ✊😚

2020-04-14 19:48:46 UTC

Lol anyone remember this game ? I played it so many times in summer camp as a kid https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-0oP2H0vAGY

2020-04-16 18:43:01 UTC


2020-04-16 21:01:49 UTC

Losing taste or smell or both during the cahvid, the karachi, sinus infections or a cold is actually not a new thing and there is a name for it, ANOSMIA (AN-OZ-ME-UH).. It occurs when the sinuses are essentially stripped from all the blowing, draining, etc., and can also happen through other reasons such as chemical exposure (cleaning products, bleach, chlorine, etc) or through injury~ it is usually temporary and your sense of smell (olfaction) comes back within a few days normally, but in severe cases it could end up being permanent such as with a severe chemical exposure or severe injury, something along those lines. This is just something they have to try and make this thing look worse than it really is, but turns out it's common so.. Ya...... Don't believe the hype... If you have this going on, you are going to be AOK.

2020-04-17 19:27:35 UTC

Cooperate Citizen!!! ~~~ This all won't be over until we have a vaccine: Former HHS Secretary https://youtu.be/VOXvel0vTGE

2020-04-17 19:58:23 UTC
2020-04-17 20:00:28 UTC

@JahRastaMonStan Sorry. It looks like that video by Eric Dubay was deleted for violation of YouTube’s community guidelines. 🤷‍♀️

***Stf up Virus Get In Line*** add on


Some screenshots from original article 👇 published back in 2016 https://www.muckrock.com/news/archives/2016/aug/01/when-homeland-security-came-walmart/ ***funny we’re considered terrorists is we break some “laws”***

2020-04-17 23:26:30 UTC

I love theshowmebby. He is a true frontline soldier against the NWO. The red cross and fema were giving his crew a lot of the aid supplies during hurricane Harvey because they doing a better job!

2020-04-17 23:43:10 UTC

“Dr. Fakki you broke the law” ***SIR***

2020-04-18 16:31:22 UTC


2020-04-18 19:45:22 UTC

Toronto strip clubs reopened they got no time for karani


2020-04-19 04:07:28 UTC

This is an excellent video. Very informative on five g and the Karachi.


2020-04-19 04:55:19 UTC

oh hell yes it's back up !!!! @The Gwench it was taken down a couple weeks ago

2020-04-19 05:11:58 UTC

Yeah, I know. This one is a mirrored copy. @Rishka

2020-04-19 05:15:01 UTC

@JahRastaMonStan was asking me for it last week, so glad cause we didn't have time to DL it before it was taken down

2020-04-19 20:03:26 UTC

Don't Photograph The Empty Karachi Circus Tents~ AZ Patriots Hospital sets up China virus TENTS to isolate patients ALL EMPTY! NOBODY HERE https://youtu.be/2WhWIgZ3n5c

2020-04-19 21:27:08 UTC

You guys if videos do get taken down from Dana Ashlie she will put here on her Brighteon page!
https://www.brighteon.com/8b3c9b93-bbad-48c6-a76f-b0bcff2ac6cc @Rishka @The Gwench

You can also put your email in and she's working on having her own webpage. Just thought you might want to know! I love her she's amazing ♥️✌️

2020-04-19 21:28:35 UTC

@Pinkmama however, she is not a fan of Q. She thinks it’s a psyop.

2020-04-19 21:30:07 UTC

@The Gwench yeah that part I don't get and I'm still working on figuring out why. I know she has a theory as to why🤔

2020-04-19 21:47:34 UTC

She’s probably like me. I didn’t necessarily abandon Q. But my popcorn ran out a long time ago.

2020-04-19 21:49:33 UTC

I get ya.. you and I seriously seem to have a lot of apples in the same basket. I have not use that analogy for a very very long time LOL I get informed basically when James says something or I see a post that has it I don't have it on my phone anymore in that kind of thing

2020-04-23 04:54:58 UTC

Population of Wuhan over 11 Million People. So Where Are They?
Wuhan Streets During and After Quarantine Lift https://youtu.be/bpdEk-gBAIo

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