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2020-04-11 19:57:51 UTC


1️⃣ Be respectful and do not bother, disrespect or harass others

(Excessive swears, racial slurs, deliberate attempts to instigate negative reactions, etc)

Absolutely no doxxing.

2️⃣ Keep all conversations in their respective channels. Each channel has a specific topic please follow it.

3️⃣ **Do not spam or flood**

4️⃣ NSFW or any kind of violent acts will not be tolerated. Do not encourage anyone to kill themself, or make threats.

5️⃣ Do not advertise or share invites (in the server or DM)

6️⃣ No repeated mentioning the staff (ping spam)

7️⃣ No drama or trolling.

8️⃣ Treat the server staff with respect, and do as you are asked within reason.

9️⃣ Follow discord's terms of service (TOS) and guidelines

**Discord Terms of Service**

2020-04-12 05:52:53 UTC

Anyone not abiding by the server rules can expect to be put in <#698664043740790814>, **kicked** or **banned**. The <@&698598644303003755> and <@&698601849627869225> has the right to use their own discretion.

Should one of our exclusive patreon members break any rules, the <@&698598644303003755> and <@&698601849627869225> will review the situation with priority before taking action.

2 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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