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2018-06-08 04:26:10 UTC

1. Do not post illegal content or content that violates any of Discord's official or unofficial policies.

2. Do not block mods or admins. Self explanatory.

3. Don’t be a cuck.

4. Do not share screen shots from the Discord without permission.

5. Stop negative behavior after a mod or admin messages you about it.

6. Do not abuse the group as an audience for attention-seeking behavior.

7. Relax - it's just shitposting.
In addition to these rules, our Admins and Mods have total discretion regarding the content and users in this group. While it is generally our policy to warn members when they violate rules, we may also simply remove users if it is not their first offence, if the content is particularly objectionable, or if one of us is in a bad mood. Please do not test the limits of these rules.

But seriously, it’s just shitposting.


2018-06-08 04:26:14 UTC

2018-06-08 04:26:44 UTC

@everyone Official Discord Rules finally posted above

2018-06-08 23:32:11 UTC

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