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Kyle 2017-08-18 05:57:01

I Am Not A Gerbil 2017-08-18 05:57:50

I Am Not A Gerbil 2017-08-18 05:58:03

Lupus_Dei - NC 2017-08-18 05:59:03

I Am Not A Gerbil 2017-08-18 06:20:53

I Am Not A Gerbil 2017-08-18 06:21:16

I Am Not A Gerbil 2017-08-18 06:21:29

I Am Not A Gerbil 2017-08-18 06:21:50

I Am Not A Gerbil 2017-08-18 06:22:27

can post other memes in here btw

Lupus_Dei - NC 2017-08-18 06:22:49

These ponies aren't emaciated enough to be commies

I Am Not A Gerbil 2017-08-18 06:23:26

I Am Not A Gerbil 2017-08-18 06:23:37

That is more represtative of communism

Lupus_Dei - NC 2017-08-18 06:23:44

Real commie hrs

I Am Not A Gerbil 2017-08-18 06:23:59


Lupus_Dei - NC 2017-08-18 06:28:59

I Am Not A Gerbil 2017-08-18 06:29:19

I know right.

I Am Not A Gerbil 2017-08-18 06:29:36

Not all NatSoc

Lupus_Dei - NC 2017-08-18 06:29:53


Lupus_Dei - NC 2017-08-18 06:30:40

Tfw you're really the one on the left but you sound like the one on the right

NSJW 2017-08-18 06:34:19

spergsoc aka feds and trolls

I Am Not A Gerbil 2017-08-18 06:34:33

You good dam

NSJW 2017-08-18 06:34:51

accusing literally everyone else of being a fed/jew/controlled-op is a fed tactic too

I Am Not A Gerbil 2017-08-18 06:35:00

Cool it with the anti NatSoc remarks

NSJW 2017-08-18 06:35:30

comic is slightly inaccurate though

NSJW 2017-08-18 06:35:44

reality is first combined with 2nd

CFolkers 2017-08-18 06:36:19

Lupus_Dei - NC 2017-08-18 06:37:09


NSJW 2017-08-18 06:37:45

oy vey you got me

CFolkers 2017-08-18 06:37:48


NSJW 2017-08-18 06:38:06

i am in fact an anime nazi degenerate spreading the yerrow pirr

CFolkers 2017-08-18 06:38:54

@NSJW if this is true name your wifu so we can shame you

Lupus_Dei - NC 2017-08-18 06:39:43

NSJW 2017-08-18 06:39:58

i have an irl 3d waifu so its even worse

NSJW 2017-08-18 06:40:20

and tbh im not a prolific anime watcher anymore, kind of grew out of it, that and most anime now is shit

Lupus_Dei - NC 2017-08-18 06:40:27

body pillows don't count

NSJW 2017-08-18 06:40:37

what about a gf

Lupus_Dei - NC 2017-08-18 06:40:50

Girls aren't real anon

CFolkers 2017-08-18 06:44:19

Lol ya most of it as with anything is shit tier now

CFolkers 2017-08-18 06:45:14

Hay guys want to see my sonic oc I made him a nazi

CFolkers 2017-08-18 06:45:45

Got mad ms paint skills

I Am Not A Gerbil 2017-08-18 06:46:14

only if it is ironic

I Am Not A Gerbil 2017-08-18 06:46:24

CFolkers 2017-08-18 06:47:07


I Am Not A Gerbil 2017-08-18 06:47:12

CFolkers 2017-08-18 06:47:51

Oh god lmao cold steel

CFolkers 2017-08-18 06:49:09

I need to go listen to Lincoln Park my mom won't let me have a Pepsi I'm so oppressed 😸

I Am Not A Gerbil 2017-08-18 06:49:33

My hormones are making me really emotional right now

CFolkers 2017-08-18 06:51:13

Drink less tap water lmao

I Am Not A Gerbil 2017-08-18 06:51:41

I need more Diet Coke NOW!!!!

CFolkers 2017-08-18 06:52:48

And a large pizza

CFolkers 2017-08-18 06:53:26

We can start a go fund me for sex changes to smash the patriarchy

CFolkers 2017-08-18 06:54:58

Jesus Christ I remember when this shot was a joke what time line did I get screwed with

Lupus_Dei - NC 2017-08-18 06:54:59

CFolkers 2017-08-18 06:55:17

Air soft man

Lupus_Dei - NC 2017-08-18 06:55:28

That's the joke

I Am Not A Gerbil 2017-08-18 06:56:48

I Am Not A Gerbil 2017-08-18 06:56:55

Do I look good?

CFolkers 2017-08-18 06:57:51

Oh yah 😻 lmao

I Am Not A Gerbil 2017-08-18 06:58:27

CFolkers 2017-08-18 06:58:42

We have to stop before they turn the gas on

I Am Not A Gerbil 2017-08-18 06:58:59

I Am Not A Gerbil 2017-08-18 06:59:43

CFolkers 2017-08-18 07:00:56

TXStormer 2017-08-18 09:19:40

oxycolton 2017-08-18 09:22:00


Klaus Schmidt 2017-08-19 02:33:03

This is what happens when you mess with Dan, you get your comments edited and posted for all to see.

I Am Not A Gerbil 2017-08-19 02:33:41

They were laughing about how they got me fired from my two year job at Coa Cola

Arma_Virumque_Cano 2017-08-19 02:34:52

I was explaining to them how they don't even have an ideology

Arma_Virumque_Cano 2017-08-19 02:35:10

They are just the attack dogs of the elite

Klaus Schmidt 2017-08-19 02:35:13

LMAO he blocked me!

I Am Not A Gerbil 2017-08-19 02:35:32

I am glad you have the patience for that

Klaus Schmidt 2017-08-19 02:35:43

I have to admit, I think me changing his sex to female is what did it.

Arma_Virumque_Cano 2017-08-19 02:36:06

Well, someone has to plant the seed of doubt

Arma_Virumque_Cano 2017-08-19 02:36:26

PSYOPS is chess, not checkers

Klaus Schmidt 2017-08-19 02:38:44

Def gonna post this!

Klaus Schmidt 2017-08-19 02:40:27

Here is conformation of the edit.

I Am Not A Gerbil 2017-08-19 04:18:58

Klaus Schmidt 2017-08-19 04:22:57

Man, if we could get just 1 chance to go back in time to talk to any one person, and we had to prepare and look and act the part, I would learn to talk and act like I was from that time during the signing, I would go back to when the Amendments were written to exclude Jews and non whites specifically.

Then I would push for non whites to be removed and forbidden entry.

Man a guy can dream huh?

I Am Not A Gerbil 2017-08-19 04:23:24

They didnt think we would be so stupid

Klaus Schmidt 2017-08-19 04:24:14

Exactly, but we gotta take steps ya know?

Klaus Schmidt 2017-08-19 22:24:35

I have an idea that will tear Antifa down from the inside out. Details will be shared later, but instead of us fighting them, how about them fighting.....Them?

B1488 2017-08-19 22:36:39

I already have something.

B1488 2017-08-19 22:36:58

There is a PETA article on Halal Slaughter.

B1488 2017-08-19 22:37:25

I have crafted a PSYOP specifically to mobilize Islamophiles against Vegans.

I Am Not A Gerbil 2017-08-20 19:14:49

Klaus Schmidt 2017-08-21 07:58:34

lmfao! Let's hope some Aryan Brotherhood guys pay them a nice cozy welcome!

B1488 2017-08-21 07:59:47

Not to also mention the local KKK Chapter.

Klaus Schmidt 2017-08-21 08:34:09

Operation piss off antifa!

Here we have this link, but I want to do something more with it.

Instead of just sending this to them, we will include a tracker code that when they follow the picture to view it, they will only see this, but will give us their IP so we can track them.

B1488 2017-08-21 08:34:44

Brilliant. Do it! 😈

B1488 2017-08-21 08:35:14

Message me on how to do such as well.

B1488 2017-08-21 08:35:51

I can probably use it on this Young (((Democratic Socialists))) group in my own.

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