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2018-05-26 06:39:01 UTC
2018-05-26 06:39:33 UTC
2018-05-26 06:40:33 UTC
2018-05-26 07:31:23 UTC
2018-05-26 07:31:24 UTC
2018-05-26 07:31:25 UTC
2018-05-26 07:31:27 UTC
2018-05-26 07:31:33 UTC
2018-05-26 07:31:44 UTC
2018-05-26 07:31:44 UTC
2018-05-26 07:31:51 UTC

Lemme perish


2018-05-26 07:31:58 UTC
2018-05-26 07:32:01 UTC
2018-05-26 07:32:18 UTC
2018-05-26 07:32:23 UTC
2018-05-26 07:32:25 UTC


2018-05-26 07:32:26 UTC


2018-05-26 07:32:27 UTC


2018-05-26 07:32:33 UTC


2018-05-26 07:32:42 UTC

It's no lol

2018-05-26 07:32:52 UTC

I've felt nothing for the past two weeks

2018-05-26 07:33:01 UTC

Everything is a distraction now

2018-05-26 07:33:03 UTC

thats not good

Iโ€™ll make you feel lots of things

I have a vid of a fakku published manga

2018-05-26 07:33:43 UTC

When I'm alone the a void in my chest and if I don't distract myself I feel a panic attack trying to happen and I don't even know why

You know what that means roght

2018-05-26 07:34:08 UTC

you good kye?

2018-05-26 07:34:10 UTC


2018-05-26 07:34:12 UTC


2018-05-26 07:34:15 UTC

I'm not

You need a big shapely object in that void

2018-05-26 07:34:24 UTC

Like a bullet?

Something bogger

2018-05-26 07:34:38 UTC

A knife



But less sharp

2018-05-26 07:34:54 UTC

So I can finally feel one something before I die

But can still penetrate

2018-05-26 07:35:14 UTC

Can you do it in my stomach slowly with a knife

I will ram my pp into your choco butter cookie

2018-05-26 07:35:41 UTC

I'm white

2018-05-26 07:35:44 UTC

Not choco

I will ram my pp into your

2018-05-26 07:35:55 UTC

I just sound black sometimes

2018-05-26 07:36:42 UTC

Did y'all know I don't even keep track of my days anymore

Sidetracked days

2018-05-26 07:37:01 UTC

I stare at my calendar everyday to figure out whether or not I work and I don't know what day it is

2018-05-26 07:37:11 UTC

I don't know what I did last week

2018-05-26 07:37:24 UTC

I don't know what I did two days ago

2018-05-26 07:37:32 UTC

I remember things

2018-05-26 07:37:38 UTC

I just don't remember when they happened

You did a flip

2018-05-26 07:37:46 UTC

I wish


Horizontal jump

2018-05-26 07:38:13 UTC

Julius I see you are an it of culture

You streamed 222 bpm

2018-05-26 07:38:24 UTC

I too have pictures of Asians


I love trash

I need a Sagiri fuck bot

Gotta bang your little sister

ใ™ใ“ใ—ใ ใ‘ใพใ‚“ใ“ใ‚’ใบใ‚ใบใ‚

2018-05-26 07:39:40 UTC


ใพใ‚“ใ“ใŒใ ใ„ใ™ใ

2018-05-26 07:40:02 UTC

And a ching chong nip nong to you too my friend

ใผใใ‚ใ›ใฃใใ™ใ ใ„ใ™ใ

Nips huh


2018-05-26 07:40:24 UTC

Uwu you say?

2018-05-26 07:40:35 UTC



Quality mousepad



2018-05-26 07:41:24 UTC

All I feel is this fucking empty put in my chest and it makes me want to fucking hang myself

It would help if you find that missing piece

Usally that missing piece is some ass and tiddy

2018-05-26 07:42:06 UTC

I can't get that

2018-05-26 07:42:14 UTC

Unless I can get to Florida

2018-05-26 07:42:18 UTC

I don't have money

Can any one of us get that

2018-05-26 07:42:22 UTC

I don't have anything

I know I canโ€™t

But I still try

And happy

2018-05-26 07:42:31 UTC

Stuff and things

2018-05-26 07:42:39 UTC

But there's ass and tiddy there for me


2018-05-26 07:42:51 UTC


Online long distance?

2018-05-26 07:42:56 UTC



2018-05-26 07:43:09 UTC

Just mutual attraction

2018-05-26 07:43:22 UTC

I don't do long distance commitments

Would suck

I would suck

I would gladly take money

And still do it

I need a new keyboard with gateron clears

2018-05-26 07:44:32 UTC

Not since I did that once and a month before I was supposed to go meet the girl anf get ass and tiddy she caught feelings for another dude and dumped me then replaced me less than a week later after leading me on for two weeks

No proof

2018-05-26 07:45:07 UTC

I still saw

2018-05-26 07:45:10 UTC

So I know

2018-05-26 07:45:12 UTC


I donโ€™t know what you saw

2018-05-26 07:45:21 UTC


Maybe it my ass and tiddy

2018-05-26 07:45:46 UTC

Most of the normal chicks down here are garbo so Craigslist is a no

Most of the girls here in Canada whoโ€™re Asian and shit are my type

2018-05-26 07:46:24 UTC

Send me 3

2018-05-26 07:46:37 UTC

I want 3

2018-05-26 07:46:41 UTC

All short

Basically any 5 4 girl with a cute butt and an adorable face is like ๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ’ฆ


2018-05-26 07:49:05 UTC

Do you think holding your breath is a good way to keep from hyperventilating

I feel holding your breath makes you wanna breathe more


2018-05-26 07:52:22 UTC

I'm having a panic attack


2018-05-26 07:52:30 UTC

It's not like I need to breathe

Just exercise

2018-05-26 07:52:48 UTC

I can't close my eyes

Youโ€™ll breathe more heavily but with a purpose


2018-05-26 07:53:07 UTC

Every time I do my body panics

Youโ€™ll get tired

2018-05-26 07:53:10 UTC

I don't want to move

2018-05-26 07:53:13 UTC

I am tired

Lazy ass

2018-05-26 07:53:17 UTC

I'm trying to sleep

Donโ€™t do that me to me dad thatโ€™s LAME

2018-05-26 07:53:37 UTC

But I panic where I'm about doze off

Then like

Get some monk

And karate chop you

So you can pass out

Works every time

What a lustful thing to say

2018-05-26 07:55:03 UTC

I don't have a monk

2018-05-26 07:55:14 UTC

One L not two


Yes Ik autocorrect is still a bittersweet enemy of mine

2018-05-26 07:55:41 UTC

I don't have monkas

Tell one of your canadian asian wamans to come over to cali

2018-05-26 07:56:27 UTC

Why did I find this

2018-05-26 07:56:32 UTC

Googling monkas

I would I had 5 or more

Need that harem first



I have 0

I only know one Asian who Iโ€™m good friends with

Sheโ€™s not the cute type

In a way she is cute but

Itโ€™s weird

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