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2018-05-26 21:11:41 UTC What do they worship?

2019-05-20 22:08:43 UTC

Psychic Parasites, Inter-Dimensional Beings and the Occult Elite

2019-06-07 21:37:27 UTC

Parasites on the Loosh
Because you Can handle the Truth

2019-10-29 02:50:01 UTC

2019-10-29 03:09:08 UTC

IMO. People such as Carl Jung shouldn’t be taken seriously. He is but a pawn in the game of deceit. The people who run things know they serve angels for technology and such. Einstein and Tesla were into the occult, studied Kabbalah, and used divination practices to gain insight on technology. Tesla himself was said to draw what he saw and reverse engineer is what I think I remember. Thomas Edison and many others also studied Kabbalah and dabbled in occult. These men are considered “geniuses”. Look up the etymology of genius. It goes back to being aided by a djinn/demon. I used to be deceived about different species of aliens and what not. Like the zeta reticulans, peladians (spelling), etc. I braced for the May 16, 2003 pole shift that the zetas said was coming that never happened. I eventually realized by books by Jacques Vallee (“Messengers of deception” specifically) that conctactees are being lied to and that the distance of said extraterrestrials origin increased in distance away from earth. It used to be the Venusians from Venus (spelling) and such.

2019-10-29 03:09:32 UTC

I eventually came across the paranormal hotspot in Utah referred to as skinwalker ranch. The book is “The Hunt for the skinwalker”. I related to it best out of all my research while looking for answers to my experience. Skinwalker ranch has about every paranormal happening we know of. IMO, these are the spirits of the nephilim who were buried under this spot and this spot being a ley line or having an energy source. The previous owners warned not to ever dig at that ranch. Two neighboring Indian tribes that warred blamed it on each other believing it was witchcraft or shamanism and becoming a “skinwalker” or someone who morphs into a cryptic creature. These things again IMO, are inter dimensional at best. I think it is more likely the seen vs the unseen. Like how UFOs or orbs manifest and disappear in an instant. One could say inter dimensional and it may well be. But this is not a nuts and bolts phenomenon. Have you ever heard of Dr Jacques Vallee?

2019-10-29 03:11:00 UTC

2019-10-29 03:15:08 UTC

Creepy image. Notice the cube also. That image essentially represents Kabbalah and godhood from my research of symbols. Two pillars, one male and one female. Unity in the middle like Kabbalah tries to do. Merging of the opposites. Androgyny specifically but also hybrid humans, animals, etc (ai and dna mixing).

2019-10-29 03:16:34 UTC

Godself icon found worldwide. Resembles the image in the Time magazine. Kabbalah

2019-10-29 03:17:34 UTC

I will stop posting stuff and let you respond

2019-10-29 03:27:14 UTC

People who use DMT often report abduction experiences with greys or just contacting greys. It doesn’t end there. Many others have mentioned seeing the “mother goddess” who we know as Isis/Venus/Inanna/Gaia/Shekina/Shakti kundalini/lucifer, Columbia, Diana, etc.....
Vesica Pisces symbolism and other occult symbols of the mystery schools all relate and point to a future “birth”

2019-10-29 03:27:37 UTC

I guess I had to add that haha

2019-10-30 01:00:50 UTC

Yes the Golden Age had been spoken of. Planned for. Be aware of false prophets, for there are many. Symbolism is the IMage of the beast. Self service and empowerment rule the base human nature and also the yielding of oneself to another's will is innate, many have grabbed onto false saviors.
Tell me about the river of death characterized in the Paroahs destiny back to earth.

2020-03-15 17:24:35 UTC

Sophia-Christ Consciousness Creating Global Transformation

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