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2020-01-28 21:48:11 UTC

ur already in clown

2020-01-28 21:48:18 UTC

Aw man

2020-01-28 22:13:27 UTC

1. Age: wont dicslose fed
2. Sex: male
3. Race: mostly white
3.: Religion: death kvltist
4. Country: checkoslovakia
5. Political Ideology: siegeism
6. Definition of Fascism: satanism
7. What books you've read to shape your views: liber333
8. Are you physically active: not really
9. Have you ever had a girlfriend: online gf
10. Where you got the invite: greys den

2020-01-29 06:28:10 UTC

@Based Burgundian Welcome weirdo

2020-01-29 06:28:18 UTC

Hit up the <#671832099816472640>

2020-01-29 06:31:34 UTC

1. Age: 24
2. Sex: m
3. Race: Alpinid
3.: Religion: Gallic Paganism/EH
4. Country:JewSA sadly
5. Political Ideology: fascism
6. Definition of Fascism: a political system setup to achieve a more natural state of affairs and ultimately lead to the lack of a political system
7. Opinions of: Alt-Right, Donald Trump, The USA, Capitalism, Jews, White Nationalism: all gay
8. What books you've read to shape your views: Mein Kampf, Unabomber Manifesto, Doctrine of Fascism, Lightning and the Sun
9. Are you physically active: yes
10. Have you ever had a girlfriend: yes lol
11. Where you got the invite: kik

2020-01-29 06:33:38 UTC


2020-01-29 06:34:41 UTC

@Based Burgundian >Gaellic paganism
What is the Gaellic pantheon

2020-01-29 06:34:53 UTC

No gallic

2020-01-29 06:34:54 UTC

I've heard of the Irish pagan gods but not really ever the Gallic ones

2020-01-29 06:35:08 UTC

Also what part of the USA

2020-01-29 06:35:17 UTC


2020-01-29 06:35:46 UTC


2020-01-29 06:36:04 UTC

Where did you get that definition of fascism from

2020-01-29 06:36:31 UTC

I made it up in 5 seconds based on my understanding of fascism

2020-01-29 06:37:07 UTC

It's just a close approximation to the natural order of things

2020-01-29 06:37:21 UTC

"Nature's Politics"

2020-01-29 06:37:30 UTC

Why did you describe it as a system then

2020-01-29 06:37:31 UTC

"Primordial Truth"

2020-01-29 06:37:51 UTC

Because it has to be implemented

2020-01-29 06:38:02 UTC

So the way nature works has to be implemented by humans?

2020-01-29 06:38:32 UTC

A return to the way nature eorks does yes

2020-01-29 06:38:32 UTC

There's a specific word that I know Hitler uses in Mein Kampf

2020-01-29 06:38:47 UTC

That if you place fascism/national socialism under it makes more sense

2020-01-29 06:38:55 UTC

And allows you to actually describe what you're thinking of

2020-01-29 06:39:14 UTC

As well as understand why fascism itself isn't the cart, and that it is in fact the horse

2020-01-29 06:39:40 UTC

Yeah the "cart" is tribalism

2020-01-29 06:39:46 UTC


2020-01-29 06:39:53 UTC

Did what I just say fly over your head

2020-01-29 06:39:55 UTC

You can't pull that out of nowhere

2020-01-29 06:40:05 UTC

It's like 1:40 over there I know but bruh

2020-01-29 06:40:33 UTC

You give up trying to guess the word?

2020-01-29 06:40:36 UTC


2020-01-29 06:41:09 UTC

I'm not going to guess

2020-01-29 06:41:27 UTC

I don't have every word of Mein Kampf memorized

2020-01-29 06:41:41 UTC

Nigger the word is worldview

2020-01-29 06:41:47 UTC

What is a worldview?

2020-01-29 06:41:58 UTC

@Fanaticpagan Sup nigger

2020-01-29 06:42:10 UTC

Don't call me a dindu

2020-01-29 06:42:14 UTC


2020-01-29 06:42:14 UTC

@Kire @Fanaticpagan Both of you do the <#671832099816472640>

2020-01-29 06:42:19 UTC


2020-01-29 06:42:26 UTC

A way of seeing the whole of rrality obviously, to see the forest instead of the trees

2020-01-29 06:42:38 UTC

@Based Burgundian And now you understand what fascism is

2020-01-29 06:42:55 UTC

The worldview, your perception and making sense of the world, is the foundation to all of your beliefs and intentions

2020-01-29 06:42:57 UTC

I already understood this

2020-01-29 06:43:06 UTC

You cannot want tribalism without understanding nature as being naturally tribalist

2020-01-29 06:43:10 UTC

Or in our terms, organic

2020-01-29 06:43:21 UTC

Yeah but you didn't have the words to describe it

2020-01-29 06:43:35 UTC

So what you said was some shit about systems and ideologies and politics which are all down stream

2020-01-29 06:43:43 UTC

Fascism is at the source of the river

2020-01-29 06:43:48 UTC

The worldview is the source

2020-01-29 06:43:56 UTC

I've used whatever terminology you're thinking of it's 2 am

2020-01-29 06:44:01 UTC

I know man

2020-01-29 06:44:13 UTC

@αšΊα›–α›α›šαš’α›œ Sup brother hit the <#671832099816472640>

I’m pretty sure I’ve already been in these chats, my Instagram got lynched

Oops my discord

2020-01-29 06:44:34 UTC

Pedantic verbosity isn't important regardless

2020-01-29 06:44:41 UTC

@Based Burgundian Anyhow man which translation of Mein Kampf did you read

2020-01-29 06:44:48 UTC


2020-01-29 06:44:50 UTC

As an old NCO once told me "words have meaning"

2020-01-29 06:44:54 UTC

Also good shit

2020-01-29 06:45:05 UTC

I listen to the audiobook regularly as well

Yea, my username was HHH5150, I already answered them

2020-01-29 06:45:11 UTC

If you describe it as worldview/philosophy/whatever people might understand what you're on about

2020-01-29 06:45:20 UTC

At least in the event you're taking the time to explain shit

2020-01-29 06:45:22 UTC

I usually do

2020-01-29 06:45:28 UTC

It'll happen, it's probably happened to you

2020-01-29 06:45:32 UTC


What happened to the old discord? Didn’t it also get lynched from those retards who joined the chat?

2020-01-29 06:48:15 UTC

@αšΊα›–α›α›šαš’α›œ It got deleted by Piscorp

2020-01-29 06:48:18 UTC

They had a mini-banwave

2020-01-29 06:48:21 UTC

Destroyed our accounts

2020-01-29 06:48:25 UTC

Normal business

2020-01-29 06:48:41 UTC

In the meantime a retard buddy made a new one but he kept trying to raid random shit w/ it so that got deleted

2020-01-29 06:48:45 UTC

Hence that invalid link

2020-01-29 06:52:32 UTC

2020-01-29 06:52:51 UTC


2020-01-29 06:53:20 UTC

Mod? 😎

2020-01-29 06:53:36 UTC

1. Age: 22
2. Sex: male
3. Race: white, alpinid
3.: Religion: germanic paganism
4. Country: america
5. Political Ideology: american national socialism or at the very least tribalism
6. Definition of Fascism: my definition of fascism is a state where they can privatize some businesses and use it for the good of the people like handling water and roads for instance, fascism also aims to promote national unity and pride in one's own country so much that they are like that bundle of sticks banded to that axe hence a fasces, high authoritarianism, pro militarism "warrior cult of a society", etc
7. Opinions of: Alt-Right, Donald Trump, The USA, Capitalism, Jews, White Nationalism: i think alt right is just memes and that is okay, some shady members though, donald trump isn't perfect but he is better than hillary, america is my home... i would rather we demolish the government and start it all over to bring the american spirit to the land by a newly established governmnent, capitalism i see is like a lesser evil to communism but is again not perfect
Can actually be unfair and divide the economic classes and have alot of people in poverty, jews... haha... i fucking wish they all would die, white nationalism.. why not? Be around my own kin and only my kin! It sounds fantastic when you include how much more land and jobs there would be.
8. What books you've read to shape your views: meinkampf, really any of the books i could get a physical copy of because reading it digitally is not my thing.
9. Are you physically active: i am definitely when I have a job, I am kind of slothy though
10. Have you ever had a girlfriend: yes I have
11. Where you got the invite: disboard

2020-01-29 06:54:21 UTC

Definition of Fascism is kinda bad

2020-01-29 06:54:23 UTC

2020-01-29 06:54:39 UTC

I suppose I could freshen up on fascism

2020-01-29 06:54:46 UTC

2020-01-29 06:54:49 UTC

Its been a bit since I have gotten political

2020-01-29 06:54:54 UTC

Trump is in no way good

2020-01-29 06:55:16 UTC

Hillary and Trump both work for Israel. They are on the same side

2020-01-29 06:55:37 UTC

@stein give mod or smth 😎

2020-01-29 06:55:55 UTC

I never claimed to be perfect

2020-01-29 06:56:39 UTC

Can’t give mod Johan can

2020-01-29 06:56:48 UTC

One of these books is 20ish pages the other is 3. Read them and come back then redefine Fascism

2020-01-29 06:56:49 UTC

2020-01-29 06:57:13 UTC

2020-01-29 06:57:29 UTC

lol ok

2020-01-29 06:57:43 UTC

bye then

2020-01-29 07:00:00 UTC

Lol why did that guy ragequit

2020-01-29 07:19:49 UTC

2020-01-29 07:38:10 UTC

2020-01-29 07:39:01 UTC

2020-01-29 07:44:58 UTC

1. Age: 20
2. Sex: Male
3. Race: Aryan
3.: Religion: Pagan
4. Country: U.S.
5. Political Ideology: National Socialism
6. Definition of Fascism: The political application of universal order and the laws of nature and all objective truths of reality.
7. Opinions of: Alt-Right, Donald Trump, The USA, Capitalism, Jews, White Nationalism: they're not polarized enough from the existing system, meaning even if they won and made change it would still revert back at some point
8. What books you've read to shape your views: Mein Kampf, Myth of the 20th Century, Poetic Edda, Havamal, The worship of Love and NOS
9. Are you physically active: yes
10. Have you ever had a girlfriend: yes
11. Where you got the invite: from a telegram channel called bua sneachta

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