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__1) How to view and recommend literature__ -

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*These are the server categories. When selected, they will expand to show channels.*

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*These are the channels of this specific category. When selecting a channel - you open up recommendations.*

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*All members may post recommendations. Please follow the standard format of adding the title, author, and image of the book.*


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__2) Book Of The Month (BOTM) __ -

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*The Book Of The Month ~~is voted for by our community~~, and then a date is set where our members will read a preselected amount of pages, and then report back in a week to discuss the content via voice chat on this server. Participation is not mandatory but preferred. Feel free to join just to listen in and learn something!*

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<#393247901545005056> is a general chat relating to the BOTM.

<#396469069332611083> is where we post notes when discussing the BOTM.

<#407044817449779200> self-explanatory.

<#395779687391035395> is where members would traditionally vote but is not being used at this time.

***voice_discussion*** is where the voice chat takes place during discussions.


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__3) Today I Read (TIR)__ -

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*Today I Read is where members post anything they learned that day. This can be taken from a book, article, study, magazine, etc.*

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__4) Goodreads__ -

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*Goodreads is a service that tracks the amount of books you own as well as the progress of your current read. Members are free to share their accounts but keep OpSec in mind.*

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__5) Meet The Author__ -
*Meet The Author is a segment hosted by the ILC Team where we interview authors relevant to the movement. This is a new project introduced this year and has already been majorly successful! Voice chat is hosted in the Meet_The_Author channel in the **TEXT CHANNELS** category.*

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