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2019-02-06 19:53:22 UTC

You must NOT:

0. Violate Discord Terms of Service and local law.
1. Attempt doxing or post personal information without consent.
2. Spam, engage in offtopic on non-general channels or post nsfw on sfw channels.
3. Harass or insult other users.
3.1. Banter is tolerated as long as it's mutual and doesn't become oppresive and provocative.
4. Abuse mentions. Pinging nations is only allowed when your post is directly related to them.
5. Advertise or use multi accounts without permission of the administration.
6. Hamper administrative tasks and evade rulings.
7. Discriminate against individuals on the basis of ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, sex and sexual orientation.
8. Engage in promotion of extreme political ideologies that perpetuate hatred, prejudice, violence and oppression.


9. The quality of posts is extremely important to this community.
10. Posting in languages other than English is allowed and encouraged - as long as it's not obtrusive.

2019-08-16 16:27:41 UTC

***Rules Enforcement***

/Domek/ is a 4chan's /int/ server which means we culturally inherit a somewhat lax approach to societal norms in a general sense. That means the enforcement of some rules(but not all) is inherently arbitrary and cannot be executed fully rigorously. Nevertheless, /domek/ MODE strive for this server to be a pleasant experience for all its members.

**In non clear-cut cases MODE will first warn and inform about the violation. ** The next instance of it will result in a punishment. Those can range from channel-specific mutes, all-server mutes, to temporary and permanent bans depending on the severity and chronicity.

For 'banter' cannot always be easily distinguished from abuse and harassment, especially in regards to the rules 3, 3.1 and 7, we ask members to assist us in moderating /domek/ and to **actively report what they think of as violations**. Reports should be submitted directly to MODE through dms and they are to be treated confidently and seriously.

2 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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