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2019-06-28 18:24:19 UTC

Server Rules:
1. This server is dedicated to discussion, content creation, organization, and the advancement of Right-Wing thought. Please keep this server conducive toward that goal.
2. Follow all server rules and respect moderator positions.
3. Understand that discord is an unreliable platform and that your information may be stored and used against you in the future. Be careful what you post.

Absolutely No (will result in ban):
- Advocating violence or any form of illegality
- Doxxing
- Porn or any form of degeneracy
- ANTIFA members (Leftists are allow, but members of ANTIFA are forbidden. They are known doxxers. Report any known ANTIFA members)

No (will result in a warning):
- Spam
- Derailing discussions with excessive autism/irrelevant points
- Anime
- National Socialist/Third Reich Imagery
- Endless talk of civil wars/end of world events
- Childish drama

2019-06-28 18:33:51 UTC

2 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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