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2017-09-19 03:47:29 UTC

How do I elevate my rank? What priviliges will I gain when I do?

2017-09-19 03:48:06 UTC

Through participation, show that you're interested and contribute throughtful discussion. In other words prove to us that you're not a larper or a troll. Post in the member-bio channel and then we will review. You will recieve entry to the planning channel, and the exclusive voice channel.

2017-09-19 19:12:07 UTC

Do I have to become a survivalist to be a part of this group?

2017-09-19 19:18:38 UTC

We expect everybody to be able to look after themselves, and that concept is open to interpretation. To you it might just mean having a job and paying your bills, and that is okay if you believe with certainty that nothing bad will ever happen to the society you are a part of, and we welcome you nonetheless as long as you believe in our main goal of preserving the white identity. Many of us however are not confident that the global economy and our current way of life is sustainable and will continue to exist for much longer, nor that rule of law can be maintained perpetually, and are taking steps to prepare for that contingency. You must asses the risks that face you.

What if I'm not white?

Please let us know. You may still participate in discussion, but you may not be a permanent member

2017-09-20 19:32:07 UTC

Do I have to always participate?

2017-09-20 19:32:35 UTC

Lurking is fine, but if you want greater say in planning discussions you have to participate.

2017-09-20 23:41:37 UTC

Is X white? How white do I have to be?

2017-09-20 23:43:07 UTC

The only thing I will say with certainty is that you do not have to be aryan ubermensch to take part. We value intelligence and dedication above all, and each case has to be judged on its own.

2017-09-21 00:54:45 UTC

Is this group a White supremacist, Nazi, or Fascist group?

Though we may have those who belong to these ideologies in our ranks, as an organization we do not advocate for any of these groups. Our principal focus is on the preservation and prosperity of our heritage, people, and culture.

Do you advocate violence against any individual or group?

Absolutely not. As a matter of fact, our hope is to do the exact opposite. By ensuring that ethnic whites have a place that welcomes them, we hope to avoid future violence caused by the disaster that has been β€œMulticulturalism”. That said, we believe %100 percent in the sanctity of the 2nd Amendment, and expect all β€œfighting age” males to own and be proficient with firearms for self defense.

Is this a religious movement?

There is no religious test required for entry and we do believe in the separation of the church and state, however certain violent religions that harbor great animosity towards western culture will be excluded, such as Islam. We do however derive our moral principles from Christianity.

Are you separatists?

No, but we hope to rely as little on the government as legally possible.

2017-09-21 05:17:26 UTC

Can I join if I'm a woman?

Yes, just don't feed any beta orbiters

Is homosexual behavior allowed?


Are traps gay?

yes, it's a mental illness and should be treated.

2017-10-19 01:21:32 UTC

Are there any mods?

Yes, Overseers. Ping them if you spot rulebreaking.

If you have further questions, DM me.

11 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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