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@everyone Alright you twinks, I leave for the military in under a month and consequently will not be able to manage this server(I haven't been doing it anyways.). I realize that this server could be quite the useful tool in sharing ideas, asking questions, learning new things, etc. and I have failed to carry this server to it's full potential. When this server was young it had a decent bit of activity and was set to grow strong with consistent posting from members. I'd like to see that future restored.

This all being said, I believe it to be wise to offer admin privileges to people that wish to see this resource become mature. If you wish to become admin or a moderator please DM (direct message) me a brief answer to the questions below. You must answer all questions.

1. How will you ensure the continued growth of the server?
2. How will you maintain an atmosphere of quality posting?
3. Do you have enough available time to maintain this server? (I expect at least an hour most days.)
4. Are you an active outdoorsman and do you believe you have useful insights that are relevant and can be shared amongst the group?
5. How old are you?

Please keep your answers as brief as can be.

Alright, server is under new management. Applications are now closed.

2018-07-21 07:42:28 UTC

2018-07-21 16:01:55 UTC

@everyone Stop being a liberal! Make every day an adventure and an opportunity to improve yourself!

2018-07-21 16:02:17 UTC

Also bow hunting > Rifle hunting
Prove me wrong

2018-07-27 04:12:25 UTC

@everyone Is it a good idea to have roles for members with a particular skill set? 1 for yes, 2 for no

2018-07-27 20:10:01 UTC

@everyone Sounds like we have a consensus, ping me in <#377477317452234764> to get your role

2018-07-28 22:42:19 UTC

<:totenkopfskullmask:472536395752407050> We're officially at 101 members brothers! Heil Hitler! Let's keep up the fight! <:masonapproves:472536283391066112>

2018-07-28 22:42:26 UTC


2018-07-30 01:03:29 UTC

If you don't know this reference, you need to head over to and start researching.

2018-07-31 04:21:51 UTC

*"The Enemy is the Enemy and aliens are aliens. All politicians - high and low are PIGS in a Pig System. If they weren't, they wouldn't be there. From President to dog catcher, they are all the same bureaucratic, sell-out swine. No distinctions are to be drawn. Meaningless considerations of "parties," of "Left" and "Right," even individual identities, names, etc, are simply not to be used. To kill an "ism" you have to kill the "ists." Their words and actions are absolutely predictable and no one should ever express any sense of shock or outrage at them. We must view them as a mountain range, or a fetid swamp, or a series of storm clouds: just there. A factor to be noted and taken into account, upon which to base future strategy. In the present we have to work around them, in spite of them, never extending to them the invitation to send in their pigs to break up these, our most early and rudimentary efforts. In the future, we have to break up their power base and unseat them from the positions of authority which they usurped from real American leaders who haven't existed now in several generations. In the end, we have to simply kill them, as expeditiously and unceremoniously as possible."

James Mason, SIEGE(Page 178)*

2018-07-31 04:25:51 UTC

@everyone If you attend Charlottesville 2.0 you're an idiot. No room for any other way to describe it. If you support Alt-Kike or even people who call themselves National Socialists or Fascists but run for election in a criminal Judaic system YOU ARE AN IDIOT and complying with the virtual prison the Jews have placed around us. DAVID DUKE, RICHARD SPENCER, AND MORE are NOT THE ANSWER. The only answer is and always will be to completely destroy this system as it's beyond saving.

2018-08-01 18:47:03 UTC

***β€œPeople who aspire to supermanhood are bound to look monstrous, to men of a decaying civilisation.” - Savitri, β€˜Defiance’.***

2018-08-01 18:47:14 UTC

2018-08-03 14:56:59 UTC

@everyone to be clear and your personal opinions aside this is a pro-Atomwaffen Division server, been a fan of them since their young days on Iron March, won't be banning or kicking members any time soon as they're fighting the good fight, despite your personal transgressions against them. If you've got questions about their *evil satanism* or the like, feel free to ask and I'll explain as much as I can from what I've discussed with them, but stop falling for Jewish lies and punching right. Hail Hitler, Hail Victory, Hail Atomwaffen!

2018-08-03 14:57:23 UTC

(I am not a member btw, just a supporter)

2018-08-06 15:48:50 UTC

Jungsturm is a good server actually trying to educate people properly and get shit done, recommend it for those of you trying to understand Fascism further or are young in general as it has good resources either way.

2018-08-06 16:45:09 UTC

*... the worst decision we could ever make is by giving them what they want, which is to give response to their bullshit. Engaging the β€œSatan vs. NS” thought-war that they crave from us. This would be our way of validating their existence and stooping down to their level.* - Vincent Snyder

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