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2018-08-02 20:52:25 UTC

2018-08-02 20:52:59 UTC

Now with %99 less siegeposting
This is the ultimate helicopter-based lefty hurling competition forum known as Anti-communist action! We're a group of people of all political persuasions working to fight against radical leftist ideologies that seek to upend western civilization and replace it with a weak, unethical and deeply unmeritocratic society.


1) Keep things civil and respectful between your fellow server members. you will meet people of many different persuasions on this server, and remember that we have a common goal in mind

2) No NSFW content of any kind, such as gore or pornography

3) DO NOT under any circumstances post any illegal or shady content, do not insight actual violence towards an individual, and do not dox anyone.

4) No far left individuals are allowed on this server. communists, socialists, and other such people will be kicked on the spot

5) Do not beg the owner or moderators for a higher rank. if you contribute to the server, and are deemed intelligent and trustworthy you'll have a good chance of moving up the ladder

6) There will be no disrespecting our lord and savior Augusto Pinochet......EVER <:happy:471146093174980614>

7) Don't spam and keep shitposts in the shitpost channel

8) new members must agree to the rules, give their political stance/ideology, where they found the server link, and their country.

9) no unironic siegeposting and constantly saying Nigger.....that's partially why anticom V1 got taken down

10) Furries are mega gay, and therefore will be kicked out of the helicopter (Banned)

11) Being generally annoying, cancerous or a dickhead will get you put in the tard box, then banned if you continue.

12) Don't constantly shill in here. you can post your server in <#471160396577898496> with staff permission. but don't beg people to join. This applies to political ideologies as well


2 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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