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2018-07-24 17:32:40 UTC

/rsg/: Partner server for political discussion about US elections
"Their blue wave will falter in the midst of a Red Storm!"

2018-07-25 14:54:17 UTC

high population server in the vein of The Right Server to provide a pool of recruitment for this server and more importantly, engage in social media activism commanded through pinging the high member volume of the server. - It's still in the process of being edited and bots are increasingly being added in order to improve the quality of the server. Invite whomever you please.

2018-07-25 18:49:54 UTC

Comfy California

A California only discord server for anything right from center. It would probably just be shooting the shit and for some networking/meet ups. Right now it is just something thrown together, however we have big plans in the future!

If you're interested please follow the link:

2018-07-29 02:20:19 UTC

Today in history!

Chill, Live history readings, conversation, memes and more.
Daily history includes: Famous headlines, Births, deaths, holidays, and other specials such as: "Holy hell why are there so many monarchs", and "weird shit from India"

2018-08-02 22:13:39 UTC

This is a server for debating (both formal and informal) and drama relating to literally anything, however drama related to political youtubers is preferred, we will not limit your free speech ( like many other servers) and we will not ban you for your views, we hope you have a good time the way we also like memes, have fun

2018-08-04 01:55:05 UTC

<:ancap:471146682688602125> /LibertarianRightGeneral/ <:ancap:471146682688602125>
This server is for discussion of property rights, self-determination, natural order, right-libertarianism and anarcho-capitalism <:Ancapboi:474995084463702047>

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