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2017-10-26 16:06:10 UTC

Greenline Front is an Eco-Fascist/NatSoc zine, a life style inspired by the "Back to the soil" movements of the later 19th and early 20th century, the German Volkish/"Hippie" movement inspired by Richard Wagner and Fidus and the SS Blood and soil program the the 3rd Reich.
We believe in enverimentalism and animal activism above all else, the protection of narure is the duty of the National Socialist among defending his own kin.
We are against the cruelty of animals, forced apon by Capitalism as well their endless money grabbing war they have inflicted on our planet by stripping away our native forests and polluting our waters for a quick buck.
With this being said, members are expected to clean up nearby forests and join conservation bands, volunteer at animal shelters, sanctuarys and join activism rallies against large company's, sense this is a life style , we encourage our members to live healthy, eat natural and organic, boycott big name brands and companies were animals are being used to test products.
Greenline Fronts ideology is worked in with the racial spirit of our European folk, therefore we follow paganism. We believe that with a recall to the soil, so should there be a recall of ancient ideals and rites that have allowed our people to live WITH nature and not AGANIST it.
Monotheism inherently rejects nature by giving into the the belief that nature is materialistic and but a creation of god for the sole use of his children without any repercussions.

2017-10-26 16:06:32 UTC

VEGANISM: greenline Front supports vegan/Vegetationism, like Richard Wagner, Adolf Hitler, Himmler and the famed Nietzsche, we believe man ought not to be eating meat but instead the Plants that have been given to us, as long as we give back of course. Regardless, we may support and stress following vegan/vegetarianism but we dont limit GLF to just the said belief, eating meat is fine as long as it isn't kosher or mase slaughtered meats, (local butchered meat is ideal)
HUNTING: We reject hunting based on sport, fun or recreation, hunting is used for survival, like predators in the wild, they don't slaughter their prey out of fun but out of survival and for the sake of defense. Hunting is allowed but only IF it depends on our life or and if you use the whole animal as well as taking the animals life in a non crual fasion.
PARMACULTURE: GreenlineFront supports Permaculture and family building, without a foundation we have nothing worth fighting for. Permaculture will be taught in the GLF discord server.

WHATS EXPECTED: When joining GLF, we expect you follow said views as well as understanding the world of National Socialism and Fascism, this can be obtained by reading various books by Third Reich athours such as Alfred Rosenburg and Kurt eggers and Ironmarch publications which we will have available on our dscord server. We want Lovers, Warriors, Poets, Artist's and Writers but we, above all demand FASCISTS! It's our duty to take back the Green movement form Red filth and replace it in the hands of our people!

2017-10-26 16:06:36 UTC

HISTORY: GLF was founded in Russia in early 2011, later that year it spread to Belarus Poland and Ukraine where it grew the strongest and many members are now found in Azov battalion.
The movement is also in Italy, Germany and Scandinavia and members can be found in The Nordic Resistance Movement. Its also In Engalnd and the rest of brition were the founding leaders of National Action were in GreenlineFront.
GLF is found also in Argentina and Chile as well as Southern Brazil and now In North America...

2017-10-26 16:06:37 UTC

Disclaimer: Members of GLF CAN join other partys, movements and groups or one cam simply be in GLF. we encourage members to join other Fascist/NatSoc movements.

2017-10-26 16:08:05 UTC

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