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2018-12-28 12:19:16 UTC

RULES for @everyone : Please avoid doing any of the following! These rules are in ascending order of severity.

Polite rules that we don’t enforce much:

1) <#512584678314606613> is reserved for welcoming new people. <#589710914823913483> is for friendly conversation and general off-topic chat. Please feel free to talk about other issues in <#515246258571575297>, or <#523922218200203265> . If you need help or want to rant, please check out <#517296790098280448> and <#520987662572584961>.

2) When posting a Discord invite link to a public space (like the one you clicked to get here!), please set it to 'never expire' in order to help anyone who finds it later.


Warning Level (Tier One):

1) This is, by and large, a Free Speech sever – that means Feminists, SJWs, and all others are fully welcome here and debate is encouraged (outside of <#512584678314606613> and <#589710914823913483> ). However: debates about Religion, Politics, or other similar issues that have nothing to do with this community are discouraged. These subjects are fine for personal messages, but not on the server.

2) No personal attacks against others, baiting, trolling, or other malicious behavior. This includes Homophobia, sexism against men OR women, ableism, racism against ANY race, bigotry, and so on. Your comments will be documented by <@&516181909554987038> and <@&524520077337559040> will be involved. Personal vendettas are not allowed.

3) Graphic or upsetting content can only be linked to. Warnings must be given! If you are in doubt, ask! Please do not post photos of circumcisions (etc) directly onto the server. Do Not post pornographic photos of any kind. (You are fully allowed to rant about any kind of sexual problems you have suffered in <#517296790098280448>, but no photos.)

4) Other Discord servers cannot be linked to without permission - especially ones that directly compete with this server.


2018-12-28 12:19:21 UTC

Serious ban-worthy offenses (Tier Two):

1) Repeated malicious violations of Tier One rules that make @everyone hate you.

2) Bullying & intimidation - especially of any members who seem vulnerable (such as younger or disabled posters). Anyone who tells another person to kill themselves will be banned instantly. Any trolling or attacking of people in <#517296790098280448> or <#520987662572584961> will result in an instant ban.

3) Serious trolling that goes beyond simply being rude. For example: spamming vast numbers of posts, negging the server itself, or other attempts to disrupt the server in a malicious way. Trolling does NOT include legitimate objections to our worldviews.

4) Doxxing in any of its forms. (Doxxing means revealing personal information on a user in a public square to hurt them)

All messages you post will be logged before deletion. Admin will be involved. You are free to contact <@&524520077337559040> or any <@&516181909554987038> if you feel this is unfair.


2018-12-28 12:22:41 UTC

We contact the police (Tier Three):

Any illegal content or active criminal behavior will be immediately reported to Discord’s creators, and the police. If need be, the channel will be quarantined as evidence and replaced by a blank copy. Those responsible will be prosecuted. We will make sure of this. No exceptions.

Any encouragement or admission of serious criminal behavior will be taken VERY seriously. <@&524520077337559040> and <@&516181909554987038> will fully cooperate with police to ensure a conviction.

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