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2019-07-31 11:04:09 UTC

Someone placed this wiki definition of Chupacabra in the News of the day section, rather than here. Devin Nunez tweet concerning the hunters become the hunted...and Chupacabra. I moved a copy here as small editorial could be written on certain tweets. Chupacabras kill goats, and drink their blood. Who are goats? Y...

2019-07-31 15:09:26 UTC

We need to dig into Global Situation Room (GSR) seems weird on Fox and news Johanna Maska former Aide to President Obama is on Americaโ€™s Newsroom this morning for the first time of all days. She is CEO of GSR. It doesnโ€™t smell right

2019-08-01 00:11:10 UTC

@VigilantBlade i am of the popular opinion that fox news anchors are just as compromised as cnn anchors. except maybe one or two of them. like tucker

2019-08-01 00:14:26 UTC

I would agree ... OAN is not bad they are threatening a lawsuit against MSNBC

2019-08-01 23:23:27 UTC

Ready to Fight
โ€ข US ARMY tweet at 12:05am August 1st.
โ€ข Ready to Fight
โ€ข At the :26 second mark of the video clip we see they are locked and loaded.
โ€ข That big boom boom is coincidentally labeled D5.
โ€ข 12:05 Timestamp....12 + 05 = [17].
โ€ข Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet.
โ€ข Q post from 9/5/18 shows us....
We knew this day would come.
โ€ข The reposted drop inside the 9/5 drop included for visual clarity.
โ€ข Define....Patriot.....Traitor.
โ€ข Now we locate the 9/5 drop that says D5 and We FIGHT on the clock.
โ€ข 9/5 is located off clock marker :32.
โ€ข The mirror to marker :32 is marker :02. They are directly opposite each other on the clock.
โ€ข Marker :32 is noted as we move to the next drop.
โ€ข We now look at a drop from 12/9/17....I actually posted this drop last night to show that it was "on the clock" for today. What a coincidence that its part of a proof today.
โ€ข Anyway, the 12/9 drop says....
4th quarter Patriots.
We fight together.
โ€ข Drop number 322....Skull and bones secret society trolling.
โ€ข Now we locate 12/9 on the clock.
โ€ข 12/9 is located off clock marker :02.
โ€ข Also located off marker :02 is today's date, 8/1.....the date that the US ARMY tweeted "Ready to Fight" with D5 in the video clip.
โ€ข 9/5 drop off marker :32.
โ€ข 12/9 drop off marker :02.
โ€ข 8/1 tweet off marker :02.
โ€ข They all line up.
โ€ข Last picture shows the clock face and the line from marker :32 to marker :02.
How many "coincidences" before its mathematically impossible?
Military Precision at its finest ๐Ÿ˜Ž

2019-08-01 23:23:36 UTC

2019-08-01 23:23:53 UTC

2019-08-01 23:24:04 UTC

2019-08-01 23:24:05 UTC

2019-08-02 18:36:32 UTC


2019-08-03 02:53:21 UTC

AOC: Republicans want government as we know it 'dismantled,' 'don't believe in a future'

2019-08-03 02:53:48 UTC

Must Read Total Idiot

2019-08-03 23:03:20 UTC

2019-08-03 23:04:00 UTC

2019-08-04 00:06:12 UTC

Conversation on the Chans concerning how the brain processes video.

2019-08-04 00:06:45 UTC

How the brain processes video. Part 2

2019-08-04 00:07:16 UTC

How the brain processes vudeo part 3.

2019-08-04 00:07:52 UTC

How the brain processes vudeo.

2019-08-04 00:27:33 UTC

Putting info about shooting here.

2019-08-04 00:27:47 UTC

2019-08-04 01:12:18 UTC

Discord? What server?

2019-08-04 01:16:06 UTC

Hillary is focused on blood needs.

2019-08-04 01:22:29 UTC

2019-08-04 01:23:31 UTC

They are interested in blood too.

2019-08-04 02:26:38 UTC

2019-08-04 10:34:35 UTC

Was there two shootings yesterday? On the Chanโ€™s yesterday, an anon noticed a Hillary, Rothschild, Obama and the Pope voting, 2. Because of a Obamaโ€™s tweet the anon was concerned that the military families would be involved some how.

2019-08-04 13:49:26 UTC

When the site first comes up, the Hooter owl is there in the forefront. August is hot.

2019-08-04 17:38:56 UTC

2019-08-04 17:41:40 UTC

2019-08-04 18:33:50 UTC
2019-08-04 18:34:23 UTC

Motherโ€™s account still shows dem.

2019-08-04 18:35:17 UTC

His father is very interesting work history

2019-08-04 18:36:38 UTC

2019-08-04 18:37:41 UTC

2019-08-04 19:22:23 UTC

Another in Chicago now?

2019-08-04 19:32:24 UTC

All of these โ€œlone wolfโ€ shooting there are eye witnesses that saw something different.

2019-08-04 19:36:58 UTC

Every one of these shooting there is at least one picture of a lst shoe.

2019-08-04 19:38:41 UTC

Weโ€™ve seen this before. A display at the Whitehouse after Florida school shooting.

2019-08-04 19:39:30 UTC

Symbolism will be their downfall

2019-08-04 19:40:01 UTC

The mass shooting in Chicago was not one of theirs. Media ignore. They were ready with the talking points for El Paso.

2019-08-04 19:42:25 UTC

And this is part of their plan.

2019-08-04 19:43:55 UTC

2019-08-04 19:45:14 UTC

The Ohio one is odd to me because he killed his sister and her boyfriend. Thatโ€™s why looking at fathers work history.

2019-08-04 19:46:47 UTC

2019-08-04 19:53:42 UTC

2019-08-04 20:44:27 UTC

Yes. True. Hezbollah has been training cartels and cartels are paying a Hezbollah tax. You can search it up.

2019-08-04 21:26:32 UTC

From twitter

2019-08-04 21:26:55 UTC

2019-08-04 22:09:59 UTC

2019-08-04 23:25:31 UTC

This is what was reported on the El Paso shooter. A lot of hate displayed. Funny he still had an account. Could be because he did not have many friends. I did not check who was following him. I would think someone who was following Q and active on social media, as the intended purpose memes, meme wars and so forth, would have more posts with memes. Q followers report other Q followers. He posts like an angry young a leftist visualizes People on the right might post...not like any Q follower I have read.

2019-08-04 23:47:22 UTC

2019-08-04 23:52:03 UTC

Bryan asks some good questions. Why shoot random Walmart shoppers?

2019-08-05 00:21:19 UTC
2019-08-05 02:23:28 UTC

2019-08-05 02:23:36 UTC

2019-08-05 02:23:43 UTC

2019-08-05 02:23:52 UTC

2019-08-05 02:24:00 UTC

2019-08-05 02:24:06 UTC

2019-08-05 02:24:16 UTC

2019-08-05 02:24:25 UTC

2019-08-05 02:24:31 UTC

2019-08-05 02:24:43 UTC

2019-08-05 02:24:51 UTC

2019-08-05 12:28:02 UTC
2019-08-05 12:29:34 UTC

Mommy has problems. Legal problems.

2019-08-05 12:39:45 UTC

They took down Connerโ€™s page down, but the pages of his relatives show he had an arrest record. Not sure what his arrest was concerning. He, his mother and this person who is another relative all were flagged.

2019-08-05 12:57:44 UTC

I looked on My life pages of some people ai know. It is not reliable. I think if the show a political affiliation, that is okay, unless they suddenly woke up, like the walk away. But as fair as legal problems, not all that reliable. And associations also are not reliable. I also saw some high reputation scores on some people, that I would not trust in a business deal. So take this information as it social profile is reliable.

2019-08-05 14:05:08 UTC

This is an interesting video. He did bring in Ford, the Vanity Fair โ€œjournalistโ€ into the discussion . I believe George is MOS. He has a better story than CNN and Alex Jones, who all work for Intelligence, but still I have not found all of his information truthful. He is giving us information they want us to have.

2019-08-05 14:08:48 UTC
Amazing Polly is always amazing. Polly questions Ford and her journalistic integrity. George mentions Fords daddy is MI5. These people are in the business....the club.

2019-08-05 16:57:56 UTC

What do we have here?

2019-08-05 16:58:02 UTC

2019-08-05 16:58:07 UTC

2019-08-06 06:13:18 UTC
2019-08-06 06:19:37 UTC
2019-08-06 06:22:19 UTC

Truth is simple. Lies are complicated. >> TRANCE Formation Of America

2019-08-06 06:37:28 UTC

Church of Scientology Sued For Child Abuse & Human Trafficking

2019-08-06 06:42:27 UTC

NC toddler rescued in Texas human-trafficking bust after mom handed child 'off to a pimp': police | Fox News

2019-08-06 06:44:24 UTC

Government tested AIDS drugs on foster kids - Health - AIDS | NBC News

2019-08-07 17:16:59 UTC

Twitter keeps deleting accounts. Need to save this.

2019-08-07 23:32:46 UTC

Fb group that needs to be infiltrated

2019-08-07 23:33:16 UTC

Can someone change the image with Dems.

2019-08-08 11:49:16 UTC

This is from awhile ago, but they reuse the same playbook, so just be aware. They use false flags.. Disguise themselves as their enemy to gain support. They did this in Charlottesville, by dressing up as Nazis and KKK. They have done this for years...and expect them to continue this nonsense until the light is so bright, that there is no darkness to hide their evil deeds.

2019-08-08 18:40:33 UTC

Fillet called this out as fake news. I do too. No record of the call. The biggest thing was she said he got it, and had no lessons. Tell me how did he act like a commando at the Walmart? Who taught him how to shoot that gun? A person with no experienced would not had that many kills and injuries.

2019-08-08 18:56:16 UTC

I want you watch this spot by CNN and tell me what you think. Tell me what was your initial reaction? I will save my thoughts in another section, as I do not want to influence your thoughts.

2019-08-08 19:14:01 UTC

Remember this. Mom did not bring her fire arm because they just were going yo Walmart? Well maybe he gorgot it was gun free.

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