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2019-07-12 21:46:08 UTC


2019-07-14 10:47:59 UTC
2019-07-15 10:27:57 UTC New video upload this morning.

2019-07-16 16:18:16 UTC

2019-07-17 23:00:27 UTC

Gingrich op-ed: Trump doesnโ€™t play tic-tac-toe, he plays chess - YouTube

2019-07-20 00:34:24 UTC

Develope text debate channel to constructively air differences (make a defense) of opinions, to demonstrate the effectiveness of reasoned discussion. Should include channel attributes which allow links-urls within debate forum, for support, should be editable and edits should, perhaps, include an edit counter, if not too difficult to include. Purpose of edit counter would be to show if initial positions require continued support versus submission of a complete and sufficiently defensable position paper.

2019-07-20 15:25:00 UTC

Nader full indictment with specific language on exact counts, including sex trafficking

โ€œEngaged in sexual acts withโ€

2019-07-24 22:33:00 UTC

@Steven Martin <#480311215302639626>

2019-07-24 22:42:05 UTC
2019-07-24 22:44:08 UTC

@RadixVerum WRITING IDEA! I don't have time or concentration, but I thought I'd put this here. The same leftish tactics of stealing what is already established and calling it theirs. AOC is a French term and will always be. So let's stop letting her steal it (like they stole our rainbow, our purple, etc.).

2019-07-24 22:46:54 UTC

@Whisper i dont have time to listen to that podcast right now. whats the gist of it?

is AOC french for peppers or something?

2019-07-24 22:48:07 UTC

oh nvm i see

2019-07-24 22:48:09 UTC

2019-07-24 22:48:09 UTC


2019-07-24 23:05:14 UTC

It is the Wine System of France.

2019-07-25 21:54:18 UTC

โ–ถQ !4pRcUA0lBE 05/10/18 (Thu) 21:43:20 No.74

Fellow Patriots:

What you are about to learn should not only scare you, but intensify your resolve to take back control [Freedom]. The information that will become public will further demonstrate the criminal & corrupt [pure evil] abuse of power that the Hussein administration undertook in joint efforts w/ domestic and foreign dignitaries. The snowball has begun rolling - there is no stopping it now. D5.

Stay the course and trust the plan.

Protective measures are in place.

Remain BRAVE.

We knew this day would come.

United We Stand (WW).



Conspiracy no more.


2019-07-30 20:03:46 UTC

2019-08-01 16:51:39 UTC

Chinese billionaire indicted on charges of evading nearly $2 billion in tariffs: US prosecutors

Explore the Fox News apps that are right for you at

2019-08-07 20:06:06 UTC

Found this newspaper clipping in The Geneolgy notes from my great uncle. It was published back on April 26th 2000. Written by Don Feder of the Boston Herald and published in the Atlanta Constitution newspaper. In one section he speculates when the American flag will be attacked. Well it took 19 years but here we are with the attacks on the Betsy Ross Flag. Also in the article he points out that a statue erected by the Democrat Party and private citizens of SC. It is a statue of Benjamin Ryan Tillman. โ€œA governor and US senator, Pitchfork Ben Tillman was an early 20th century populist and a race baiter who made David Duke look like the Easter Bunny.โ€

2019-08-12 16:54:18 UTC

2019-08-14 03:01:46 UTC

2019-08-14 05:03:14 UTC

I have some show suggestions.. NOT for content but from a professional broadcaster .. and NOT as a reason to cut down on hosts but to give you all some helpful advice to make all of the shows slightly better from a technical/entertainment aspect... They are real simple things that can be Ignored if you'd like..

2019-08-14 05:04:10 UTC

1.) Stop telling people things like "now we are going to run an intro" or "now we are going to play the close... Simply play the intro or close

2019-08-14 05:04:40 UTC

2.) Refer to the audience as YOU.. not you all or everyone.. it adds a sense of personal connection to those listening

2019-08-14 05:06:05 UTC

3.) When interviewing a guest or after the interview remind people who you are interviewing.. Ive listened for an hour before and not known who is being interviewed.. just remind people occasionally

2019-08-14 05:08:10 UTC

4.) Create some "calls for action" campaigns.. the recent news and information about Q Meetups and such have been nice and give people a reason to act so has the NEW Patriots soapbox website... all of your hosts should push it a few times each hour and mention the SPELLING because is a spam site....

2019-08-14 05:10:27 UTC

5.) When hosts are scrambling through websites and searching for content on their computers try not to get in the habit of providing commentary on the process of opening said file or website... such as .. now im going to click here and open this and try to do this etc.. simply do it

2019-08-14 05:11:38 UTC

Yes I know some of these things are nit picking and IM not trying to do that again its just a way as the channel evolves for each show to stand out even more and provide an extra level of communication techniques to reach some laymen listeners

2019-08-15 01:13:00 UTC

<@&430870988868157441> some good tips there๐Ÿ‘†

2019-08-15 02:06:27 UTC

Here's my suggestion...... please bring back Ladies of Liberty gale's. They had a awesome show and there gone. Many of my family and friends tuned in daily to listen (women) but not so much lately since there gone. I don't feel like women hosts are well represented during primetime hours during the week and weekends!!! Most women are on late evening and during the night. The channel is to male dominated !!! Women have a lot to offer as well and can bring a different perspective to things to various topics. Also we need a variety of show and hosts during the day and evening. It gets to be repetitive and redundant with the same host on everyday and every night!!!! For an example: The show on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the 9 p.m. time slot (the show that does "the round table") it's the same thing every time with the same caller that talks over everyone and he runs live chat Constantly! He thinks he's a host! I've been in many times and people have said it's time to leave and I'm one of them.... it gets to be very old! I appreciate the opportunity to express myself. I can assure you that I speak for many fans of PSB!!!

2019-08-15 09:30:14 UTC

regarding show host genders.

we take on any volunteers willing to be speakers,. we dont get enough of them to be picky so we dont factor in things like that when adding show hosts. rather all we are looking for is the will to go on air. that itself is hard enough to find.

2019-08-15 09:31:18 UTC

maybe one day we may get an excess of speakers and gain the freedom to balance the gender percentiles but until then we can only work with what we got ๐Ÿ‘

2019-08-15 09:32:42 UTC

i guess to put all that simply
tldr we dont have more women speaking on air cause we dont have any more women who want to speak on air.

2019-08-15 09:44:02 UTC

Not true here๐Ÿ˜‰

2019-08-15 14:42:20 UTC

@tjams Ditto girlfriend ๐Ÿ˜

2019-08-15 14:47:20 UTC

@imig where are the gals from Ladies of Liberty?!?! A great show that was taking off and replaced with "MEN".๐Ÿ™

2019-08-15 18:09:37 UTC

LOL was taken down by PSB. We did not resign. But a couple of the ladies are working on other shows.

2019-08-16 00:01:35 UTC

@Dana Scully @Topcat777
the show died off because the hosts did not show up. no call no show can only happen so many times before we have to replace the show.. topcat you say they didnt resign but it seems to me thats is indeed the same thing as not showing up,

2019-08-16 00:04:36 UTC

@imig I was a host on LOL. Who told you that? this isn't what happened.

2019-08-16 00:16:03 UTC

@imig I don't know who you are or what the hell you're talking about but stop the Lies and BS!! We had the LOL show covered every day! NO SHOWS NEVER HAPPENED....DROP IT NOW!!!

2019-08-16 00:17:34 UTC

@imig Everytime I was listening the hosts were on, and that was everyday. Sorry this don't make sense. That was a great show and I feel the gals were doing a awesome job.!!!! Something is not right here. PLEASE EXPLAIN!!!!

2019-08-16 00:25:28 UTC

she7 didnt show up.
kari quit because she didnt want to host it alone without she7 or was upset about being interupted once? smdh
and topcat was not there to help either,. so the show died.

thats what happened. if you want to argue the past take it to dm's

2019-08-16 00:30:12 UTC

The show came back with completely different host after that. I was not able to join often the first go around due to work and that was known by She7 from the beginning. She7 lost her internet completely and still does not have constant connection. I don't know about kari. I was not a part of the show then. But once it was relaunched with Me, tjams, theKath, HoneyBee and ClassyLady, every day was covered.

2019-08-16 00:30:55 UTC

the reasons why people were not showing up, doesnt change the fact that people were not showing up.

honeybee hasnt been here since february. (yet is still in show host role and able to go on air anytime)

classylady hasnt consistently been present since april. (despite this she is still in show host role and able to go on air anytime)

TheKath also since april (excluding her scathing message above so nice she returned just to do that then vanished again) (despite all this she also is still in show host role and can still go on air anytiime)

tjams is still active and thus still a host and still on air.

and you topcat though youve barely been active since april, are nonetheless still a show host and still able to go on air.

every single one of those people you are whinging at me about them not being on air. are still all these months later capable of going on air themselves anytime,
they just dont, you should direct your complaints to their dm's. it has totaly been their choice not to go on air.

thx ๐Ÿ‘

2019-08-20 14:04:06 UTC

how to live off the land/survival....dependant of the land.....

2019-08-20 18:33:35 UTC

@Dana Scully Thank you for your support of the Channel and expressing your thoughts and ideas. Just to give you a status of where the LOL are now, you can catch Classy Lady every Saturday & Sunday afternoon with SeesInPixels, Tjams every Sunday morning, Honeybee is on early mornings with Chaino & Choctaw, Topcat does a lot in Discord and has been a big part of PSB since its inception. She is an excellent Mod, works fulltime and b/c of the Show Schedules isn't able to come on Air. The #1 rule of this Channel is the Mods are not to come on with Show Hosts during their Show unless they are invited to do so. As for me, I work full time as well but I am the Show Host of PSB OVERTIME. If you ever have insomnia, Lol, you can catch me every Friday morning from 2-5AM EST. Again, thank you for your support. Tell Fox Moulder I said Hi...๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ

2019-08-21 22:35:37 UTC

??? Remember the picture where Obama is having a toast with the heads of Facebook, Google ,Apple? ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿฟ

2019-08-22 02:03:23 UTC

Thanks Nurse Nett. Looks like he cut me out of the will. Lol

2019-08-22 04:30:55 UTC

How about a Q school - Grades 1-12 and more, for those just starting to know about Q and the plan. Going over the Q posts from the beginning, those that have been fulfilled and are being fulfilled. Sauce provided etc.

2019-08-26 13:39:45 UTC

2019-08-26 13:40:14 UTC

2019-08-26 13:42:47 UTC

2019-08-28 16:08:54 UTC

Permissions where theres no monetization. For any one with a PATRIOT cause. Another tool!

2019-08-29 00:39:23 UTC

Pammy and Rad,
On this past Sunday it was reported on air by someone I do not know and have never spoken to that "a woman who had suffered from medical tyranny after having a ureter stint installed had her life saved when it was removed".
I don't know where he got this information but I am that woman and this is NOT TRUE. I still have the stint as I have no one who will take me to the doctor. I am unable to take myself because my medical condition is rapidly growing cataracts. One eye is gone and the other will be very soon. I am waiting helplessly to be worthy of medicaid as I am very poor and only get a little over 600 bucks a month for having 2 feet of intestines.
I am not doing well at all.
I don't want to be a jerk about this but I would like this corrected,please.
This is my reality and it is not a pretty one. Since we are about truth, I felt the need to set this straight.
I am sorry that I am unable to help by tweeting or chatting but each day I lose more of my ability to see and thus read. Writing this was not easy and took forever with the aid of an increasingly useless magnifying glass. This very well could be my last communication so thank you for helping save our country and I still listen and will until they tote my 98 pound carcass away. I love you guys and kick some ass for me because this happened to me due of the bad guys. Thank you

2019-08-29 01:51:50 UTC

@RadixVerum the person above. If they live in So calif. - long-shot I would be willing to give them rides to a doctor, or just visit. What ever I can do, I will. I have recently been in critical condition with no help. My heart sunk when I read this. Im trying to get my life back in order, so I will do what ever I can. Is there someone who could start a fund like what was done for the wheel chair? There must be something we can do-โ€” this is not right!
Off topic// wheres the best place for some good music? I am getting new stuff thatโ€™s campy and good. Permissions granted for anyone who is NOT monetized! Thanks. Please let me know if I can help out. Here is a collaboration remix just done. I will plant it here.

2019-08-29 01:52:50 UTC

Might be fun to share.

2019-08-29 02:28:56 UTC

This is good.

2019-08-29 06:26:49 UTC

@Meadow Part Deux i believe the on air host was refering to a different patient. there are many americans battling bad stents,

2019-08-30 00:06:37 UTC

2019-09-05 01:20:05 UTC

@everyone How about having DR. Shiva on a show?

2019-09-05 01:21:10 UTC

Let him talk about his idea for a US Postal Email system (which bypasses google, facebook, microsoft, etc......and protects our data from being sold to the highest bidder)

2019-09-05 01:22:42 UTC

He has some very good common-sense ideas......

2019-09-05 01:23:48 UTC

I'm sure he would love the chance to speak about them!

2019-09-06 21:47:02 UTC

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