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2019-06-23 03:32:27 UTC

@Gailmj7 @AnythingButThat I would love to work with you guys and sorry I've been out of it, but Q sent me a handsome Anon and just got back home today. I have a hard time writing a professional letter with this issue and Thumper had said Radix worked with attys. Anyways, will check messages tomorrow and thanks!

2019-06-23 03:36:28 UTC

Wow @SunShine @Annie get your gun @the Steward thanks also๐Ÿค—. See you in the morning ๐Ÿ˜ด

2019-06-23 03:36:52 UTC

Ps enjoy the song

2019-06-23 16:45:11 UTC

Good morning Patriots

2019-06-25 03:12:35 UTC

That is a GREAT sign! ๐Ÿ‘

2019-06-26 22:06:30 UTC

Love the sign....๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

2019-07-01 09:51:49 UTC

@Blondie6698!? you are wilcome to caht on psb text only if you want to come

2019-07-04 02:32:41 UTC

2019-07-10 04:42:25 UTC


2019-07-13 02:57:15 UTC

Where do I send my resume for hangman's job.? I am able to work long hours.

2019-07-18 05:00:43 UTC

With care-giver obligations for the present I can only offer at this time to provide guidance on English and Spanish pronunciations for hosts who are previewing their written materials for show prep. Confidence in English is perhaps 99.8%, in Spanish probably 96%. Text to 925-366-4714. God bless; and best to those heading for the Cathey's Valley California meet-up but it looks to be a little too far away in drive time for now.

2019-07-23 21:34:42 UTC

@Suzieq Im just going to do this here... @SouthernComfort or @Pamphlet Anon can help you with the writers research discord if you are interested

2019-07-23 21:36:51 UTC

Sure! Thanks @Clarabel

2019-07-23 21:40:59 UTC

you bet @Suzieq

2019-07-23 21:41:24 UTC

So zoom is the software they use to have meetings too.

2019-07-23 21:42:04 UTC

Where can I find the software?

2019-07-23 21:44:37 UTC

I will try to do some reseach on it.

2019-07-24 21:50:00 UTC

@Suzieq i should have put @monkeywoman here - she can help with writers research discord

2019-07-24 23:26:28 UTC

@Clarabel Thank you!

2019-07-30 22:40:39 UTC

2019-07-30 22:43:44 UTC

if your interested in becoming an on air host you can DM me directly , we also now have a way to apply on the website. here

2019-07-31 01:53:05 UTC

can someone point me to the right direction of the Analytics folk. Please thank you

2019-07-31 04:56:35 UTC

@VigilantBlade depending on what your lookin for. <#430235056158801920> might be fitting.
theres also radix's digging deeper server

2019-07-31 04:56:35 UTC

here is the link for the discord server used for Radix's Digging Deeper show.

2019-07-31 15:21:50 UTC

I am former military need to join a similar skill set.

2019-07-31 15:22:52 UTC

Meaning I have worked several different jobs at many levels

2019-07-31 23:51:40 UTC

@VigilantBlade well we dont really give orders round here we all kinda operate like a flock of cats (wild, beyond controlling or directing) all doing our own thing contributing wherever we see the opportunity to.

2019-07-31 23:52:53 UTC

so like, if you have ideas on how you can help then by all means jump in, welcome aboard.

2019-08-01 00:12:16 UTC

Yes indeed ... just need to network in here still learning this platform similar what I used to work on

2019-08-01 18:57:14 UTC

Though, to have a channel dedicated to creating subgroups/pairing might see more of us collaborating

2019-08-01 19:06:25 UTC

If anyone else sees value in this, I'd be quite happy to help maintain a spreadsheet of who is looking for what collaborations, (developer seeking developers, writer seeking narrator, etc)

2019-08-01 19:14:27 UTC

Otherwise, some hidden titles (programmer, writer, researcher, organiser) would allow people to @ people of a skillset

2019-08-01 22:38:05 UTC

@r-Tao we currently have
@ Dev Team
@ Writers Team
@ Show Host
@ Video Team
@ Planeflags
and @ Weatherflags

its rare that we get people who volunteer to be apart of any of those teams. so there arent many people in them. most users just want to be the audience.

2019-08-01 23:16:32 UTC

I didn't realise you were taking volunteers, that's nice in itself. On the back of what VigilantBlade was saying, perhaps there could be a space for people looking to form their own collaboration groups, not necessarily to do with the PSB platform.

As an aside, I'm a web developer (Pure ECMA, currently homerolling a framework & development engine, but also experience with Vue/React/Angular 1, and writing libraries/services full stack), I've run a semi-large Discord before and head a society at uni so enjoy the community aspect, I would also like to get more familiar with the video stream ops side of things too; I do have availability so would put myself down to help out where I can.

2019-08-02 01:50:07 UTC

yeah actualy PSB is 100% volunteers.
zero employees.

i added you to the devteam tag if thats alright, ill remove it if you dont want it.

doesnt rly do anything, opens up one channel for the devteam, and makes it so youll get pinged anytime someones messaging @ devteam (hasnt been used at all sofar lol )

2019-08-02 17:20:05 UTC

Quite happy to help out where I can.

2019-08-03 00:29:17 UTC

Hey, I've been contemplating starting a blog and love the PSB community. I'm wondering a few things. 1. How can someone be allowed to post articles on our website and 2. I research many things, but with a strong focus on holistic health, spiritual health, reducing chemicals in everyday life and such, would these be topics that could be shared on the site?

2019-08-03 14:19:00 UTC
2019-08-03 14:19:32 UTC

sorry i guess it is labeled new talent wanted

2019-08-04 17:38:24 UTC


2019-08-07 15:22:19 UTC

I've submitted several of my articles to @SouthernComfort . Still waiting to hear back.

2019-08-07 15:23:30 UTC

I'm a writer and reseracher, so I don't necessarily have to write. I'll dig all day if that is all that is needed.

2019-08-07 15:23:38 UTC


2019-08-07 23:47:35 UTC

you can also post them in the <#433737699652927509>

2019-08-08 00:40:38 UTC

I am interested in hosting a show about business, current and history. I am a tax accountant and am flexible on time.

2019-08-08 04:01:12 UTC

I might be interested in submitting

2019-08-08 11:40:07 UTC

Hey yall we have had so much going on in the background. I will be getting to yall very shortly

2019-08-08 18:27:04 UTC

@monkeywoman hello - this is the tag you requested

2019-08-08 19:00:32 UTC

@here I am the person who you would submit articles to for writing! If you are interested please DM me with your interest and a writing submission! Thanks!

2019-08-08 19:25:03 UTC


2019-08-08 19:25:07 UTC


2019-08-08 19:25:21 UTC


2019-08-08 19:25:32 UTC


2019-08-08 22:52:48 UTC

@SkyeBlu18Did you get a call back on holistic health? We had to do away due to lack of interest in the writer area as I understand it.? Contact @SouthernComfort or @monkeywoman if you have not. Personally, love to have it back, but not my decision๐Ÿ˜

2019-08-08 22:54:39 UTC

@pages i said that toooooooooo. LOL now I have 20 stories out on website!

2019-08-08 22:54:49 UTC

But we always always need researchers!

2019-08-09 01:48:24 UTC

@monkeywoman I found you... sorry I am a noob

2019-08-09 11:12:22 UTC


2019-08-09 13:05:32 UTC
2019-08-12 22:54:31 UTC

Good evening Patriots. I was referred here by Tjams.

2019-08-13 05:08:15 UTC

@Edensvision hello <:Pepewink:539084298037231629>

2019-08-17 04:05:02 UTC

Hey there. Sorry Iossed this๐Ÿ˜‰

2019-08-17 04:05:33 UTC

@patriotlady5 hey there sorry I missed this. How are you doing? ๐Ÿ˜‰

2019-08-18 14:53:39 UTC

@Edensvision doing well, excuse my lag in response

2019-08-20 20:19:44 UTC

@patriotlady5 it's ok. Apparently we're both in a lag warp.

2019-08-20 20:24:34 UTC

It has been heavy on my heart to become more involved with PSB in some way. My humanism gets in the way. I'm all over the place somedays while totally relying in Jesus as we live in a fallen world. Everyone is battling something so I dont want to use mine as a cop out because others don't. If there is a subject, a project or anything else someone wants help with. Let me know, and I will do my best to help, of course, you'll have to accept I'm human far more than I care to be at times.

2019-08-20 21:30:35 UTC

I empathize. I have to say I am discouraged because there is so much negativity.

2019-08-21 00:28:56 UTC

remember we are fighting "against the spiritual forces of evil"

2019-08-21 00:29:10 UTC

so of course it is going to throw negativity at us at every turn it can


2019-08-21 00:30:46 UTC

@Edensvision we could always use more article writers on the website if that is your thing.
we also could always use more show hosts if thats more your speed.

or even just more researches to seek and find new and iinteresting stories to cover if thats easier for you,

2019-08-21 00:56:35 UTC

Ok guys I have no idea how is thing works.

2019-08-21 00:57:02 UTC

@imig well, I can learn, I can try anything. I've been praying about it. Its what's needed the most that I desire to be a help. I'm more a servant than a leader. At least that's where I've been hiding all my life. It's been a blessing when I bless others. Lol

2019-08-21 00:57:28 UTC

@junglecat welcome. It's working. You've landed and made contact lol

2019-08-21 00:58:13 UTC

Land where contact with PSB or different group

2019-08-21 01:00:31 UTC

If this is PSB here is an interesting article to review concerning the keystone its called The Keystone of the Arch, by David H Gans

2019-08-21 01:03:18 UTC

Hello is anybody in here

2019-08-21 01:20:09 UTC

@junglecat yes hello, this is indeed the PSB server, we have many channels within our server, this is the <#430239636422656000> channel .

2019-08-21 11:56:10 UTC

Hiya - I have no idea how this all works, either...hoping to spread the word to my 'fellow' patriots, as to how things are going from my perspective in England....(Trump-Blimp Popper), here!! lolx

2019-08-21 22:56:32 UTC

@Based Amy OMG! i saw your vid when it happened! GOOD WORK! i was SO proud someone flattened that blimp, it surprised me that it took so long to happen i had thought itd get flattened on day one of its flying (does no one own BB guns in the uk? lol.)

2019-08-21 22:57:39 UTC

i saw at the end those nazis tried arresting you for it. did you have to serve time? just curious sorry if im prying.

2019-08-22 02:09:34 UTC

Way to go Amy

2019-08-22 02:11:55 UTC

I have been a lurker, doing nothing, but that is going to change. I have the New part of the channel down and now have to work on the "talent" part.

2019-08-22 02:12:32 UTC

Good evening imig

2019-08-22 16:19:58 UTC

I can write fairly well and would like to help. I will submit a short article soon. #MAGA

2019-08-25 15:19:34 UTC

๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ if you want to contribute with writing to the website contact [email protected] or to be anonymous go to [email protected] ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

2019-08-25 23:20:27 UTC

also if you are gonna be a writer i will add you to the Writers Team here in this discord if you want it.

2019-09-03 01:19:44 UTC

I am a talented writer, but better editor and have too much time on my hands... Give me something to do before I get myself into trouble!

2019-09-03 12:33:08 UTC
2019-09-03 17:20:49 UTC

Hi Everyone. *Milly* is back! I was on the call-in show in February (I think)

I told of the stories of the Catholic Church societal engineering and baby kidnapping. I have since found out way more about the CIA-Quebec connection inaugurated in 1943 at the Quebec Accord and my whole family is involved. I now know I am an OG Nazi baby but not in the way that you'd expect. I am still tracking systems through which my biological mother and her ancestors were trafficked. I am the child of a Gallivanting CIA Fuckboy, fully funded to change our modern culture! I am trying to write this story.

2019-09-03 17:22:07 UTC

It's a 99 chapter story that's already been banalized through TV shows and movies so the plebs wouldn't realize this province was used as a CIA outpost and a playground for the Chicago mob for decades (We already know the Chicago mob was usurped by the CIA and gave us the Bronfmans, Podestas and Rhodams of this world...)

2019-09-03 17:31:31 UTC

I'm going to disclose to my family first before taking this mantle. My adoptive father passed away (brilliant researcher and inventor for US and Canada military and French civil aviation) from a swift sudden cancer while surviving a deadlier illness for 6 years. Last thing he said to me was to look into this Quantum Computing stuff and he set aside a book for me to read about it. This is how I flew by the seat of my pants in IT for 25 years, by studying what dad said to study! I don't have a college degree! But Quantum Computing is HARD ๐Ÿ˜„ But I'm a hacker, I will do it and I will "Hack Quantum Computers for Dad!" (I've hacked every single thing he ever gave me.)

2019-09-08 00:57:01 UTC

@Based Amy I am very sorry that happened to you. Something similar happened to me and they don't stop harassing once they don't like you. Unfortunately when u speak truth and have no filter, it gets ya in trouble, well it did me. God bless you, Amy xo

2019-09-08 14:36:15 UTC

@everyone im looking for someone who can help me with outreach. This is something that would require being able to email people and use social media and stuff. I put out the call in my digging deeper server, it's sort of assisting me with some of the many hats I wear as not only a show host, editor in chief and writer but organizing and stream lining the processes for getting involved.

2019-09-08 14:36:15 UTC

here is the link for the discord server used for Radix's Digging Deeper show.

2019-09-08 14:36:34 UTC

๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘

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