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2018-08-30 03:28:32 UTC


1. Be respectful (includes no racism or discrimination of any sort)

2. No doxxing

3. No harassment

4. No personal attacks

5. No promoting or advocating of illegal activities or unacceptable behaviour (includes the act of blaming the victims in a crime or encouraging suicide)

6. No trolling (especially concern trolling such as questioning staff decisions. This usually results in a ban)

7. No spamming

8. No disruptive behaviour

9. No pornographic, gory, or satanic images, text or videos. (This includes shooting videos)

10. No satanic or obscene names

11. No Flat Earth Society or any other controlled opposition allowed.

12. No gossiping and no spreading rumors about other members. This includes sending screenshots of Ice Wall members conversations to other servers.

13. No advertising or posting invites, including in private messages.
(If you have been getting unsolicited direct messages from other members please notify administrators)

14. Post in the correct channels (this includes failure to take an ongoing debate to the correct channel when asked to)

15. English only

16. No mocking or condecending attitudes towards peoples research or alternative groups such as flat earthers or people that believe 911 was an inside job or chemtrail theorists or anti vaxxers....etc etc.. This server is for research and friends, not to mock others. The only mocking going on here will be towards the establishment, media and government propaganda.

17. Follow Discord Terms of Service and community guidelines

2018-08-30 03:50:50 UTC

**It is everyone’s responsibility to become familiar with the rules and guidelines and Discord Terms of Service.**



2018-10-11 00:19:56 UTC

**Members breaking the above rules and guidelines can expect to be:**

1. **Warned**, or
2. Put in **detention**, or
3. **Banned**

The <@&484511709009281037>, <@&484511988362510338>, or <@&484512215764828162> has the right to use their own discretion.

2019-04-27 03:36:46 UTC

No Spoilers.

4 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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