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2017-05-22 14:59:49 UTC

"TWP works with dayum neggurs look they're marchin with em!"

2017-05-22 15:00:10 UTC

I see an obsessive fixation on the inferiority and deviance of blacks as a sort of American paleocon distraction from developing a less reactionary and more antisemitic nationalist perspective.

2017-05-22 15:00:38 UTC


2017-05-22 15:00:41 UTC

"Punch up," as the SJWs say.

2017-05-22 15:00:44 UTC

World Alliance of Anti-Semites.

2017-05-22 15:01:50 UTC

Kings 'n Kangz vs. Khazars

2017-05-22 15:02:10 UTC

(inb4: not actually endorsing the Khazar Hypothesis)

2017-05-22 15:02:25 UTC


2017-05-22 15:02:27 UTC

KK vs K

2017-05-22 15:02:31 UTC


2017-05-22 15:03:27 UTC

The Jews carve their paychecks from the skin of all nations of the Earth. But still, America probably has the most human like negroes on the planet. The ones Euroes get were literally throwing spears in loincloth a few months ago.

2017-05-22 15:03:45 UTC

Our negroes are the best negroes. BELIEVE ME

2017-05-22 15:04:03 UTC

One nigger in the Turku hood literally had pictures of himself in Kenya chasing goats naked with a bat.

2017-05-22 15:04:15 UTC

Look at my African-American over here!

2017-05-22 15:04:50 UTC

Just literally flown straight out of the jungle to civilization. It only takes a few hours to leap 3000 years forward in developement.

2017-05-22 15:04:52 UTC

In all seriousness, part of the problem with America is we've been cursed with some of the most docile and pleasant non-whites possible.

I wish we had the yellow-eyed Somalis and sinister-looking Middle Eastern refugee types.

2017-05-22 15:04:57 UTC

"real men hunt their own food in the wild, they don't go to super-markets like obese cucks"

2017-05-22 15:05:26 UTC

Even American lightskin niggas are terrified of horn africans.

2017-05-22 15:05:35 UTC

Poor guy. The white in him hates the black in him.

2017-05-22 15:05:40 UTC

"Nigerians still burn witches and stone queers, we celebrate them"

2017-05-22 15:06:31 UTC

A docile, domesticated white man with no racial awareness is perhaps the weakest creature on earth.

2017-05-22 15:07:45 UTC

Visited one somali and dunecoon heavy district a few times, you could just feel the IQ drop 30 points. First time got in a brawl with a bunch of somalians with my friends, decided I never go there again, next time was the time the somalians had just torched a car in there.

2017-05-22 15:07:56 UTC

Almost like a little bit of Sweden, right here.

2017-05-22 15:09:07 UTC

I'll say this, proximity to more pure Africans has a tendency to breed white nationalism.

2017-05-22 15:09:39 UTC

About my only interaction with niggers. It was the gypsies for me.

2017-05-22 15:12:06 UTC

By the way, funny story, the brawl happened in the hallway of a block of flats, and once more of our buddies joined us the somalians start sprinting up, but as we had friends coming down from few floors up, they sprint into the elevator, and one of my friends kicks the emergency shutdown system, so they get stuck between the floors in the elevator like in a can of sardines for god knows how long.

2017-05-22 15:13:46 UTC

Bravo sir.

2017-05-22 15:14:09 UTC

Welp we're done here.


2017-05-22 15:14:38 UTC

Thus expands the great Parting of Ways.

2017-05-22 15:14:50 UTC

I jumped ship when he shot missiles into Syria.

2017-05-22 15:16:02 UTC

I decided I'll never go there again. And some months later I'm getting a cab with this girl, she tells the address, same fucking place. Like some shittiest, niggiest Detroit hood for you I guess.

2017-05-22 15:16:24 UTC

2017-05-22 15:17:54 UTC

Dear yhwh please protect your chosen people

2017-05-22 15:21:42 UTC

Muh wrathful volcano god -_-

2017-05-22 15:25:12 UTC

I really hope the note he left inside the fort wall simply read "GTKRWN" but I seriously doubt it.

2017-05-22 15:40:15 UTC

Wait is he still uhh our guy??

2017-05-22 15:40:17 UTC


2017-05-22 15:40:19 UTC

trump our guy

2017-05-22 15:40:47 UTC

If Trump loves Jews, then I now love Jews, too.

2017-05-22 15:41:30 UTC

It's 9001D chess, Scott. You simply don't get it.

2017-05-22 15:43:27 UTC

This freaking ape haha wtf

2017-05-22 15:54:38 UTC

American niggers, here is a subject I could go on & on about. I'm a regular nigger aficionado, having been deeply blue pilled on race for the first half of my life, we wuz all humanz & shieeet. Only after 2 tours & A life time of interacting with them in my former profession did I clue in on Racial inequity. I suppose all those years of "white boy" have bred in me a deep disgust & hatred for them, but it is 1488% well earned. Niggers are absolute shit, period end of discussion. While the US may have the most articulate negro, never forget that they are fucking savages at heart. A talking cockroach is still a cockroach.

2017-05-22 15:55:43 UTC

Generation Z is our last hope.

2017-05-22 16:02:39 UTC

One of these days I will regale you lads with stories about how the nigger acts in his natural habitat... prison

2017-05-22 16:03:02 UTC
2017-05-22 16:03:14 UTC

They have to be told not to make fire inside refugee centers.

2017-05-22 16:03:21 UTC

And how toilets work.

2017-05-22 16:04:17 UTC

Niggers are animals. Sadly, the American ones all have a little white blood, which likely instilled in them some ability to mimic the white race. But, it is mimicry, like a bird talking or a bear dancing. We can't pretend coexisting with them isn't killing the spirit of our race.

2017-05-22 16:04:46 UTC

Only niggers do this

2017-05-22 16:04:59 UTC

& they do it everywhere in packs

2017-05-22 16:05:23 UTC

In chow hall, on the yard, you name it

2017-05-22 16:05:41 UTC

I heard in Sweden the rapists actually have it pretty cozy in prison since they have a ton of their muslim buddies to take care of them. It's not like it's a crime in their eyes anyway.

2017-05-22 16:06:28 UTC

Probably everywhere with more than a handful of muslims.

2017-05-22 16:09:01 UTC

They also engage in a fuck load of homosexuality it's actually something they are proud of, on top of this they associate with rats & sex offenders, nigger sex offenders are never run off the yard, niggers have no standards, period. Only whites clean up their people when new chains arrive, rats & sex offenders gotta go. If a white was to get caught gunning they would be turned into Swiss cheese

2017-05-22 16:09:37 UTC

They are an abhorrent race

2017-05-22 16:10:09 UTC

Black and dark Muslims act the same as black and dark anything else's, with the exception of the very devout/trained, they regularly commit sodomy and incest.

2017-05-22 16:10:22 UTC

Down low: It's not gay if you're a gangsta

2017-05-22 16:10:35 UTC

Dark skin = low IQ

2017-05-22 16:11:39 UTC

I saw this clip years ago

2017-05-22 16:12:38 UTC

Dd1986 hit the nail on the head, they all have a little admixture so they seem to have a bit more agency than their cousins around the world, but redeemable this does not make them

2017-05-22 16:13:02 UTC

"So, toss my salad, and let him eat me, you know, and we straight. Thats it."

2017-05-22 16:13:07 UTC

Nigga logic

2017-05-22 16:13:26 UTC

So true it's not even funny.

2017-05-22 16:14:44 UTC

Watch that if you haven't. If your interested in the American prison system

2017-05-22 16:14:47 UTC


2017-05-22 16:16:32 UTC

You seen the South African prison one?

2017-05-22 16:16:51 UTC

No i don't think so

2017-05-22 16:17:11 UTC

This is a clip from it, the entire thing is in youtube.

2017-05-22 16:17:38 UTC

This is like the worst american nigger slammer, with even that tiny drop of whiteness removed.

2017-05-22 16:18:34 UTC

They really should just gas these mother fuckers on arrival

2017-05-22 16:20:27 UTC

You'll be so surprised when he starts openly going on about stabbing people. And faggotry.

2017-05-22 16:20:51 UTC

You can take a jig out of Africa, ...

2017-05-22 16:21:03 UTC


2017-05-22 16:22:18 UTC

"19 years of sex with men, does that make you gay?"
- "No."

2017-05-22 16:22:46 UTC

Only a nigger can arrive at that conclusion

2017-05-22 16:22:56 UTC

If he didn't speak with that brain damage accent, the vid could be out of a burger prison.

2017-05-22 16:24:35 UTC

Honestly prison is the most red pilling experience on race a guy can have, the higher the security the better. We will make it mandatory for all liberal scum bags when we take power haha, to the fucking camps chump

2017-05-22 16:25:18 UTC

True natures are revealed

2017-05-22 16:26:24 UTC

Honestly, I think you could achieve a ton with just freezing their bank accounts. It really all comes down to fending for yourself. You'd be so amazed how many adults have never been a fight.

2017-05-22 16:26:51 UTC

When I was a kid, I used to be afraid of fights until I actually got into them.

2017-05-22 16:27:20 UTC

Of course nothing major, just bleeding lips at most, but you know. Same applies a decade later.

2017-05-22 16:27:43 UTC

Yes a healthy dose of physical violence is good for your development

2017-05-22 16:27:59 UTC

Teaches you to not fear it

2017-05-22 16:28:29 UTC

I've had people tell the same thing during our training sessions.

2017-05-22 16:28:53 UTC

There was this new guy, got accidentally knocked out, said a bit later it actually did him a lot of good.

2017-05-22 16:29:03 UTC

Chuckled, but I knew exactly what he meant.

2017-05-22 16:29:18 UTC

We use to get that. Modernity has removed this primal experience from our lives

2017-05-22 16:29:29 UTC

If you get punched out by one of our guys, you can pretty comfortably face antis after that.

2017-05-22 16:29:53 UTC

Physical training is a must

2017-05-22 16:31:01 UTC

The "heart-check" used to be very popular in WN circles, especially the skinheads, naturally.

2017-05-22 16:31:41 UTC

Big in gang culture for a reason.

2017-05-22 16:31:48 UTC

Of course, but normally people don't get knocked out, but accidents are part of training. We were training with steel batons, somehow fucked up and got a hit to the back of the head and a bleeding gash.

2017-05-22 16:32:20 UTC

By the way, you guys should start some NS/Nationalist gym in the states. Shrill kike professor free, guaranteed

2017-05-22 16:33:11 UTC

We got gyms attached to our HQs, even if you feel lazy you get no excuse not to hit gym.

2017-05-22 16:33:12 UTC

Fully agree. The Savitri Devi library & Miguel Serrano gym😉

2017-05-22 16:34:01 UTC

Serrano: *lifts while denying existence of both the weight and arms clutching it*

2017-05-22 16:34:39 UTC

The Rockwell Rock hard gym

2017-05-22 16:35:04 UTC
2017-05-22 16:35:10 UTC

Not again ;-;

2017-05-22 16:35:25 UTC

As Rockwell said, if you won't fuck, you won't fight.

2017-05-22 16:35:49 UTC

I love saying that to name dropping intellectuals.

2017-05-22 16:35:55 UTC

Good slogan for the gym also I guess

2017-05-22 16:36:17 UTC

I like "white power power lift"

2017-05-22 16:37:03 UTC

We put the white in power lift

2017-05-22 16:38:46 UTC

Damn, I thought this movement was about shitposting and tendies.

2017-05-22 16:39:02 UTC

But srs, getting gym equipment to whatever movement/party/book club property/hangaround places you have is a great way of forcing even the laziest to attend, and for the rest, its always so much easier to go to the gym with a gang

2017-05-22 16:39:18 UTC


2017-05-22 16:40:04 UTC

Definitely need to be more physically active myself.

2017-05-22 16:40:09 UTC

Doesn't even have to be so expensive, we had a couple of guys make a couple of bench presses

2017-05-22 16:40:14 UTC

minus weights ofc

2017-05-22 16:40:31 UTC

Going on group runs requires no equipment

2017-05-22 16:40:43 UTC

Cardio is more important than anything

2017-05-22 16:40:50 UTC

MStaff bullycide Matts into getting swole

2017-05-22 16:41:09 UTC

That's true too

2017-05-22 16:41:29 UTC

If I lived within close proximity they'd be sick of me already

2017-05-22 16:43:03 UTC

You need to build a Savitri Devi shrine to whatever HQ you'll get.

2017-05-22 16:44:16 UTC

This is a long term goal of mine

2017-05-22 16:44:28 UTC

Cardio is king

2017-05-22 16:44:33 UTC

Build a spiritual center.

2017-05-22 16:44:40 UTC

@jer szak you know it

2017-05-22 16:45:03 UTC

If you can't breath you can't think, if you can't think, you can't fight

2017-05-22 16:45:36 UTC

A comrade of mine has portraits of Wessel and Devi on his wall.

2017-05-22 16:45:53 UTC

A girl he had had over asked if they were his grandparents.

2017-05-22 16:46:23 UTC

What I want to know is what they are doing with Rockwell & Devis ashes...

2017-05-22 16:47:49 UTC

He should have said yes, then proceeded to glorify them like they were his ordinary grandparents, with extraordinary preferences.
Nice history propaganda disguised as family. I like it.

2017-05-22 18:50:01 UTC

@MStaff Hate lifting

2017-05-22 18:50:15 UTC

Is where it's at

2017-05-22 18:51:06 UTC

Hate press, we put the white back in your power lift.

2017-05-22 18:51:31 UTC

Fuck yeah man

2017-05-22 18:52:01 UTC

I'd have a membership there😎

2017-05-22 18:52:08 UTC

Fitness is key

2017-05-22 18:52:35 UTC

Way beyond the physical, the physical is just an added bonus

2017-05-22 18:53:54 UTC

Esoteric Bench Press

2017-05-22 18:54:03 UTC


2017-05-22 18:54:07 UTC

I like

2017-05-22 18:55:05 UTC

The Austrian Artists studio of physical fitness

2017-05-22 18:55:29 UTC

Carve the man you wish to become.

2017-05-22 18:56:01 UTC

Ppl would think you meant Arnold haha

2017-05-22 18:57:22 UTC

We can have the "My boss is an Austrian Painter" as a poster

2017-05-22 18:58:15 UTC

My boss is an Aryan god.

2017-05-22 18:58:40 UTC

I just got that Austrian artist tshirt

2017-05-22 18:58:58 UTC


2017-05-22 19:00:10 UTC

Zyklon spa & showers, where Zionists come to relax

2017-05-22 19:18:09 UTC



2017-05-22 19:18:10 UTC

Shoot me fucking now

2017-05-22 19:20:29 UTC


2017-05-22 19:32:17 UTC

Surely this isn't surprising to any of us though

2017-05-22 19:39:34 UTC

Not surprising. Just sad.

2017-05-22 19:41:21 UTC

Absolutely. I guess I've become so disillusioned with (((mainstream politics))) that had he not done this I would have been amazed. I honestly don't think you get to even run unless this is an absolute certainty.

2017-05-22 19:43:53 UTC

I think they're still going to push him more and more.

2017-05-22 19:44:29 UTC

I really wished he just laid off of geo-politics. His foreign policy is just ehhh, not the best

2017-05-22 19:46:17 UTC

I truly believe he is nothing but a man that reads from a script. Speaking about DT foreign policy is about the same as speaking about his wrestling when he was on WWE... none of this shit is real. It's all predetermined, an actor reading the lines, nothing more, nothing less.

2017-05-22 19:47:28 UTC

Yes, "predetermined" is the word I was just typing. It is all fake, though I let myself believe for a minute it might not be.

2017-05-22 19:48:03 UTC

We all did. Hell I voted for him. It's the last time I will cast a ballot

2017-05-22 19:48:14 UTC

Same here.

2017-05-22 19:49:07 UTC

I'm done with professional wrestling, I've left the stadium & I'm waiting for (((Vince McMahon))) In the parking lot

2017-05-22 19:50:30 UTC

Hahaha! Right.

2017-05-22 19:51:45 UTC

Honestly I knew we were fucked at the inauguration with the kike giving the Zion speech.

2017-05-22 19:52:12 UTC

They used us plain & simple

2017-05-22 19:55:26 UTC

Yes, I never thought someone would exploit White People movement that way. It was clever; but, like you I'm not voting again.

2017-05-22 19:57:28 UTC

May well back fire on them as it gave us a moment in the sun, organisms tend to grow when given light, I think we are already experiencing that to some degree.

2017-05-22 19:58:30 UTC

I think we can all sense the great clash that's on the horizon.

2017-05-22 20:00:05 UTC

Yes. The clash is happening now, I believe. People are waking up to that.

2017-05-22 20:01:08 UTC

The disillusionment is good now. Better that he betray us early so that as few of us get sucked in for round 2 as possible

2017-05-22 20:02:08 UTC

"The emperor has no clothes"

2017-05-22 20:02:27 UTC

It's true. The Emperor is a good analogy.

2017-05-22 20:02:59 UTC

Weren't some of us calling him that as well?

2017-05-22 20:03:41 UTC

Looking back on his frog & scorpion reading is a bit chilling now too

2017-05-22 20:05:17 UTC

Right. That is chilling.

2017-05-22 20:08:36 UTC

Gotten to the point where I think our only real hope is system failure. This gaping chasm between "left" & "right" is good for us. The left's use of the term Nazi for everything they disagree with is even better. If I didn't know any better some times I almost think they want us to have a massive resurgence, judging them simply off their actions.

2017-05-22 20:11:17 UTC

I agree. I'm sort of expecting total collapse. My long-term plans are sort of based on that.

2017-05-22 20:11:54 UTC

Exactly. Hope for the best (system collapse) plan for the worst.

2017-05-22 20:14:04 UTC

I believe it's happening at a cosmic level.

2017-05-22 20:14:04 UTC

I think more & more about leaving North America. My family came in the 1840's bc we were starving, that time has passed. Just like we left the old country in order to survive (imagine how big a decision that was for them) maybe that time has come again?

2017-05-22 20:14:38 UTC

One way passage to Europe anyone?

2017-05-22 20:15:49 UTC

Just like you said though, we are playing for everything this round, we will not out run this wave.

2017-05-22 20:16:20 UTC

. I have been trying to move to Europe, actually. I still see it as unsafe and unstable, but I like it there.

2017-05-22 20:17:39 UTC

I guess if I'm going to go down swinging... let it be for our rightful home... I never felt as connected to the soil & The people as I did in Ireland. Have yet to make it to the continent

2017-05-22 20:18:36 UTC

But there is also this thought:
If one is to fight vipers what better place than in their nest.

2017-05-22 20:22:16 UTC

Agree 100% Unfortunately, the Jew is a rampant parasitic infection whose nest can't really be cleared out without dismantling all of Western civilization. We're in for keeps this time.

2017-05-22 20:22:33 UTC


2017-05-22 20:25:33 UTC


2017-05-22 20:25:35 UTC

I was in Ireland about 3 years ago and I was constantly confronted by liberal communist faggots

2017-05-22 20:25:52 UTC

Beautiful country, but seems the same as the us

2017-05-22 20:26:19 UTC

I actually had a guy wake me up to bitch at me for being American in a hostel

2017-05-22 20:27:06 UTC

This is true, Ireland is terrible with that shit. There is a growing nationalist movement though & let us not forget their ability to stick with a fight once they've been committed, they just need the proper commitment

2017-05-22 20:27:35 UTC

Yeah, for sure, once they are committed to something I would depend on them. Hoping that keeps growing

2017-05-22 20:28:06 UTC

Yeah they are not big fans of yanks, but to be totally honest, neither am I.

2017-05-22 20:29:05 UTC

Something about reading the words "the United States of America
Has a lasting effect

2017-05-22 20:29:30 UTC

I'm not either I totally reject the flag

2017-05-22 20:31:05 UTC

I wasn't really where I am idealogically back then either, different times. I didn't really care yet and bad must gotten off active duty

2017-05-22 20:31:16 UTC


2017-05-22 20:32:26 UTC

I do think it would be a mistake to totally cede North America to the racial enemies of our ppl though. I hope for balkanization of the state's with the white man maintaining strategic areas. That's best case in my mind.

2017-05-22 20:32:55 UTC

Yeah, would be nice. Knowing full well we would in the future take everything back

2017-05-22 20:33:49 UTC

That would be the aim. To my way of thinking racial cleansing of the entire globe is the end game, but I am admittedly on the extreme end of the spectrum

2017-05-22 20:33:49 UTC

Once the white man fully understands their potential, there is nothing else but to conquer

2017-05-22 20:34:04 UTC


2017-05-22 20:35:51 UTC

I think most people would think that, they just have to be truthful about what is deep inside. It's the warrior spirit, nobody can really stop it.

2017-05-22 20:36:24 UTC

I see race as a force of nature, any where we look forces collide, one eventually overcomes the other. To not acknowledge this & actively work towards positioning yourself as the strong force is naive at best & criminal at worst.

2017-05-22 20:36:51 UTC


2017-05-22 20:38:46 UTC

I think everything will ever eventually be conquered by the white man

2017-05-22 20:40:17 UTC

Or everything will be lost to man as a whole. We will die out on this mud rock, nature will continue in some capacity but man will never reach his full potential if first the white man does not rise up & meet his destiny.

2017-05-22 20:43:59 UTC

This is true. White genocide is about preventing our destiny. I believe we will take it all back.

2017-05-22 20:44:53 UTC

Cosmic forces at work right? The force of (((decay))) vs the force of creation.

2017-05-22 20:45:12 UTC


2017-05-22 20:48:45 UTC

The few things I've listened to over the last few days on recommendation from a few of you has only reinforced this belief.

2017-05-22 20:57:21 UTC

I love finding material that reinforces my innate beliefs.

2017-05-22 20:59:14 UTC

Road signs on life's road, it's always reassuring to find external verification to your internal compass. Especially if that compass has left you on the rocks a few times in the past, you can start to question your navigator 😒

2017-05-22 21:00:34 UTC

But I'll take the navigator that's ripped the bottom out of the boat once or twice any day of the week over one that's only known success or smooth sailing.

2017-05-22 21:01:40 UTC

Absolutely. We've all been led astray.

2017-05-22 21:02:16 UTC

Love Rockwells analogy to the (((ship wreckers)))

2017-05-22 21:03:36 UTC

Misplacing the light house, switching the maps, turning the crew against itself, just to plunder the vessel

2017-05-22 21:10:29 UTC

Whoa, that's so true. I don't remember that analogy. Where did he use it?

2017-05-22 21:11:49 UTC

White power isn't it?

2017-05-22 21:12:03 UTC

The first chapter

2017-05-22 21:12:26 UTC

Yeah I believe so

2017-05-22 21:13:00 UTC

I haven't read that in ages. I should revisit it at some point.

2017-05-22 21:13:44 UTC

He writes how he talks, good read. I imagine his voice when I'm reading.

2017-05-22 21:14:44 UTC

I read it in 04, then again just a few months ago, got much more out of it... Exactly tom, after listening to him enough on you tube recordings to hear his voice when I read it this time, much more meaningful

2017-05-22 21:15:43 UTC

For sure, great plain speaker, anyone could understand exactly what he was saying.

2017-05-22 21:17:24 UTC

Absolutely. My biggest complaint & This really only bothered me the first time around, is the fact that they still have misprints in the freaking books. But admittedly I was coming at it from a much more skeptical position in 04

2017-05-22 21:17:48 UTC

But that little shit matters

2017-05-22 21:18:03 UTC

Yeah, that was strange. It does.

2017-05-22 21:19:45 UTC

Rockwells from a generation that's gone, lost to us, the plain spoken, tough as nails, take no shit but still is polite. Well mannered.

2017-05-22 21:20:48 UTC

Masons got a fairly good version of that, but Rockwell had really tested himself against something... battle hardened might be the phrase.

2017-05-22 21:21:36 UTC

Interestingly enough I have heard about this traditionalist Catholic group that thinks WN is Masonic 😂

2017-05-22 21:21:58 UTC

We are, this is all a deep cover.

2017-05-22 21:22:07 UTC

Yeah exactly. He was battle hardened, but he had a quality more big brother type of quality and actually cared about the people they brought into the compound

2017-05-22 21:22:07 UTC

33 degree type shit

2017-05-22 21:22:52 UTC

@tom (twp) Yeah, a older brother that cared, that's a good way of putting it

2017-05-22 21:23:51 UTC

Masonic = Judaism for the goyim

2017-05-22 21:25:09 UTC

Yeah that's the right way to describe it. A lot of people are in that

2017-05-22 21:25:15 UTC

I don't get it

2017-05-22 21:26:38 UTC

The desire for power is one of our greatest flaws. Masonic lodges offer the opportunity to move with in well connected circles

2017-05-22 21:27:50 UTC

All the Indians want to be chief's masonry offers that illusion

2017-05-22 21:28:59 UTC

Yeah, at the end of the day it's not based in anything meaningful.

If you're not working or struggling you're not free.

2017-05-22 21:30:39 UTC

To struggle against is how life defines itself. Man has disconnected from this most basic element of life, life was not consecrated or maintained on a handshake, Masons & Jews want to believe otherwise

2017-05-22 21:30:57 UTC


2017-05-22 21:31:42 UTC


2017-05-22 21:32:14 UTC

^ modernity

2017-05-22 21:33:19 UTC

I love how in Berkley everyone was holding a cell phone instead of a brickbat imagine if the inverse were true... I'm afraid for our generation

2017-05-22 21:33:31 UTC

Grandpa Lampshades calls them the ant people, Lol.

2017-05-22 21:33:55 UTC


2017-05-22 21:36:00 UTC

"The threat against white world supremacy, the rising tide of color" by T. Lothrop Stoddard gives some really good insight into the Asian outlook. We are currently being colonized by them.

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