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2020-10-10 02:50:51 UTC


2020-10-11 23:29:48 UTC

Built my first custom deck if anyone is on TCGOnline


2020-10-12 03:03:10 UTC

So targets Pokemon card selection is dogshit, and walmart doesn't even sell them anymore lol

2020-10-12 03:03:39 UTC

No wonder beardson was finding them on clearance lol.

2020-10-12 03:04:30 UTC

sales on pokemon cards in big box retailers aren't great these days

2020-10-12 03:05:03 UTC

I know my local walmart, if they still even have the display, had them all next to one of the checkouts and they would always sit there for so long that they'd end up going on clearance a month later

2020-10-12 03:05:23 UTC


2020-10-12 03:05:49 UTC

Well, at least on my hunt for Pokemon cards I found a bomb ass ramen place

2020-10-12 03:05:58 UTC

Got it to go and eating it rn

2020-10-12 03:06:29 UTC

seems like the meta with getting pokemon cards these days is either buying trainer boxes on clearance when you can find them, or just arranging to order entire booster boxes

2020-10-12 03:06:52 UTC

Yeah, I am just going to get them off amazon

2020-10-12 03:07:34 UTC

Although apparently Walmart still sells them on their website.

2020-10-12 03:08:18 UTC

all I know is that you should never buy individual packs out of an open booster box

2020-10-12 03:09:18 UTC

pretty common trick with friendly local game stores that are extra "friendly" is they'll look up the booster box seeds to find out which packs have the good shit, open those up, put the rare cards into the case to sell individually, then put the rest of the packs back in the box and on display

2020-10-12 03:10:05 UTC


2020-10-12 03:10:27 UTC

and depending on how the cards are made, another possibility is they'll use a weed scale

2020-10-12 03:10:36 UTC

I know where a local gamestore is, I hope they are open still though.

2020-10-12 03:10:36 UTC

because sometimes foils will make the pack weigh ever so slightly more

2020-10-12 03:10:58 UTC


2020-10-12 03:12:20 UTC

the packs sold in individual cardboard packs are alright, but honestly they're expensive as shit considering you get one pack

2020-10-12 03:20:15 UTC

Thoughts on this?

2020-10-12 03:20:45 UTC

It is quite expensive, but has a bunch of booster packs

2020-10-12 03:20:47 UTC

probably fine? I dunno I don't really follow set pricing or what sets are worth buying

2020-10-12 03:21:15 UTC

but with that you're getting 36 packs for just under $3 a piece

2020-10-12 03:31:47 UTC


2020-10-15 00:28:36 UTC

So I'm buying through https://www.tcgplayer.com/ , https://shop.channelfireball.com/, Ebay and Amazon.

2020-10-15 00:29:09 UTC

None have the best price on all products, you have to browse through to see which has the best price on any one product at any time.

2020-10-15 00:30:25 UTC

Also be careful of buying boosters or booster boxes on TCGplayer and Ebay, as sometimes sellers will weigh product or repack the packs.

2020-10-15 00:30:52 UTC

Best to buy through more trusted sellers

2020-10-15 00:32:02 UTC

I find booster boxes that are $90 - $100 are a good deal, just look at the set on TCGplayer to see if it has the cards you want in it.

2020-10-15 01:54:46 UTC

Out here running the op


2020-10-15 03:03:13 UTC

Some1 pls give mone for Pokemon cards

2020-10-15 03:06:16 UTC


2020-10-15 04:01:23 UTC

Pulled a Charizard v from a darkness ablaze. Only bought 2 at GameStop then went to a comic book shop and they were selling 10 single cards for 1 dollar! A lot of them were original and perfect condition. Got 94 bit they easily had thousands. Walmart and target had nothing

2020-10-15 04:17:58 UTC

I saw your tweet

2020-10-15 04:18:16 UTC

Damn you're lucky lmao

2020-10-15 05:54:17 UTC

That was another guy lol. He got the best Charizard.

2020-10-15 07:21:14 UTC

Oh shit

2020-10-15 07:21:21 UTC


2020-10-15 07:21:52 UTC

Isn't that card worth around $600 dollars?

2020-10-15 08:51:23 UTC

Lukewarm pulls, but the nostalgia tho


2020-10-15 16:14:50 UTC

PikachuGroyper on PokemonTCG, I'll add everybody also

2020-10-15 16:46:34 UTC

Thanks for the link to that site. Just got 3 packs of evolutions that i really wanted and some individual cards. Definitely the best site to buy. eBay is ok if you can find a good seller but prices are really high and amazon seems to have a lot of scammers

2020-10-15 16:47:02 UTC

The starting deck they give you is a stinkaroo, enjoy getting annihilated.

2020-10-15 16:47:26 UTC


2020-10-15 16:47:26 UTC

The electric one?

2020-10-15 16:47:34 UTC

No they gave me Mental Might

2020-10-15 16:48:33 UTC

I’ve been annihilating with Crushing currents once you get the unlocks. I only play theme instead of standard for now

2020-10-15 16:49:21 UTC

Ok, I'm getting demolished

2020-10-15 16:49:57 UTC

Hopefully I get some codes from packs so I can make something good

2020-10-15 17:06:32 UTC

Play the trainer challenges and get the unlocks from the theme decks. You can add them to standard i think. Some are pretty good. My problem is people have insane trainer cards and i don’t

2020-10-15 17:21:26 UTC

What's your name on there simon

2020-10-15 17:23:02 UTC

You can also unlock theme decks for 500 pokecoins that's pretty good.

2020-10-15 20:06:28 UTC

What really sucks is pokemon rotates the sets so often your cards are useless if you take a break for awhile

2020-10-15 20:10:56 UTC

No, I think the rotation is pretty slow.

2020-10-15 20:11:17 UTC

Detective Pikachu, the set that came out when the movie came out is still in Standard

2020-10-15 20:12:42 UTC

the Japanese rotation is fast

2020-10-15 20:12:54 UTC

the American sets are usually like 2-4 Japanese sets in one

2020-10-15 20:16:20 UTC


2020-10-15 20:16:37 UTC

Pulls from the Sandslash GX box

2020-10-15 20:16:58 UTC

Nothing great but man Pokemon cards look so good

2020-10-15 20:17:20 UTC

Modern Magic cards look like dogshit. They look like sludge

2020-10-15 20:17:26 UTC

They look like Grimer

2020-10-15 21:50:52 UTC

Yeah Poke aesthetics really are great.
Buy the Soaring Skies, Laser Focus or Relentless Flame if you wanna win Theme 🤙🏻

2020-10-17 02:55:16 UTC


2020-10-17 02:55:25 UTC

Do you think I'll ruin it?

2020-10-17 02:55:37 UTC

Do you think i'll ruin it with my bad attitude?

2020-10-17 04:41:48 UTC

No idea @Matt606

2020-10-17 04:41:55 UTC


2020-10-17 04:41:57 UTC


2020-10-17 04:41:58 UTC


2020-10-17 04:42:24 UTC

Was digging through some of my old Pokémon cards.
I know the Palkia and Dialga can go for like 25 dollars each since they are in good condition.
Near mint probably
All of them are near mint

2020-10-17 04:51:47 UTC


2020-10-17 08:39:22 UTC

Add my TCGO bros it’s DemiDoor

2020-10-17 14:12:25 UTC

Costco has 3 tin pokeballs with 3 packs each inside of them for 25-30 dollars. Watching some YouTube videos on it. If all of them contain 1 evolutions, 1 sun and moon and 1 burning shadows, it’s an insanely good deal

2020-10-17 14:37:05 UTC

You can buy them online for 30 on the Costco website but in store they’re 25 or less. You’re basically getting 9 packs(some of the packs go for 10-12 each now) for 11 dollars off plus pokeballs for storage or decoration and 1 coin in each too. Gonna try to get some when i can

2020-10-17 16:51:37 UTC

I'm gonna try to scoop those up simon.

2020-10-17 16:52:06 UTC

I got zip out of the elite trainer box btw

2020-10-17 16:52:23 UTC

I'm not gonna buy those things again, I'll try for the tins.

2020-10-17 19:14:14 UTC

Just bought some Pokémon cards

2020-10-17 21:28:46 UTC


2020-10-17 21:33:55 UTC

You pull anything good gibbler

2020-10-17 21:37:33 UTC

Nah, I just ordered them. Won't be coming for a bit. I got the Darkness Ablaze Booster Box for $92.

2020-10-17 21:41:34 UTC

I got a Pikachu tin and a couple Darkness Ablaze boosters, I'll tell you guys if I pull anything.

2020-10-17 21:42:30 UTC


2020-10-17 21:51:30 UTC


2020-10-17 22:24:35 UTC

Feels good man


2020-10-17 22:27:58 UTC


2020-10-17 22:35:36 UTC

I'm on if you guys wanna play

2020-10-17 22:37:28 UTC

I wonder if you can host a tournament on this thing

2020-10-17 22:39:39 UTC

Could probably raid one of the event cups. They fill and cycle pretty quick but yeah

2020-10-17 22:42:00 UTC

ok we can't host our own event though

2020-10-17 22:42:16 UTC

private I mean

2020-10-17 22:43:21 UTC

Well, we could just set up our own bracket. But yeah, not in the app client

2020-10-17 22:43:36 UTC


2020-10-17 22:43:38 UTC


2020-10-17 22:50:49 UTC

If u wanna restart I can use a theme deck

2020-10-17 22:53:05 UTC


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