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2017-10-30 15:04:31 UTC

Welcome to the TWP Discord.
This is our (((safe space))) to discuss, organize, and radicalize.
Please take a moment to go over the information below

-Be respectful of fellow users
-Discuss a variety of topics with like-minded goys
-Overall, just conduct yourself like a decent human being.

---Infight and shit fling
We understand some discussions may get heated, especially regarding the politics of the current movement, but we can have these talks like men without the need to insult or childish behavior
---Spam irrelevant or needless images/information
Not all topics have to be utterly serious, and we do have channels for light hearted discussion but we need to focus on keeping topics relevant to the channels they’re contained in. Rides needed for events to the channels for those events, regional topics, to their regions, etc.
---Be too loose with information regarding yourself or locations.
While the majority of people here are at the very least sympathetic to the cause, we have to remember that Discords are easily joined and chat logs are easily inspected. We don’t have to live in fear, but I just suggest being careful with sharing your own personal information, and especially sensitive to how we describe/disclose locations during event organization. If you have any users you feel are suspect, please forward that information to myself or one of the other mods.

Enjoy your stay and Hail Victory!

2018-03-14 00:08:32 UTC

You should leave this server.

2 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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