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2020-12-27 05:01:26 UTC

Rule 1: Toxicity will be handled on a case by case basis. Arguments which become excessively petty should be taken to DMs.
Punishment: _Warning / Kick_

Rule 2: No NSFW outside of <#751473015392567447>. No Gore, however historical images, especially those in black and white, are okay to share when part of a larger dialogue/debate.
Punishment: _Warning / Kick_

Rule 3: We have banned several slurs (F word about gays and N word with hard 'r'), not because we want to protect feelies, but because we want to protect our server from possible nuking.
Punishment: _Bot deletes your message, if you are being excessive about trying to bypass bot you might be muted_

Rule 4: No spamming like a retard.
Punishment: _Warning / Mute / Kick (Depends on severity)_

Rule 5: NO DOXXING. No leaking addresses, sensitive info, you get the idea.
Punishment: _Instant report, ban and blacklist_

Rule 6: No advertising servers, especially your own. If you want to partnership, ask one of the admins.
Punishment: _Warning/ Mute_

Rule 7: Don't be a dick to admins/mods. If we tell you to pay attention to the rules, follow orders ffs.
Punishment: _Warning / Kick / Ban (Depends on severity)_

1 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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