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Hey could you explain why placing promat in a men’s restroom is a bad look? Genuine question…

Hello Thomas- I spoke with Vincent Tx about the event- unfortunately I won’t be able to attend. My wife is having a surgery that will put her down for a few days. I will have to take her to and from the hospital and also attend her/ the kids. Is that the info you need or something else?

I get that to an extent, and appreciate the response. I won’t place any more in restrooms… but putting stickers on lamp posts and street signs where no one but us will see them seems a little silly to me. I can’t tell you a time I’ve ever looked at street lamps or street signs for stickers or advertisement but I have seen plenty of promat in restrooms. They even do bulletin boards in them where local businesses advertise. That was my reasoning behind it. I didn’t place them in “bad” areas.. like Lowe’s or Home Depot or local restaurants were my targets. Do you guys have any suggested spots where people will actually see them? I’d like to put them somewhere where it feels more useful than just to post on the activism page for members to see lol

Hey man I figured I’d tell you since I had to explain to Thomas and Vincent already… the December event- my wife is having a surgery on the first of December and will be out of commission for about a week and on bed rest etc etc..that’s one of the reasons I’m working so much now is to pay for it and all. Hope you understand

Yessir- I didn’t plan to tell everyone since it’s personal but they questioned me about why I couldn’t attend- anyways I reckoned you’d need to know eventually as well.

Thanks- so do I haha

10 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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