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Very good to hear.

Imagine if we had every single director on this page. Once @Sam MN leaves my place in the next two weeks he is dedicating his life to building a network in Iowa. He can then attack SD and Northern IL with me (which is growing rapidly again). Western MO will be the next Mid-West network after you. Then either IA or IN. Hopefully IN but it needs a badass leader.

We need a leadership change or rework up in MN sadly.

It's there duty to build up ND and WI

Yes I agree on your assessment that Adam isn't the man. The reason I told him to go for it if it wants the position was simply to build a competition.

Remember that the moral position is and always will be the end goal of a powerful Midwest.

It's power will come from the close brotherly bonds of the leaders, then in turn the men within each body.

That's why I'm trying to find these men and become close with them, build them up, and send them forward into the position.

Since my only goal is for the greater Midwest there should be no doubts in my reasoning, this is why Thomas trusts me for this.

The truth?

I just want a really big Mid-West hike super party bash

Yes of course, can I have fun for once?????

Just kidding.

Ok here is my real reasoning. When I was a young man many terrible things happened to me. These things stemmed from non-whites who held power over my head and used force. Innocence was robbed, and this cannot be given back. When I look at young men across the heartland I see this innocence removed, everywhere. Soulless and given into drugs to fill this hole - it disturbs me to an extreme degree. Innocence must be protected at all costs, the innocence of nature and childhood mainly. The only way to protect these children or kids is to enfore innocence to be protected. This is my real goa.

Well then the creation of this super confederation of Mid-Western states is inevitable. I hope to speed it up x10.

Yes it's strategical I'd say.

I've been getting so far into it that tons of power has been handed off to @Randolph IL recently in the network.

Yes exactly. Hope to have some small events along with other networks, it's awesome you're having something like that. Ahead of the curve my friend.

Take care.

Great job @Leo MO

Good evening.

We have lots of work to do.

TIme for a meeting between us

Are you available to speak on mumble?


Yes Springfield has a lot of places. You shouldn't ever run out truthfully.

I can talk tonight or Friday night.

Ah crap.

Excuse me brother, I hate to miss something this important. The newborn has caused my schedule to skew.

Ok Friday night. I'll be online around 9

Maybe earlier.

Thank you @ND - Ryan OH glad to be here.

@Billy IN
@Victor IN
@Ethan IN

In the last 15 days plus all of November - how many locations have you stickered, each of you?

No explanations are necessary either, just the number please.

Good. Yesterday was rough crying all night had to get her from the wife 8 times in an hour before she had a good old mental break down. Tonight is better, the new born just had stomach gas. Working hard on many different things, very little time for thoughts but it's all coming full circle.

Sam is set to leave very soon, in the next week or so also.

Lots of things going on.

Are you finished planning the action for this weekend?

Or should we just speak on that friday night?

Right right. I'm sure you'll all kill it.

I've got an insane amount

Turbo though, probably none

Remember in the Planning... have Sam load up his fire extinguisher with white paint.

It will murder that place

We're getting to the point where it's going to be more productive to get refillable spray cans with a wide spray. Fill them with compressed air (or whatever they use, nitrogen?) and our own paint. Will save a lot of $$$

Lately I've been busy fighting issues across the Midwest. Digging for this infiltrator, dealing with building up #KCArea into a network (finally), dealing with Sean wanting to become the leader, both the interviewees, teaching them, ect.

The position is starting to look like "Regional Director" at this point.

That's why I'm handing off more power to my core team like yourself.

Don't even get me started on the second interviewee either. It was like an hour and fifteen minutes of questioning him because he wasn't cooperating at the beginning. Long story. Long interview, just non stop testing the man.

"Lets stay out in the open" "I'm worried about that car across the street" Almost ended the interview.

Ok logging in.

Sorry hang tight

October 21st was the midwest hike.

Dealing with a new born at random.

Thanks brother lots of love from the organization, really feels good.

There is also the Michigan Hike.

This was hosted by @Alan MI and I helped him plan the event.

Those are the two events I attended. Ohio members hosted something with Michigan, that's the last event I know about in the Mid-West. Does the event show my attendence?

8 PM cst

The Core Factors of Starting & Running a Business

This will go over everything from a business plan, ledgers/taxes, understanding your goals, and more.

Yes it was Oct 21st I remember selecting that date during planning since I like 21 as a number. No problem.

Very detailed meeting tonight - been working on it across the last few weeks since we've had many breaks.

@all Meeting Room 1

@all Starting

You'll need to get reverified

Message @Vincent TX

Is this Francis_IL?

I've met him multiple times and can confirm he's legitimate.

Business Plan Video

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