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I have great plans for Iowa!

Who do we send interviewees in Iowa to?

Neither of us gets Sam. He wants to go to iowa

I'm looking forward to the future, I think Iowa has potential

I'm going to move to Iowa in December and try to create a network there

The first thing that's on my mind is how to increase our numbers in Iowa

You'll be going with Sam to Iowa here in the next few days. Are you ok with that?

Hey Bryan, I don't think we've met before. I was thinking of moving to Iowa pretty soon here

Iowa has a population of 3 million, and only one member. My hope is to eventually build a network there.

269097 was online at 12pm today, opened opened the server again and he's still online. This is the Iowa guy

I'm thinking of moving to Iowa in early December instead of Minnesota. I want to make myself as useful as possible to the organization, and I think what Iowa needs right now is someone who is fanatical enough to be able to maintain high levels of activity without reinforcement/encouragement from others nearby.

Iowa is simply the most convenient location for that, since it has potential in terms of its demographics and is surrounded by states where I know people.

Iowa is low population density, so it'll take a long time to build a network there regardless of how much you do, but that should not dissuade you from being active whatsoever.

I'm going to be doing a lot of activism, so I appreciate your willingness to help! We're going to make it so that every person in Des Moines knows who Patriot Front is - and from there start building a network in Iowa.

There will be a very bright future for the Heartland if we have @ND - Carter MO in MO, @Sam MN in Iowa, myself in Michigan, and @ND - Ryan OH in Ohio.
I have not met @ND - Johnny MN yet, so its hard for me to give a judgment of him.

Was massively blackpilled till i saw ((them)) seething on twatter. cant wait for the video. Im out a job, can't afford to keep my car maintained and i still have dependents. i dont have a dime to give to the cause but i still exist and standing my ground here in iowa.

By the way, I'm probably going to move to Iowa instead of Minnesota in early December. I'm going to try and build a network there. Des Moines is the same distance from Sioux Falls as the Twin Cities are, so there'll be plenty of opportunities for us to collaborate in the future.

Imagine if we had every single director on this page. Once @Sam MN leaves my place in the next two weeks he is dedicating his life to building a network in Iowa. He can then attack SD and Northern IL with me (which is growing rapidly again). Western MO will be the next Mid-West network after you. Then either IA or IN. Hopefully IN but it needs a badass leader.

She just checked and we did get something from him too. I'll make sure to get a message to him. Car will road worthy again this next week. can't wait to have someone down here again. my only activism with iowa members was my vetting. hopefully we can get this place rolling. i was wondering if promat in rural areas is a good or a bad idea. ive got access to a lot of small towns around here but only 3-4 cities.

The baby is coming and I cannot get anymore of these done past Monday. That's why you'll have to go with Sam as there are now two men requirements for every interview. Not only that but pockets must be emptied, shirts lifted for wires, and phones deactivated and placed on the table. The final updated rule is that the ND is strictly only able to give 2 other men permissions to interview in his network and any regionals under his control. These men are currently Sam and you. Once Sam leaves for Iowa in the coming month Kyle will be healed enough to take his place as the second person. I'm not allowing ANYONE from Western Missouri to conduct interviews at this time since they won't be critical or aggressive enough to sniff out these bastards.

First, my apologies for missing this event as crucial family matters aligned with the exact week of the march.

It's unfortunate that we've lost the passenger bus so early. I'm glad to hear everyone is ok plus all members of NW12 have arrived safely back into the heartland. My total investment was $3000 into the project as it was a gift to the Network for all they have given me this last year. The immense amount of hard work these men put into Missouri, Illinois, and Iowa had deserved something special. This was the main reason for the purchase.

Looking at the ruins initially I was angered, how could it have been destroyed on its first event was the main thought. Then upon hearing of what exactly transpired I remembered what really matters is the safety of our men. That the correct position is one of selflessness especially when leading. My thoughts culminate into the fact the passenger bus was simply a material object with no further purpose than to transport men safely to and from each event while assisting in any other possible way. A bus will ALWAYS be replaceable. My brothers can never be replaced, and for their safe return I am thankful to our leadership.

Honestly looking at the entire situation and inwards financially I'd ask that everyone who had their personal vehicle attacked be placed above the bus. Time spent talking finances among members the last few months has shown me many of our youth aren't investing into assets with returns. Something such as vehicular vandalism could cripple them financially, this is sadly the truth. Their vehicles are more important overall since it could absolutely effect their ability to operate within the organization.

So far what I've gathered from @Sam MN and @Randolph IL on issues with security revolve around phones being handed back too early, some of those attending stood out in a negative way, and a few other minor details. This is all the assistance I can currently provide.

Great job! Glad to see everyone working together in the Western Missouri Region, I'm very proud of everyone new and experienced.

It really has been a long time coming to see the growth that's now appearing in your boundaries. We've just received another interviewee for tomorrow so be prepared for new faces. On the banner drop itself, well - this is the type of activism that turns a regional into a network. As time charges forward a leader will stand up and take local activism to new heights. As this happens I'll assist in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE in order to leave your leadership with an organized structure as strong as steel. Retaining members is key in this instance! Make friends amongst one another and pick up your brother when he is down regardless of his strength.. even the strongest of men will need support in our struggle. You must build one another up in body and mind, this is truly our natural culture.
A brotherhood untouched by those who want us eliminated - an indomitable in spirit is within each of you. Our goals will be accomplished!

New members here, I want you to know that my personal mission is the creation of a Mid-West collective. The introduction speech held at the start the Mid-West hike went over the current state of the Heartland and why we must save it. This idea boiled in my mind and was explained during the speech given for the audience in Michigan while camping the final night. It detailed the idea behind this collective and asked for the assistance of every man in attendance. Entirely focusing on each individual member to take this goal and make it his own and dedicate his time to this honorable cause. For each and every man reach out to others within the Mid-West for the purpose of building powerful connections amongst ourselves.

Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, and our beloved Missouri are the states that make up the Heartland.
Reach out to those within the lands listed above and call them your brothers. They will understand if they don't already.

To the photographer:
The man farthest to the right should angle his body in the same direction as the others then spread his feet apart to make a type of "power stance" if you will. Camera man shout orders if someone looks out of line in a photograph. The second most important thing after safety is recording your actions. Greater your image the large you'll grow. We have an excessive amount of experience with this in #nw_12 and I'm willing to mentor whoever the future photographer is to be. @all

- Praise for men who either did tons of solo activism or accomplished a larger goal such as stenciling or a banner drop.
- Shame for those who didn't accomplish their once a week duty of sticker placement.

Workout Report
- This is completely ran by Kyle MO he takes over this entire part of the meeting.
- Kyle MO is our fitness coordinator, he has given each man a tailored workout plan they have to follow every week. In these meetings he asks them if they have been fulfilling their duty and if they would like to tweak the workout.
- Usually goes on about why it's important to be fit and healthy, he will call out men who are not following the routine in front of everybody. It's highly effective IMO.

Large Event
- If we have a planned large event I will always bring it up before moving forward since guys like to drop out the longer a meeting takes. December 4th is the current large event but we have few details currently. Medium sized events like the September 11th Springfield, MO joint network action will be talked about and also the late September / early October Iowa joint action. (You'll be getting invited to that one.)

Next weeks plan for STL and Kansas City
- Since we're dealing with two large cities that are far apart I have goals for two different groups of men.
- I've given Mark MO sub-lead of all Kansas City activism but he has a lot to learn still.
- We plan all of our banner drops, stenciling actions, and general coordination between one another.

Major Issues
- This isn't every week but if we have anyone breaking a rule or an issue that needs to be stomped out immediately I'll always talk about it before the end of the meeting so it can stay fresh in our minds. One issue we had was with Telegram and using it for a large march that could have lead to a leak, men didn't know the risks associated with this. Other issues we've had are men talking bad about one another, inaction, ect.

Comments, Questions, Concerns
- Just like in a NNM meeting I follow the Thomas approach when dealing with the things above. This is simply an open forum where we can discuss whatever and it has made a world of difference. Many ideas have been brought up, issues that weren't previously mentioned, ect. It's a great thing to allow everyone to speak after sitting through my voice for 45 minutes.

Meeting Length:
I try and keep the meetings under 45 minutes but they have gone on for over an hour. At times it's necessary when we are having turmoil that needs to be addressed. We still have men who don't show up every single week for whatever reason but they don't get the invite or the ability to plan our actions. It's a feedback loop where those who show up influence the Missouri Network giving themselves a position within it and the ability to change it. Frederick IL
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ND - Carter MO ND - Carter MO
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#1 Activism
#2 Workout Reports
#3 Large Actions
#4 Plans for the Week
#5 Issues / Problems Within
#6 Open Forum
As each man enters the meeting room (since I'll always try and be 10 minutes early) I'll welcome them and ask how they're doing. Just a sign of respect that I acknowledge they took the time to show up. Those that didn't show will have a chance for a meeting recap on mumble for a couple days afterwards, I call them out in our regional chat if they didn't show (unless they have an actual excuse). I'm pretty hard on the membership we have but I believe this has retained all but two men and instills confidence in those who go above and beyond. The men who are the at the top have been given positions from their hardwork.
These are the men who have been awarded positions:
Kyle MO Fitness Director
Randolph IL Secondary Lead / Scribe
Mark MO Sub Lead of Western MO / KS
Christopher MO Scout and Photographer

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