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My schedule changed and I could do it sometime today

I need to go to Columbus tomorrow in fact. I'm changing jobs and need to pick up things from my desk down there.

The other bridge

You're most likely going to be good to go. I just have to check whether I performed the vetting closely enough to the new standards

I would immediately accept you if I could. I just have to verify with leadership that they don't want a second vetting to implement specific changes.

No sweat, like you said ‘be patient’

Alright man, you're good to go. Send a message in the vetting server tagging Thomas (@Thomas) saying that you did your IRL interview with MichaelOH and that I approve you for membership.

Thank you, Michael. When you say the vetting server, do you mean in the interviews channel here, or some other place?

Interviews channel

9 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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