(DM) SamMN & Interviewee-696950

RocketChat ID: kdYWQTTkYTEXYxkxguYSRix66BSD3c4RHS

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Sorry for the late reply. I am available for an interview this week, including tonight.


Ready for your interview?


I have the Rocket Chat app installed. If you're currently interviewing 136156, that's fine.

Ready now?


One moment

Ok, I'm in the meeting.

We don't see you

Download the "Jitsi Meet" app and enter "Inter6282R1"

Missing attachment: Screenshot_20211214-200018.png

This is what I see

I can re-enter your link into the app if needed

How good is your connection?

Try leaving and rejoining

Decent connection, ok.

Missing attachment: Screenshot_20211214-200248.png

Okay, let me know the results

Same issue>


Yet again same results

One moment please

Missing attachment: Screenshot_20211214-200652.png

Very strange.

Do you have a computer?


Try using that

I have access to one but it would be at my shop and would take me about 15 minutes to get there + boot it up

Regrettably I don't have one at my house currently

I see, are you available tomorrow? I can consult with some of my more technically-savvy colleagues and figure out what needs to be done to get it working on your phone.


I should be available all week.

Okay, talk to you then

Thanks, have a good night.

37 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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