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2017-01-17 18:38:43 UTC  

Ok, that's cool

2017-01-17 18:38:48 UTC  

i dont buy that many market meat

2017-01-17 18:42:33 UTC  

Otherwise I'm all for protectionism with normal government

2017-01-17 18:43:45 UTC  

I'll collapse if I have to read anything again by an older divorced dude

2017-01-17 18:45:15 UTC  

The reason why Eastern Europeans always have succesful businesses in N. America

2017-01-17 18:45:20 UTC  

"The problem is that building a business in Ukraine requires a certain level of toughness and ruthlessness that few people possess."

2017-01-17 18:45:57 UTC  

same goes with our region

2017-01-17 18:46:23 UTC  

@The Enlightened Shepherd Meanwhile, here in the States, they'll give out a loan to anybody.

2017-01-17 18:46:41 UTC  

Wanna see the rates that our banks give on loans ?

2017-01-17 18:47:38 UTC  

what are your rates like

2017-01-17 18:48:02 UTC  

As far as i remember like 12%

2017-01-17 18:48:10 UTC  

And then banks came up with new rates, 8%

2017-01-17 18:48:18 UTC  

but eventually turned out to be a lot of small fonts

2017-01-17 18:48:27 UTC  

where it usually does not turn out to be 8% at all

2017-01-17 18:48:27 UTC  

Usury is criminal.

2017-01-17 18:48:47 UTC  

Dont take loans, don't consume

2017-01-17 18:49:21 UTC  

dude i read so many business books over my highschool years and am still reading some in college now

2017-01-17 18:49:28 UTC  

and the best advice is just : save money

2017-01-17 18:49:38 UTC  

stop mindlessly consuming shite

2017-01-17 18:49:48 UTC  

same goes for your own bank account and for any business you might run

2017-01-17 18:52:56 UTC  

@TheSlavPill Also, never buy into a business that spends more than it should be making.

2017-01-17 18:54:43 UTC  

I love how people still think Belarus is some kind of run down poor place

2017-01-17 18:54:59 UTC  

Belarus, visually speaking,is like the most pristine place in Europe

2017-01-17 18:55:15 UTC  

police stations, hospitals, public buildings are all brand new and well maintained

2017-01-17 18:55:34 UTC  

like not a single building in Minsk has graffitti on them, not a single lawn or tree or flower looks messy

2017-01-17 18:56:07 UTC  

Economy works properly, all commodities are available

2017-01-17 18:56:18 UTC  

They even got new, much easier to use currency

2017-01-17 18:56:44 UTC  

Police officers are kind, frequent and not corrupt

2017-01-17 18:56:55 UTC  

Food is of excellent quality, affordable and available

2017-01-17 18:57:03 UTC  

Public transportation is satisfying

2017-01-17 18:57:31 UTC  

you've been there?

2017-01-17 18:57:34 UTC  

id like to go

2017-01-17 18:57:36 UTC  

Compared to Paris, even smaller towns in Belarus look like pinnacles of civilization

2017-01-17 18:57:40 UTC  

Only Minsk

2017-01-17 18:57:46 UTC  

oh yeah im never going to paris

2017-01-17 18:57:50 UTC  

shit is disgusting

2017-01-17 18:58:02 UTC  

Full of colored peoples and mess

2017-01-17 18:58:02 UTC  

multicultural shithole

2017-01-17 18:58:26 UTC  

Last time I went there, and it was quite some time ago, i felt like i was in Teheran

2017-01-17 18:58:32 UTC  

I can only imagine what it looks like now