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Strictly going off the book they follow

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```Also the fact that moderate ones are excusing the extremists```
They can't, as that would show them to be false muslims and be killed.
That is the Problem with that shit, that nobody in politics is really informed about the issue and has read the qua'ran...

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@Mayor going purely by the book would make Exterminatus Protocols on them acceptable

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Genocide is ok -

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theres a category of muslims that i can talk to easily, and agree with on a lot of issues, but they are hard to find, and usually are politically incorrect
they understand that demography is destiny, and the ones that i talked to are for reduced immigration from muslim countries.
But these would probably be the first targets for extremists to shut down their speech if the muslim mob becomes big enough

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Yes, that is what the Koran propagates - Genocide based on religion.

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R e P oR T eD

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@Aghost Yes, Islam needs a reformation. Christianity had one however Islam never really had the chance to hash out its issues.

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Religion or lack of religion 😄

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how can they? they kill anyone who wants to try and hash it out

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The West sorta..just..put insane madmen in control of the region for near a century and kept Islam from advancing into the 20th century.

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@Aghost Yesh, there are some, those are not bound by faith and more in the Agnostic religion. And that is why we should help them to convert to Christianity and expell anyone who makes death threats against those people.

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That there are people who speak out against Islam, who have to live in a secret place under constant protection is just wrong.

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yeah, its very weird that its happening in the west

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"Insane madmen",

I rather see people like Assad and Sadam in charge there than the current people

Your argument makes no sense at all

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muslims get a pass when rioting and terrorizing neighborhoods... in my country, they sometimes refuse to shut down mosques where extremist activity has been happening, but the worst thing is, you hardly ever hear about it on the news :S

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instead of Peace and killing opposition,

Its not Warfare and killing opposition over there

Those dictators are horrible, but atleast they keep order, because power is all that matters in those regions

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Muslims are voters, and media listens to the people collecting those votes (the government)

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Dr. Wol - I would like to see the Iraqi Kurds in charge..because they are the only ones who actually adopted rationality and western values.

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So would i, but the people there aren't used to western values, so to stop them from seeing "Freedom!" as a right to kill people who aren't as radical as you, you have to keep them under control by force, which means taking that freedom away

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Menawhile on youtube

2018-09-24 11:36:36 UTC really can't force that people.

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Seen it

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Cant believe they let it there loo

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We live in the best timeline

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I thought Lenin was spelled with 1 n in the middle

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yeah that scares me a bit, some leftists (the more extreme ones), are for muslim immigration (that usually have high birthrates), but hate having kids themselves...
like.. are they really that confident in the idea that these muslims will become "westerners" in a couple of generations? :S i dont understand

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It is

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It's some other person named Lennin

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oh xD

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i thought it was literally just comparing their names, like how Trump is called hitler etc

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that you have a right-winger vs a communist

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can we discuss the fact that somebody named their kid hitler?

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So business as usual in the media?

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This is also true

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Like..that had to be uncomfortable in school