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and were gentle, and only gang raped the girls who were physiologically ready for it.

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and made sure to do the _after care_

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Which apparently _never resulted in any disappearances or kidnappings_.

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```During a press conference Wednesday, President Donald Trump said China respects him because of his "very, very large brain." ```
Even if you hate him, you gotta admit this guy is funny

2018-09-27 06:25:53 UTC  

He is a born entertainer.

2018-09-27 06:26:35 UTC  

Regardless of whether you agree, disagree, hate, or love that statement, you will almost certainly find it _entertaining_.

2018-09-27 06:39:04 UTC  

only morons are anti-brain.

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Trump numbah one

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Were the '80s really that bad?

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that's not the right question

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Do you remember the 80s is the better question.

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Can anyone from the '80s confirm to me that if something like two hundred brutal gang rapes happened in a single neighbourhood, at gatherings which were accessible to the public, literally nobody would care enough to remember?

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In the 80s we called them parties.

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Not rape.

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lizard brain loves the '80s

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@Paradox In the 80s you guys liked mohawks and hot pink.

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just searched _rape train_ and this was the first thing that came up

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This is... actually pretty good.

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Rape trains were real.

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That seems to be more about a consensual sex train.

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NOpe, you are not understanding it then. It's RAPE.

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Man, I remember the music guy playing that song at the dances my summer camp had. My bunkmates were shit but the camp was fun

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took till college to find out what it was called

2018-09-27 06:53:07 UTC  

This guy is making an effort to ethically convince the listener to ride the train.

2018-09-27 06:53:32 UTC  

that's violence.

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Granted, he doesn't make any supporting arguments

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it's just suggestions, and maybe an appeal.

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remember words are violence

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Well, I guess I might as well just go and commit some violence.

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ideas are violence

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If words are violence, are sexual words sexual violence?

2018-09-27 06:58:11 UTC  

no, ideas are fine as long as you don't share them.

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once you share them it's rape

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Well, I guess since I'm already guilty of sexual ~~words~~ violence, I might as well just go do the real deal.