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2018-09-27 07:29:47 UTC  

I would be fine with that Paradox

2018-09-27 07:29:54 UTC  

IRV can have some substandard results.

2018-09-27 07:29:57 UTC  

another year of not watching news

2018-09-27 07:30:05 UTC  

I could watch all of star trek

2018-09-27 07:30:27 UTC  

And IRV is really... not appropriate for the U.S. electoral structure

2018-09-27 07:30:34 UTC  

I probably won't be following 2020. I'll either be voting Trump or 3rd party barring some act of God . Im not looking forward to the insanity of that election cycle given how crazy it's been this year for the mid-terms

2018-09-27 07:30:48 UTC  

which is intentionally undemocratic

2018-09-27 07:30:55 UTC  

for non-nefarious reasons.

2018-09-27 07:31:04 UTC  

It would work for the primaries

2018-09-27 07:31:08 UTC  

oh sure

2018-09-27 07:31:20 UTC  

IRV primaries actually make lots of sense.

2018-09-27 07:31:23 UTC  

which is were the real rigging comes from

2018-09-27 07:31:32 UTC  

we should have IRV and have all primaries on the same day

2018-09-27 07:31:37 UTC  

The electoral system has caused a lot of problems, its supposed to potect agains the tyranny of the majority but it just means parties fight over territory instead of actually helping their constituents

2018-09-27 07:31:56 UTC  

well, if the party itself wants their primary rigged, they'll figure it out.

2018-09-27 07:32:29 UTC  

I listen styx's videos while cooking up breakfast and getting set for the day, cause he uploads them at like 6:40 my time, and then i listen to tims vids after i get home and have supper. Thats about all the news i watch anymore

2018-09-27 07:32:39 UTC  

@Risotto territory is the right unit of representation in federal politics though

2018-09-27 07:33:02 UTC  

I do Beck, Mahr, No Agenda and some youtubers

2018-09-27 07:33:10 UTC  

@Risotto the problem is that the federal government has taken on too many inappropriate roles, which means that people suddenly expect it to represent _people_ rather than _states_.

2018-09-27 07:33:29 UTC  

Yeah the federal government is too powerful

2018-09-27 07:33:45 UTC  

way too powerful

2018-09-27 07:33:50 UTC  

And not just that

2018-09-27 07:34:02 UTC  

it exerts power over individuals

2018-09-27 07:34:09 UTC  

which is the states' job.

2018-09-27 07:34:13 UTC  


2018-09-27 07:34:18 UTC  

Looks like america could use a bit of freedom and liberty

2018-09-27 07:34:19 UTC  

too involved, power it should have, just not over the things it does.

2018-09-27 07:35:02 UTC  

I think it is reasonable for the federal government to be somewhat involved in the common defense

2018-09-27 07:35:22 UTC  

but we also have a considerable amount of technical separation of that power into state militias

2018-09-27 07:35:32 UTC  

that part is intact

2018-09-27 07:35:34 UTC  


2018-09-27 07:35:44 UTC  

Our military has gotten out of hand too

2018-09-27 07:35:49 UTC  

the federal government should deal with defense of the boarders

2018-09-27 07:35:56 UTC  

yeah, too much is bought at the federal level

2018-09-27 07:36:04 UTC  

and the stuff labeled in the constitution

2018-09-27 07:36:07 UTC  

Dumping trillions of dollars into Raytheon's mouth like it was a baby bird

2018-09-27 07:36:13 UTC  

everything else like Abortion, Marriage ect should be off limits.

2018-09-27 07:36:27 UTC  

well, and the interpretation of the interstate commerce clause has... clearly overrun the drafting intent.

2018-09-27 07:36:31 UTC  

well Risotto that isn't just a military thing, we are too involved in the world in general *cough United nations*

2018-09-27 07:37:21 UTC  

the problem is that in order for the interstate commerce clause to be reigned in at this point, the constitution will have to be amended to make it _extra super clear_ that the thing that has changed, is that we suddenly realized that nothing was supposed to have changed.

2018-09-27 07:38:03 UTC  

but now that we changed it, we need to change it again so this time we can be double-plus certain that it really wasn't meant to have changed in the first place.