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2018-10-04 12:41:48 UTC  

queue scribble 😄 who is just here to be angry

2018-10-04 12:42:09 UTC  

Ah, then you might as well ask why people get upset over words.

2018-10-04 12:42:14 UTC  

Emotions make up everything people do though. Very few people can remove emotion from everything they encounter. I think people just need to do a better job being aware of when they're having an emotional bias

2018-10-04 12:42:25 UTC  

Why is winning an argument satisfying and losing one feels bad?

2018-10-04 12:42:45 UTC  

Much of our nervous system reacts to a verbal altercation in ways similar to physical ones.

2018-10-04 12:42:56 UTC  

I just don't think that's it. It might be some factor for each issue, but I don't think it's a commanlity or the primary factor.

2018-10-04 12:42:58 UTC  

Our nervous system can only project onto the situation.

2018-10-04 12:43:09 UTC  

well its just an infinite cycle

"Oh theres predatory males about"
"This man opens the door for me? What could he want with that! he must be a predatory male!"
"Oh why can't men be nice to me instead?"

And men are told its nice to be friendly and hold open a door etc

2018-10-04 12:43:10 UTC  

It doesn't really comprehend what is going on on a very rational level.

2018-10-04 12:43:30 UTC  

@Paradox Well you seem to not have the issue so maybe you just can't sympathize with it as a concept?

2018-10-04 12:43:46 UTC  

When we have an angry Internet debate, our blood pressure rises and many of the same fight responses kick into action as if we were confronted on the street. Does that make sense? Yes and no.

2018-10-04 12:44:06 UTC  

Also, many "leftists" are on anti-anxiety meds etc

2018-10-04 12:44:07 UTC  

From a rational point of view it makes no sense. From an evolutionary point of view it makes perfect sense.

2018-10-04 12:44:10 UTC  

which reks their brain

2018-10-04 12:44:29 UTC  

Oh, I believe I have agreed it's a thing. What that thing is is what I am thinking about.

2018-10-04 12:45:00 UTC  

The thing it is about is often a threat narrative.

2018-10-04 12:45:17 UTC  

For women, who tend to be more anxious, it is often a threat to safety.

2018-10-04 12:45:43 UTC  

That is why a lot of rhetoric that is anti-male is centered around predation.

2018-10-04 12:46:14 UTC  

If you think that is very hypothetical and indirect - yes, because it is.

2018-10-04 12:46:43 UTC  

But most of our emotions are. When you cry during a movie, you are crying at a set of pixels. Does that make sense?

2018-10-04 12:46:44 UTC  

So how long has this server been in existence

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I g2g

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i'll check back later.

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A person is rational to the degree that they recognize their own irrationality.

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Dude wtf lmao

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I get what you are saying, I just don't think it's topic specific. Instead it's something, that seems to span multiple topics.

2018-10-04 12:49:26 UTC  

Yeah I think we all agreed on that

2018-10-04 12:49:31 UTC  

oh did we?

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Yeah i know right

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The only possible grounds I can think of is the right not to associate by means of not being able to block the messages

2018-10-04 12:51:12 UTC

2018-10-04 12:51:18 UTC  

Is it something you have to opt into?

2018-10-04 12:51:49 UTC  

No. It's like Amber Alerts but nationwide

2018-10-04 12:52:06 UTC  

I don't know what the content of the presidential alerts are going to be

2018-10-04 12:52:10 UTC  

It's the Cheeto Alerts.

2018-10-04 12:52:45 UTC  

Apparently being sent an emergency text message is an illegal search or seizure

2018-10-04 12:52:50 UTC  

Well I don't get amber alert text messages. .

2018-10-04 12:52:58 UTC  

So, if it's like that then i don't see the problem.