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2018-10-04 13:26:39 UTC  

Biased in what way?

2018-10-04 13:28:46 UTC  

Diveristy is a strength. Social Justice is a good thing. Feelings don't care about facts. Three of his underlying beliefs I disagree with.

2018-10-04 13:30:01 UTC  

Uh I'm not sure that last one is something Tim believes in

2018-10-04 13:30:14 UTC  

Didn't he criticize that sentiment in his most recent video

2018-10-04 13:31:36 UTC  

Those aren't really biases anyway. They are just what he believes. My understanding of a bias is something that prevents you from thinking objectively or critically about something

2018-10-04 13:31:52 UTC  


2018-10-04 13:32:08 UTC  

not sure if he actually has biases or if he's just trying to cater to a certain market.

2018-10-04 13:32:23 UTC  

so is Kavanaugh in or no?

2018-10-04 13:32:26 UTC  

Biases are a weird, misunderstood thing

2018-10-04 13:32:34 UTC  

he also has friendships that he doesn't want to burn by going full anti-sjw

2018-10-04 13:32:51 UTC  

because saying certain things will end friendships with sjws.

2018-10-04 13:33:21 UTC  

I heard Brett is going to be in.

2018-10-04 13:33:50 UTC  

nah he's a bleeding heart lib inside

2018-10-04 13:33:50 UTC  

They're doing the initial vote tomorrow and the closing vote will probably be on sunday

2018-10-04 13:33:51 UTC  

democrats have had time to cook up more schemes. it's not a done deal until he's sworn in.

2018-10-04 13:33:54 UTC  

I actually was kind of hoping he'd be out and they pick someone even further right.

2018-10-04 13:33:55 UTC  

but happens not to be batshit insane :^)

2018-10-04 13:34:20 UTC  

The Senate got the report this morning

2018-10-04 13:34:32 UTC  

That would be number 8, yes.

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2018-10-04 13:34:52 UTC  

Maybe 9 is the lucky charm.

2018-10-04 13:34:59 UTC  

doesn't matter.

2018-10-04 13:35:27 UTC  

Unfortunately the FBI didn't interview Kavanaugh or Ford or any of the "corraborating" witnesses

2018-10-04 13:35:30 UTC  

if they didn't find russian gang rape mafia evidence it's because they didn't investigate long enough.

2018-10-04 13:35:39 UTC  

Easy fuel for the Dems to continue delaying

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2018-10-04 13:35:47 UTC  

I think the Russians raped Ford.

2018-10-04 13:35:56 UTC  

this is all such psyhotic nonsense

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2018-10-04 13:36:01 UTC  

a russian once bit my sister

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2018-10-04 13:36:05 UTC  

Ooops, how embarrassing.

2018-10-04 13:36:12 UTC  

He had to come in right then.

2018-10-04 13:36:14 UTC  

Hi, Tim.

2018-10-04 13:36:18 UTC  

now we have ppl amd that brett was friends with bullies

2018-10-04 13:36:32 UTC  

Yes, I was just shitposting.

2018-10-04 13:36:35 UTC  

It's ridiculous.

2018-10-04 13:36:54 UTC  

We all know it is - but they pretend it's not. Even THEY know it's ridiculous.

2018-10-04 13:36:58 UTC  

photoshop angry kavanaugh's face on biff from back to the future

2018-10-04 13:37:02 UTC  

But they dug their heels in, so now they can't lose face.

2018-10-04 13:37:09 UTC  

It's Kabuki - don't lose face.