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2017-06-25 14:32:25 UTC  

She's singing about being a spoiled princess waifu

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2017-06-25 14:33:07 UTC  

Tbh, not big on the 2d girls my dude

2017-06-25 14:33:21 UTC  

Don't like the hentai, n shit like that

2017-06-25 14:33:28 UTC  

If my marriage fails im gonna marry my waifu and give up on life

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2017-06-25 14:33:42 UTC  

This shit was on letterman a while back

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2017-06-25 14:33:58 UTC  

Is that the deep sea girl song version miku?

2017-06-25 14:34:32 UTC  

That last video makes me want to jump out a moving car.

2017-06-25 14:34:54 UTC  

Miku is generic vocaloid fam, Gumi is where it's at

2017-06-25 14:35:16 UTC  

I'm laughing irl atm

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2017-06-25 14:35:21 UTC  

This is too funny

2017-06-25 14:35:26 UTC  

What is?

2017-06-25 14:35:47 UTC  

You're unironic interest in this weeb shit

2017-06-25 14:35:58 UTC  

I actually like this music dude, hold on brb

2017-06-25 14:36:22 UTC  

lol, not dogging you. You're fine, it's just a good kek.

2017-06-25 14:36:29 UTC  

same, brb.

2017-06-25 14:37:44 UTC  

I just checked, I have 44 songs by miku saved and like 80+ others from other vocaloids

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2017-06-25 15:19:46 UTC  

I swear, everytime there is someone not driving properly on the road it's 96% of the time a woman, a nigger, or an old person

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2017-06-25 16:40:45 UTC  

Thanks, watching now.

2017-06-25 16:44:35 UTC  

LOL, people shouting Helicopter rides.

2017-06-25 16:45:56 UTC  

ROFLROFL Fucking telling off the commies with threats of heli rides

2017-06-25 17:58:27 UTC  

Richard Spencer is speaking rn. In the livestream above.

2017-06-25 19:03:58 UTC  

If the holocaust never happened than what was zyklon d doing around

2017-06-25 19:26:29 UTC  
2017-06-25 19:48:46 UTC  

@JKEMI Don't you mean Zyklon B, not D?

2017-06-25 20:20:59 UTC  


2017-06-25 20:25:12 UTC  

I read it was a delousing agent. I dont know how effective it was.

2017-06-25 20:54:13 UTC  

Why do people with downs syndrome look so similar. I've always felt they should have their own village somewhere, just a society of potato people