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2017-02-18 20:41:57 UTC  

Love Alex Jones, he celebrates Trumps tweet about fake news failing then he tries to sell you Donald Trump special edition recievers haha

2017-02-18 20:45:50 UTC  

that's what i call a businessman

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2017-02-18 22:39:58 UTC  

Any way to make money off of this Trump sensationalism is gold, I guess.

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2017-02-18 23:13:51 UTC  

@Someguy that's not what Red Ice radio is saying. In fact other media outlets said there are no go zones. 60 minutes went to Sweden and I think they were in a no go zone - with the purpose of trying to dispel how bad the muscle invasion is.

2017-02-18 23:16:15 UTC  

They were wrong, and them being wrong was filmed on location LIVE.

2017-02-18 23:16:27 UTC  

have you seen this? Donald Trump deleted the original tweet because it had an error, yet the mainstream media ran with it using Trump of trying to delete the tweet

2017-02-18 23:16:48 UTC  

Yes, 60 minutes was wrong and it was good that we got to see that.

2017-02-18 23:29:58 UTC  

It turns out that the 11 million number of people who died in the Holocaust was inflated and it's per Jewish sources. đŸ˜³

PewDiePie's Media Contrived Anti-Semitism

2017-02-18 23:30:18 UTC  

‘Remember the 11 million’? Why an inflated victims tally irks Holocaust historians | Jewish Telegraphic Agency

2017-02-18 23:33:53 UTC  

I don't remember that number or that event ever happening at all đŸ˜†.

2017-02-19 05:07:44 UTC  

He will not divide us is back up, this time in New Mexico

2017-02-19 05:09:28 UTC  

They have those yellow Sorosâ„¢ signs. Fucking shills.

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2017-02-19 05:09:54 UTC  

and they were chanting "only one solution, we need a revolution"

2017-02-19 05:11:22 UTC  

Meanwhile they all live in their moms basements

2017-02-19 05:11:25 UTC  

Fuck them

2017-02-19 05:11:39 UTC  

I almost fuckin wish there was a revolution

2017-02-19 05:11:44 UTC  

i wish someone would fuck shia up

2017-02-19 05:12:04 UTC  

Shia is a lunatic

2017-02-19 05:12:10 UTC  

I wish there was revolution is already obvious that they are going to be problematic regardless

2017-02-19 05:12:22 UTC  

Apparently his father is one of those Hollywood chimos

2017-02-19 05:12:31 UTC  

He was probably fucked by his dad for years

2017-02-19 05:12:31 UTC  

yes that is what i have heard

2017-02-19 05:13:02 UTC  

from what i have read about shia's growing up years, he lived a bizarre life

2017-02-19 05:13:13 UTC  

It's not Shia. Those yellow signs are Soros through & through.

Soros needs to die for humanities sake

2017-02-19 05:13:31 UTC  

yes soros signs

2017-02-19 05:14:02 UTC  

I believe that Trump & his administration knows all this. It's just a matter of time before Soros gets his

2017-02-19 05:14:02 UTC  

they probably have a web site printed at hte bottom but i haven't seen one close enough yet

2017-02-19 05:14:22 UTC  

I would love for them to implicate Obozo

2017-02-19 05:14:35 UTC  

Well- going by what I've seen, a lot of those people get hired on Craigslist & shit.

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2017-02-19 05:14:48 UTC  

Obama & Clinton both

2017-02-19 05:14:58 UTC  

she has gotten really bold

2017-02-19 05:15:20 UTC  

have you seen her twitter. she says she is a "pant suit afficionado" etc

2017-02-19 05:15:52 UTC  

I wondered about that too. She tweeted something the other day in regards to pizzagate & fake news

2017-02-19 05:16:01 UTC  


2017-02-19 05:16:36 UTC  

I think that they've been going around trying to hide evidence & clean house (so to speak)

2017-02-19 05:16:55 UTC  

yes she seems very confident