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The Order Templar was charged with guarding people as they traveled thru the Holy Lands, so they were protectors of people.

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o wait, wrong tenor for this chat, mb

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I thought I was in the antifa server

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Hey @Timcast I got a question I honestly want to ask you. With the way Democrats are acting at the moment, do you really think they should even be close to leading or occupying any offices? With them embracing the left's authoritative nature and all?

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@Tornzy my step mom is baptist

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@Dusty Morgan It's necessary to have both parties in a two party system, an overwhelming bloc of one party would just lead to schism within it

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The dildocrats are playing essentially the same role the republicans did during the obama years

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I know that. But with the way the Democrats are advocating for censorship, authoritative government, and basically dictatorship.... I don't think the Democrats/Left should even be close to power at the moment till they get their heads on straight.

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@Dusty Morgan look back into history for your answer

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They would advocate any position to hold on to what power remains to them

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this has happened already

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A realignment may happen, who knows

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Republicans didn't advocating those those things...

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And when the tables were turned, the republicans did the same

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They didn't advocate violence, mob mentality, and shit.

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They didn't say people are not welcome here.

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They didn't belittle the other side by calling them Degeneratives.

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They didn't constantly call people Nazis or shit.

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They did, just in different ways

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A focus on the specifics isn't super useful, granted there's been an escalation in the severity of the debate

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The actions of the DNC echo the actions of the NAZI party after they lost the general elections

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*Rolls eyes.* Even Timcast can point out that they didn't.

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And he is liberal left leaning.

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All of this is just the flow of political power. Specifics are unimportant, it's the big picture that matters

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So you think the ends justify the means.

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The republican polarization just happened to be the whole tea party thing

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I don't think justice falls anywhere on the spectrum

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The same thing that Nazi's actual fucking Nazis believed.

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Why attribute morality to a system that is amoral?

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Didn't matter how many Jews they killed, if the end was paradise, they were for it.

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That is how Germany justified their killing.

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Gross oversimplification

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Have any of you folks read the NAZI 25 point Plan? Mien Komf? That is most of what the DNC advicate for these days.

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No, the ends don't justify the means, ever.

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Wait, can I do a quick check, who here is speaking in earnest and who is just trolling

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I'm speaking in earnest atm

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If we give up our humanity to reach perfection, then are we really still human?

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I am speaking in Earnest. I have a strong distain against people who thinks the Ends justify the means.