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2017-05-12 16:11:20 UTC  

for sure

2017-05-12 16:12:08 UTC  

I'm not against trad women either, but not an imposed role as such.

2017-05-12 16:12:29 UTC  

It's hard for men to be incentivized to stay with all of this degeneracy that gives them the temporary satisfaction we're all craving due to our lack of identity

2017-05-12 16:13:03 UTC  

It's also hard for white men in particular to be as perfect as hollywood depicts jewish/black men.

2017-05-12 16:13:40 UTC  

So women have overly high expectations nowadays to want pretty much EVERYTHING, like be a breadwinner with at least a 6 digit figure income

2017-05-12 16:14:29 UTC  

Unfortunately for most men like myself, it's tough to even bother with all the anti-white rhetoric going on... Which is one reason why I'm for accelerationism big time.

2017-05-12 16:14:44 UTC  

I've... never noticed that, but maybe it's just where I live these days. The whole "I wan dat BBC" mentality isn't something I've seen too often, save in a fictional context.

2017-05-12 16:15:11 UTC  

Well yeah

2017-05-12 16:15:13 UTC  

It's called propaganda

2017-05-12 16:15:31 UTC  

My area's pretty blackpilling too

2017-05-12 16:15:43 UTC  

Which is why I'm moving to North Dakota in a week or so

2017-05-12 16:15:58 UTC  

Nice. Flyover states are lovely.

2017-05-12 16:16:03 UTC  

Watford City is the goal, but I might have to stay somewhere cheaper

2017-05-12 16:16:15 UTC  

Then again, the West part of NoDak is very nice and white

2017-05-12 16:16:18 UTC  

Oh by the way

2017-05-12 16:16:21 UTC  

Did you know

2017-05-12 16:16:38 UTC  

That the reserves areas for Native Americans overwhelmingly voted for Hillary Clinton?

2017-05-12 16:16:56 UTC  

Sioux County in North Dakota is a reserve area and it's as blue as the black vote for Clinton was

2017-05-12 16:17:24 UTC  

I've surprised they voted at all. The ones I grew up around would be too busy smoking meth and watching tv to care.

2017-05-12 16:17:33 UTC  

Native Americans?

2017-05-12 16:17:38 UTC  

Fuckin' degenerates

2017-05-12 16:18:29 UTC  

Yup. Poverty is the worst among the natives I grew up around, despite the fact that they're the only people I know of who are given land, their own sovereign state, and a fat check every month.

2017-05-12 16:18:34 UTC  

Just for existing.

2017-05-12 16:18:44 UTC  

Yeah, fuck 'em

2017-05-12 16:18:52 UTC  

Just another goddamned burden for Whitey

2017-05-12 16:19:09 UTC  

... To be honest, white supremacy is becoming more logical and reasonable to me, really.

2017-05-12 16:19:46 UTC  

That would imply that whites are objectively better than all other races when, really, they kind of aren't.

2017-05-12 16:19:48 UTC  

Goddamn I'm just a Millennial, I can only imagine that Generation Z is gonna wind up probably carrying out what Millennials have been talking about at least

2017-05-12 16:19:59 UTC  

All you whites are beneath my Hyperborean glory.

2017-05-12 16:20:09 UTC  


2017-05-12 16:20:31 UTC  

The order is this: God, Hyperborean, Human, Jew, Nigger.

2017-05-12 16:20:35 UTC  

Don't you know anything?

2017-05-12 16:22:27 UTC  

White pill~

2017-05-12 21:26:10 UTC

2017-05-12 22:18:13 UTC

2017-05-13 10:55:27 UTC  

@here Can we all agree Emily Youcis should be gassed, pls?

2017-05-13 10:55:50 UTC  

Maybe I'm just obsessive, but maybe we shouldn't be allowing degenerate yiff porn makers into our movement..

2017-05-13 10:56:24 UTC  

M8 there's a lot of sodomites, cadamites and degnerates to be gassed in the movement 1st

2017-05-13 10:56:45 UTC