Message from Montanan in Safe Space 3 #shitposting

2017-05-16 04:08:39 UTC  

Things are looking up for me, at least. Moving in two weeks to a transit place for a few months, then onto a teaching career after that. 😃

2017-05-16 04:08:55 UTC  

Teaching careers are fickle I hear.

2017-05-16 04:09:00 UTC  

For men.

2017-05-16 04:09:02 UTC  

Then it's just a matter of finding a fem Hyperborean who wants to have kids, and isn't fucking insane.

2017-05-16 04:09:23 UTC  

Mind if I'm a bit of a jerk to you for a bit, Fireball?

2017-05-16 04:09:27 UTC  

That's alright. Someone's got to be there for the War on Boys.

2017-05-16 04:09:31 UTC  

Go ahead, I can take it.

2017-05-16 04:09:45 UTC  

This Hyperborean shit is rather annoying.

2017-05-16 04:10:07 UTC  

Is it really? Because you're the first person I'm hearing this from.

2017-05-16 04:10:28 UTC  

Maybe I'm just a bit different 😃

2017-05-16 04:10:43 UTC  

I'm having fun. I'm not retarded enough to think my height makes me another species...

2017-05-16 04:10:50 UTC  

Cool beans.

2017-05-16 04:11:12 UTC  

Maybe a bit like me claiming to be Atheist when really I'm agnostic.

2017-05-16 04:12:17 UTC  

But, if body size affects pregnancy (I'm not a doctor, but I suspect it does) I look for alike size. I can't get pregnant, but I imagine a small woman with a large baby is at least a bit uncomfortable.

2017-05-16 04:12:23 UTC  

If not, outright difficult.

2017-05-16 04:14:09 UTC  

Makes sense.

2017-05-16 04:14:32 UTC  

@Montanan I trust you don't mind if I keep using the word nigger?

2017-05-16 04:14:47 UTC  

In my opinion no words should be offensive.

2017-05-16 04:14:53 UTC  

Because THAT I would imagine would grate on people. I can't remember the last I said "black person" here.

2017-05-16 04:15:20 UTC  

I'm not trying to tone police.

2017-05-16 04:17:17 UTC  

I guess I feel a bit of HAC's frustration. Even though we disagree.

2017-05-16 04:17:40 UTC  


2017-05-16 04:19:44 UTC  

"The sky is the blue, and the land is the green. The white is for the people in between."

2017-05-16 04:21:03 UTC  
2017-05-16 04:21:35 UTC  

he repeatedly expresses his frustration that society isn't doing what he believes is our last chance

2017-05-16 04:26:12 UTC  

@Fireball Bastard What can we do to make things better for society?

2017-05-16 04:26:40 UTC  

@Montanan To be honest?

2017-05-16 04:27:10 UTC  

Get active, stop talking about shit on the internet, develop good values, have kids, and teach them to do the same.

2017-05-16 04:27:36 UTC  

The last bit, I've found, is hard. Kids tend to rebel as they get older, and I'm not entirely sure how to circumvent that.

2017-05-16 04:28:56 UTC  

third one seems tricky

2017-05-16 04:29:46 UTC  

I'm not so sure about that. We've had good values throughout most of human history. We just tend to live in a society of spoiled children.

2017-05-16 04:30:46 UTC  

The lesson we were taught as kids was "follow your dreams", when it should've been "just fucking do it". Flights of fancy don't build character, but working and interacting with others... might.

2017-05-16 04:31:54 UTC  

Do things instead of thinking about doing things.

2017-05-16 04:33:19 UTC  

Man. If I was redpilled at an early age I'd probably have a community of like minded people who share my demographic. *shakefist*

2017-05-16 04:33:21 UTC  

That, and actually getting A job, instead of scouring for THE job first. Too many people getting on out of high school, with some vague notion of what they think they want, and working for a living comes later.
How can you know what you want to do for the rest of your life, when you haven't begun to live it?

2017-05-16 04:33:45 UTC  

Yeah. Fuck college.

2017-05-16 04:33:54 UTC  

Get paid to learn.

2017-05-16 04:34:40 UTC  

I learned that lesson too late; I'm only glad that the useless degree I got can be used as a platform to a teaching degree.

2017-05-16 04:34:55 UTC  

Might need to be selective in your field for that though. Can't take underwater feminist theory and get paid to learn.

2017-05-16 04:35:13 UTC  

Oh shit, I'm sorry man.