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Got that Hyperborean nose... it knows where the degeneracy lies.

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Bad English grim, for black SoundCloud rappers

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And having spent years of my life living among niggers, I can take them apart pretty quickly.

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What do you mean among niggers?

2017-05-17 17:41:58 UTC  

Parents were poor af when I was young, so I had to live in nigger neighborhoods and cities for a few years.

2017-05-17 17:42:14 UTC  

If you love your kids, stay out of "diverse" schools and communities.

2017-05-18 02:04:32 UTC

"It’s not unusual to have tensions over who worked harder at a younger between two generations. Bruce Cannon Gibney, who is 40 and a Generation X-er (born between millennials and a baby boomers) said baby boomers have appetite for consumption and a lack of empathy for future generations . Those characteristics have resulted in bad policy decisions such as preferential tax treatment and entitlement programs, said Gibney, author of β€œA Generation of Sociopaths: How the Boomers Betrayed America.”

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Damn Amish at it again

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@vaultright Are we taking bets on whether those people were aloha-snackbarred?

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Because if they were, that has to be the dumbest towelhead to try this so far.

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A sedan instead of something heavier, no gun, no bomb.

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Steven MolyJew

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@Lizard Wizard fireball is right. Real food os also cheaper than nigger food

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@Pretorius Fireball is always right when it comes to the coons.
Elect ME for Animal Control Officer when the day comes. The support beams to my front porch are always strong. πŸ˜„

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how is nigger food not dirt cheap

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Sedan of peace?

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Nigger food is pretty dirt cheap, it consists of monkeys, and black people.

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Just... Don't want to eat it is all.

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Move it to shitposting lads

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the car driver, allegedly

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This is fake news

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@flooz Because the jews know niggers will pay any price for food if it's covered in breading and served with a glass of purple drank.

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It appears I was wrong. This WAS a case of aloha-snackbaring, but the execution was terrible.

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I guess one of the ISIS recruits got a bit overzealous mid-training.

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How much longer are we going to fucking cuck ourselves for these fucking parasites?

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I wish I could answer that, fam.

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Everything these fucking sand niggers touch ends up ruined...

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What a world to fucking wake up in...

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man, it's like.

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how many more people have to die because of these subhuman scum

2017-05-18 16:52:17 UTC  

not just people. OUR people as well...

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whites are uncomfortable