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2017-05-07 19:25:12 UTC  

With so many french women around, why that cunt?

2017-05-07 19:25:14 UTC  

Doing fine though mah dude.

2017-05-07 19:27:40 UTC  

Well, one of my White Nationalist Discords are hardcore black pilled at the moment. So, pretty much at the moment there is nothing we can do.

2017-05-07 19:27:59 UTC  

Is there white pills? Outside of hail our race.

2017-05-07 19:28:24 UTC  

No, no -- Here in America where I live, we're basically a minority already and people are STILl cucked beyond belief.

2017-05-07 19:28:40 UTC  

ohh, yeah --

2017-05-07 19:28:45 UTC  

I envy you.

2017-05-07 19:28:55 UTC  

The Pacific Northwest?

2017-05-07 19:29:07 UTC  

I know, but you've heard of Cascadia movement, right?

2017-05-07 19:29:34 UTC  

The one problem with that thoug is they're making it open.

2017-05-07 19:29:41 UTC  

So all people know about the movement.

2017-05-07 19:30:57 UTC  

There are no rich people in our movements, they're too comfortable in their walled areas.

2017-05-07 19:31:47 UTC  

That's why the Boers are in so much trouble in South Africa, even though the white population is the richest in South Africa. But they don't give a damn about the Boers, because they have body guards in their walled off cities.

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«I think it enriches the Norwegian culture. We get more diversity. At the same time I think we should keep hold of what is Norwegian. We don't need to let go of it,
We do not need to let it go, even if we get impulses from outside.», Says the King of Norway, Harald V. @everyone

2017-05-07 19:32:29 UTC  

Even my king is a cuck.

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@Dionysus I'm 1.4% North African 😦 I'm a sand nigger.

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2017-05-07 19:32:55 UTC  

Why the fuck do you even pay taxes to this pathetic excuse of a monarch?

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2017-05-07 19:34:31 UTC  

He's the King.

2017-05-07 19:34:42 UTC  

Constitution and SHEEEEEIIT.

2017-05-07 19:34:47 UTC  

*import shit skins, and muds.

2017-05-07 19:34:51 UTC  

Let them be Norwegian.

2017-05-07 19:35:00 UTC  

muh shit skins

2017-05-07 19:35:33 UTC  

"Let them eat cake" - King of Norway Harald V

2017-05-07 19:36:26 UTC  

@Nothing_Much Dude, a lot of really good people are in the boomer generation, Dr David Duke, a lot of the American Renaissance people. (I know they're cucked on the Kike, but then again a lot of them know the JQ too) Etc. We don't really have many people to pick up where they left off except Richard Spencer, and Millennial Woes. Mike Enoch, etc.

2017-05-07 19:39:22 UTC  

@Nothing_Much Every European country is the Weimar Republic

2017-05-07 19:39:30 UTC  

Well, on the verge.

2017-05-07 19:40:09 UTC  

Well... Greece I would say is there.

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2017-05-07 19:40:25 UTC  

I know.

2017-05-07 19:40:32 UTC  

Germany had NSDAP

2017-05-07 19:40:49 UTC  

They need to march on Athens

2017-05-07 19:40:51 UTC  

@Nothing_Much Well, how is Golden Dawn doing politically?

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2017-05-07 19:41:03 UTC  

They are forced to in Greece.

2017-05-07 19:41:08 UTC  

Because muh EU

2017-05-07 19:41:46 UTC