Message from Fireball Bastard in Safe Space 3 #lobby-unvetted

2017-05-10 16:22:40 UTC  

that was my basic advice.

2017-05-10 16:23:09 UTC  

Makes sense.

2017-05-10 16:27:21 UTC  


2017-05-10 16:31:16 UTC

2017-05-10 16:32:13 UTC  

perhaps bad should be racist

2017-05-10 16:44:14 UTC  

Should there be hate crime laws?

2017-05-10 17:00:10 UTC  

Only if being a race-traitor is considered "hateful".

2017-05-10 17:02:46 UTC  


2017-05-10 18:38:32 UTC  

Monkey on a STICK. We're getting fingered by Godzilla!

2017-05-10 18:39:00 UTC  

Goddamn, that'd be painful.

2017-05-10 18:50:44 UTC  

hey is anyone here

2017-05-10 18:50:54 UTC  

where is CIVIL?

2017-05-10 18:53:17 UTC  

In voice chat 😛

2017-05-10 19:59:44 UTC  

Of course, this is presuming Furie had the power to kill Pepe in the first place... weak-ass, unfunny bitch.

2017-05-10 20:05:20 UTC  

Sounds like he essentially said "my meme no steal"

2017-05-10 20:08:47 UTC  

Funny thing is the 4chan clover in Pepe's hat.
Benny G's clashed with 4chan in the past over his cartoons being edited into Nazi propaganda. He'll always be less of a faggot than Furie though.

2017-05-10 20:09:07 UTC  

Garrison is a Montanan as well

2017-05-10 20:37:17 UTC  

love the lol

2017-05-10 20:39:08 UTC  

I love how Hitler is dressed like one of the Beatles.

2017-05-10 20:42:38 UTC  

It is weird that is all he is remembered for.

2017-05-10 20:45:01 UTC  

How many jews were gassed at Auschwitz?

2017-05-10 20:49:39 UTC  


2017-05-10 20:51:13 UTC  

Hitler put them into transit status at the Auschwitz Resort and Casino until he could expedite them to Madagascar. The Jews are just notoriously bad guests.

2017-05-10 20:52:14 UTC  

They're sort of the equivalent of that one Yelp reviewer that gives a restaurant a one out of five because the waiter brought them a Pepsi instead of a Coke.

2017-05-10 20:52:56 UTC  

"Oy vey, is this a BACON quiche? UNBELIEVABLE!"

2017-05-10 20:54:39 UTC  

I wonder if keeping pigs as pets would help prevent terrorism.

2017-05-10 20:55:52 UTC  

I think that if we stopped cucking, that would be our best bet.
The next step is to sentence every captured extremist to death by waterboarding them in bacon grease.

2017-05-10 21:05:27 UTC  

When the govt is cucked, it is hard to stop.

2017-05-10 21:31:51 UTC  

I wonder if you can have an anchor baby in Canada

2017-05-10 21:36:26 UTC  

If America is cucked enough to allow anchor babies, you know Canada is too.

2017-05-10 21:37:38 UTC  

I wonder if it would be worth it to have a baby across the northern border.

2017-05-10 21:52:44 UTC  

new intro